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  1. Talbot

    EGG Loan

    oh dear so if you wanted to get rid permanently you have to go back to the original lender and find out who they sold the debt to? and then try to deal with them rather than the agent. Fredricksons who were the agent before have offered a deal and will send me a full and final settlement and no-one will chase and won't be passed on etc. if i get Arrow (who bought the loan from egg) to agree with that surely thats enough to show a judge if needed in future? dont know what to do and dont want to spend years obviously battling letters. ho hum
  2. Talbot

    EGG Loan

    should have said currently paying £50 month so not disputing the debt just struggling to pay but things are improving
  3. Talbot

    EGG Loan

    Well after various recovery agents etc Britannica have now sold it to ME III Ltd with Marlin Financial acting as agents. I believe they are the same company etc but they have asked for a new I&E and want me to stop paying and change to them but i don't trust them obviously. has anyone got any advice on how to deal with these. what can i expect apart from the barrage of phone calls. are they in form the long haul or short term and then sold on
  4. Talbot

    EGG Loan

    Very strange I have ried to get an agreement going with them to pay 50 a month which I am doing by standing order however when i ring to get a discussion going they say the account has been passed on i am still paying them. they have recently sent me a statement showing the payments i have made for past 3 months and the arrears but only for the past 3 months. no interest charged which is great. should i just leave it i.e don't upset the apple cart or have they cancelled my account so to speak because they haven't contacted me in any way for a year????????????
  5. Talbot

    Virgin Credit Cards

    Hi everyone, I haven't been on for a while but I wanted to give an update. Up to now the partial settlement I agreed to has been honoured (prob not the right choice of words) I haven't been chased in any way for the remainder. I continue to be hopeful.
  6. getting a bit nervous now, we have to be out of here by 4th June and only just sent my details off for the one i want to rent. fingers crossed.
  7. how do you check your own score, is it on experian and i take it your have to pay to check it?
  8. Hi, My wife and i had some problems with credit cards recently, 2 we paid partially and on more i am on a debt management program. we are due to move soon and are worried about the credit checks the estate agents run when you are renting. can anyone advise us as to how deep they go, the only things we have one there are the non payment of 3 credit cards which we paid £1 per month and as mentioned 2 are paid off partially and 1 is a DMP. we have always paid mortgage/bills on time. thank you
  9. what if they send you a letter stating they nor a third party will chase the debt and the debt is settled?
  10. Talbot

    Virgin Credit Cards

    got it and replied back cheers davey much appreciated:)
  11. Talbot

    EGG Loan

    they sent the cca for the loan but they also sent my details for an egg card which i have. very strange. also not heard from them since, suprised i haven't been defaulted etc.
  12. up to you but like i keep telling my OH offering a bit more won't change their decision i.e. not accepting 20% but accepting 23%. They have a set timeline in my opinion and when it gets to a certain time 6 months and ready to sell on they chance their arm in a lot of cases but i have seen partials as low as 15% on here. What percentage are they asking for?
  13. sorry to hear your having sleeples nights, one thing to remember is it takes time to go through their process i.e. phone calls letters demands last chance another last chance. In the meantime they will do all sorts of dare i say illegal things like not reply, ignore letters etc. Just take a deep breath and continue but don't let it take over your life completely. You have to live also even with this over you most of us have been there and are still there but you need a balance if you can manage it. Everyone is on hear to help, another thing to remember is everything they do illegally will
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