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  1. Hello Everyone Would any one be able to offer any advice on my situation please ? Went Bankrupt 6 years ago, all unsecured debt. One of the debts was a payday loan by Quick Quid. All creditors amended their entries on my credit reports to show that the debt was satisfied and the default dates were on or before my date of bankruptcy order. These are the ICO guidelines. All well so far. Quick Quid have recorded my account as Defaulted which is correct but the date of Default is 3 years after my Bankruptcy order. This is against ICO guidelines. I wrote to call Credit and
  2. Thanks Steve !! Makes total sense. I'll make sure she contacts the landlord and agree in writing a leaving date. Teenager daughters arrghh !!
  3. Hello All I wonder if anyone can advise on my daughters situation please. She is 18 and in her first year at university. Against our advice she ditched her student accommodation to move in with her boyfriend in his flat. The boyfriend's dad owns the flat that they live in and they rent it from him. They have an assured shorthold tenancy for a furnished flat for 12 months (Jan 1st 2017 - Jan 1st 2018) Both their names are printed on the tenancy but only my daughters signature is on there for some reason which I find strange. They have now spilt up and th
  4. Hello Everyone, Just wanted to update everyone on what has happend to me so far, in particular PriorityOne and 42Man who have helped me so much-thanks guys your superheroes! As advised I sent template letter M (Statute Barred) to DCA on Monday this week. I have just received a letter this morning saying- Dear Sir/Madam As a result of your recent letter we have closed our file and passed it back to AKTIV KAPITAL ASSET INVESTMENT. We can confirm that no further action will be taken by Debt Managers Ltd in relation to this account. To me this seems good news but
  5. OK, Priorityone I feel rest assured now. 42man hinted that some DCA's have been known to photocopy your signature and put it on paperwork..... Emma K x
  6. Thanks 42Man for your template letter. I have sent them Letter M, Stat Barred letter, do I need to send yours as well? Also when I sent the Statute Barred letter I signed it. Your letter says dont sign it. I am panicking now! Have I done the wrong thing? Kind Regards Emma K
  7. Thanks PriorityOne for all your advice on this. Very much appreciated x What sort of things can I expect now from the DCA? When they receive stat barred letters do they acknowledge them or do they continue to act as they have been doing and ignore it? Kind Regards Emma K
  8. Hello Members ! Please can I update my last two threads- I have received another letter (3rd) this morning from the DCA saying that I have now failed to respond to their previous letters therefore they are instructing their doorstep agents to call to my home and collect the full amount of debt. I have sent the Template M statute barred letter as advised by 42Man and Priority One but looking at the dates I think their latest letter was sent before they received my statute barred letter. The letter then goes on to say I have a final opportunity to prevent a doorstep visit by
  9. Hello Everyone, Can I update you on my thread from 2 weeks ago and ask for some more advice....please (although I see someone else has started a new thread within mine!) I have just received a second letter from DCA saying I have been specially selected for a 25% reduction/discount. It goes on to say I must call immeadiately to take advantage of the special discount and inform what date I expect to make payment. The letter then repeats in bold ink that they are pleased to offer this discount and they use the word Without Prejudice at the end. To recap the debt is approx 7-
  10. Hello all. I am new to this forum and was recommended it by a friend. Can anyone help me- I received a letter from a company called Debt Managers Ltd in Edinburgh acting on behalf of their client Aktiv Kapital today requesting the repayment of a £2300 debt. I got into some debt trouble around 1999-2000 with an overdraft and a store card which I never paid back and believe tuned into defaults so i believe it is something to do with that.Since then though I have never had any correspondance etc at all from no one. Looking at the very helpful posts other members have submitted I
  11. Firstly just wanted to say hello to everyone! "Hi" Secondly I would like some advice on debt letter situation that I find myself in-would it be Ok to post the question for feedback..........
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