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  1. Thank you so much for your advice
  2. So we need to be nagging the solicitor to get it sorted?
  3. Thank you for your response. The problem is Admiral are not even responding at all. Our solicitor said they issued court proceedings in September and still have not heard anything from them. They haven't said anything at all. It's like they are completely ignoring it and hoping it will go away!
  4. The other drivers insurers are Admiral
  5. Hey folks, need some advice. Hubby had a motorcycle accident last November. Was hospitalised and had surgery. 5 months off work with only SSP. We got through that. We had a witness and the police prosecuted the driver for driving without due care and attention. That went to court in June last year. Hubby had 12m review with surgeon yesterday and has to have further surgery in 3 weeks, meaning more time off work. Our solicitor is telling us that the other parties insures have not responded to their push for admission of liability. Court proceedings were allegedly served in September this year as they hadn't admitted or denied liability and we still have no response. We have asked about an interim payment, but have had nothing . We have been told we cannot get one unless the other side admit liability. We cannot afford for him to have further time off work as he only gets SSP! Is this right? Surely if the driver has been prosecuted it's pretty cut and dried and the driver's insurance company should have at least responded?? Thanks:|
  6. Thank you ericsbrother. I have already written the letter to the college and that was posted yesterday. I am now in the process of writing to the salon. Ill keep you informed of what happens.
  7. lol, i guessed, and it's absolutely OK, i haven't taken any offence or anything and am really grateful for his help
  8. No it's not an excuse, and i have written a letter of formal complaint today which says exactly what you said. It needs some amendments in there to add things, but it is written and ready to go. She started on 5th September and was finished on 18th November. She worked 5 days a week (one was a saturday) from 9am-5pm and she came out with £115pw. I AM listening to your advice and taking it all on board and i AM following what you have said, i just want to ensure I have all the information i need to have to make the complaint, and i do, very sincerely, appreciate all of your help. Thank you
  9. OK, so we have further developments. My daughter asked last week for a copy of the contract and was told it was in another department so "they couldn't lay their hands on it at the moment". I also asked for a copy of the original application form and enrolment forms. Today I have texted the tutor and asked for it and was told they don't have one, it would be the salon, and that I, as a parent had a legal responsibility to tell the salon of my daughters needs! Now correct me f I am wrong but surely that is the college's responsibility to ensure students are placed where sufficient learning support is given??? I rang her school last week and asked for the SENCO report, and also again today as no one has called me back, so I am waiting for a call about it. I'm fuming. Where do I go from here now? Should I go straight for the jugular and onto a solicitor? PS: Im a laydee ericsbrother lol
  10. lol I wish!!! I was fuming on Friday and all over the weekend, but I have to keep calm until i have everything I need to throw at them!
  11. My daughter asked for them on Tuesday and was told that they couldnt lay their hands on them just yet as they were in another department. I am going to wait until Tuesday next week to see if she is given them, if not I will go down the grievance route and follow all your advice, for which I wholeheartedly thank you all
  12. Thank you. I have spoken with the college today who, of course closed ranks. I voiced my concerns re: the placement. I was told that my daughter has been struggling with the theory side of things (I was not aware of this) and that they had arranged a dyslexia test for tomorrow (again, I was not aware of this). It was also suggested that she does not continue with the apprenticeship, rather she goes on the level 1 course which starts in January so she can gain some confidence. This means full time in college with no work based experience, then, if she passes that, she can go onto the apprenticeship. I am not overly thrilled at this as this is what we wanted her to do in the first place, but were told she would be fine on the apprenticeship and the college actively encouraged us this was the right thing to do. I was also informed that all apprentices are taken on on a 3 month trial basis - something again we were not aware of and have no contract to say this is the case. She has been paid a weeks wage today too so that is something. I'm still not happy at their treatment of her, but I don;t think there is much else I can do.
  13. Thank you for the replies. I will speak to the college on Monday, but as BankFodder says I feel they will close ranks on this one. She hasn't been given a proper chance, she's 16 and an apprentice and I believe if she wasn't good at something she should have been taught the right way, and he also dismissed her on her college tutors day off and without discussing it with my daughter or the college first. It's also come to light that the guy who owns the place was also supposed to go through a number of things H&S etc and she never had any of that apart from "the fire exit is the front door and back door" - not good enough IMHO. It HAS dented her confidence somewhat, she is a shy girl and would rarely speak up if someone was mean towards her, and she does not want to go back to that salon (neither would I to be fair). I will see what happens on Monday. She is now worried she won;t be able to finish her apprenticeship, but I beleive she has a right to do so at another salon? Thanks again guys, you are brilliant!
  14. the other thing is, she was never given a contract of any kind regarding the apprenticeship, but she has some wage slips.
  15. Thank you for the response. When you say no, is that no they cannot dismiss her like this or no there is nothing we can do? Im not sure what we need to do next other than contact the college. She is supposed to be working tomorrow and Monday but as she has been dismissed she won;t be! How do we go about finding out what she is owed? Thanks again.
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