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  1. I am hoping I can get some help or advice from someone here My daughter has just renewed her tenancy(December 2014). She has had a friend staying with her as a 'permitted occupant'. The situation now is that the friend has gotten herself pregnant(not planned) and has left the property without giving any notice to my daughter, she simply took her belongings whilst my daughter was at work and she refuses to answer any calls to her mobile. So we don't know whether she is coming back but it seems very unlikely. This leaves my daughter in a difficult situation as she now h
  2. Unfortunately I haven't, and obviously the online t & c's have since been updated in the last 2 weeks. I'm guessing this might be an issue?
  3. Hi Apologies if this is in the wrong forum, if it is perhaps someone would be good enough to point the right one out to me Regarding the issue I need help with. I am a self employed builder who on occasion uses the above site to obtain work, I have been a member for about 6 years now. Just recently they have changed their operations and have removed a lot of facilities offered to the trader, the most relevant one for me being the one where they refunded you the money you pay for the lead if the customer doesn't allow you to at least quote for the work or the lead deta
  4. Just an update to this thread. After 8 weeks Cap One has offered me £1200 as final settlement to my PPI claim and didn't contest at all. As this is roughly what i calculated i will be accepting their offer
  5. Thanks for your reply Ken and well done on your result I take on board what you are saying and want to be sensible and reasonable about it all just in case it should go further.
  6. Hi I have just started a claim for missold ppi with Cap One. The ppi was on a credit card taken out in 1999 and they are still taking out premiums monthly. Action so far is a request for the original agreement for which they sent the original application form where it clearly states i am retired. Following this i sent a formal complaint on the form provided on the FO site and have just received a response from Cap One stating that due to high volume of complaints it will take 10 weeks to investigate my claim and respond. Initial thoughts are that 10 weeks seems a long time and
  7. So in essence you are saying don't do anything? Not try to clear my name? Accept that they can make allegations at anytime without using in house polices & procedures or provide any evidence and basically bully you into resignation? all this just to make sure i get a decent reference from them? Whilst i thank you for your time and effort replying and giving me your opinion forgive me if i dont avail myself of it
  8. Ok an update..as real life took over a bit i decided that ARC needed to go to the bottom of the pile of priorites for a bit and i hadn't heard anything from them anyway...until today that is. I have now received a letter from Trevor Munn Solicitors stating that "We have been instructed to take steps to issue a claim in court blah blah blah....make payment or else blah blah blah.....if you dont a CCJ will be filed against you blah blah blah". Also i might add that my daughter, during a move, has found the original agreement which is different from the copy they sent me. No signature from t
  9. Hi I am looking for general support and guidance regarding an issue i have with my ex-employer. A bit of history first. On Sunday (I am a support worker) i sat down with my line manager for a periodical supervision. All went wellish but i could tell she was 'off' in some way. She then became confrontational and, imo, aggressive and declared that a work colleage had made 4 seperate accusations against me which were of quite a serious nature. I tried to defend myself but to be honest i felt hurt and angry as these came completely out of the blue and i thought everything was ok w
  10. Ok slick132 thanks again for your help. I will draft a letter this week and post it here for your advice and opinion.
  11. As far as i am aware she cancelled the DD soon after she rang them and we first heard from ARC on 31/1/12
  12. Hi slick132 and thank you for taking the time to have a look and comment on them I have been in touch with my daughter and she said that when she phoned to tell them she couldn't afford it they stated that they would freeze or suspend it (her membership) until her contract was up which my daughter assumed meant that effectively her contract was cancelled and therefore she cancelled the DD. You are right in that my daughter has not initialed where it stares the membership is for 6 months. The "E" and the "ion" is the word "Evaluation" and my daughters signature is the blacked out par
  13. Ok I hope these links work. I have uploaded the membership application and the T & C's. Any observations or comments would be gratefully received http://www.consumerwiki.co.uk/images/6/66/Dw_TC.pdf http://www.consumerwiki.co.uk/images/3/33/DW_Contract.pdf
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