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  1. was in the middle of a marriage break up, moved house and simply forgot about ti with everything that had gone one etc, i spoke to the central fine office in manchester who said because it had gone to the bailiff there was nothing they could do and i would have to contact the bailiffs
  2. hi i recieved a 7 day bailiff notice about 3 weeks ago from marstons regarding two court fines totalling just over a thousand pounds, i rang marstons and asked for a payment plan which they refused, said i would have to pay £342 now and then would have 4 weeks to pay the remaining 800 which i just cannot afford, i am a community carer and without my car woul simply be unable to work is there anything i can do to resolve this that would suit both parties? any advice would be appreciated thank you p.s the bailffs have not yet visited the property
  3. thank you for your help, the letter he has wrote states he is of sound mind and body and put his bank details, card details and password on stating when he passes it is to be transferred into my brothers account which the details of he has also put into the letter and had it signed by himself and two others, next question, if he needs a will are the self packs you can buy sufficient or does it a;ll have to go through solicitors etc?? thanks
  4. thanks for that, he does have a will pack, not sure where he has got it from, presume its just one you fill out yourself but one of the district nurses have told him not to bother with it because it will take too long to sort the money out! i have never had to deal with anything like this before so i am completely lost as to what to do for the best, we need to pay for his funeral out of it as well so dont want it to a long drawn out process
  5. hi, not sure if i am in the right place here, sorry if i am not. my dad does not have long left to live, he has approximately 55,000 in savings that he wants to split between his 3 kids, his wife passed away two years ago, as far as i am aware we are his only living next of kin, he has said he is going to write a letter stating that he is of sound mind and body and that in the event of his death he wants his money transferring from his account into my brothers account (who will then split it between the three of us) question is, how do we go about sorting this out once he ha
  6. thank you thats what i was hoping to hear
  7. ok i have spoke to someone at wonga today, filled in the online assesment and they have said online they will accept my repayment plan of £51 a month, i have also had a confirmation email from them outlining the amounts and payment dates of the repayment plan, so am i safe so to speak now a slong as i stick to the repayment dates??
  8. i have emailed 2 seperate addresses but will email that one as well, thank you
  9. hi can someone help me please i am due to pay my wonga loan of £430 tomorrow (10-02-2013) i have emailed wonga today to ask for a repayment plan and ask all interest and charges to be suspended, i have contatcted my bank to block the payments but they have said because its not a recuring payment on my account they cant block it and to ring back tomorrow to see if it comes up on my account as a recurring payment once wonga have attempted to take the money tomorrow. been in to branch today and the guy i spoke to has blocked my card so it no longer exists, he seems to think this will stop wonga f
  10. thank you for your advice sunshine, do you know how long it would take them to get a court order?? and would the court order be enforceable at this property if the debtor is no longer here??? as for store manager he is typical b/house employee arrogant so and so
  11. i used to be on the agreement and i have signed for things in the past, then it was put in joint names, and then a couple of months ago when we took out a new agreement they said they couldn't have joint names any longer and so because my husband went in store to sign the new agreement he was the one that resigned every agreement we had. i am quite concerned about the items we no longer possess and i don't know where he is, i imagine staying with relatives
  12. hi, husband doesnt have a key any longer, the problem i have is if the goods are in my house but they are in his name and he is no longer here how do they go about recovering them? also some of the goods are no longer here ( i know we should of kept them until they paid for etc etc) so were do i stand on those goods?? can they chase me for everything etc etc?? thank you in advance
  13. thank you pelham, i will have to contact the supplier and ask them to reduce the rate they are taking the debt back at, although until i get proof of benefits i dont think they will, thank you for all your help
  14. i live in the northwest, i can ring up and get the debt payments reduced because i will be claiming benefits, but i dont want to unwittingly admit responsibility for the debt if i dont have to, if that makes sense
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