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  1. Good morning, My 18 yr old daughter took out a policy with 'MyPolicy' car insurance 8 months ago when she passed her test. They seemed the best price at the time but have cost dearly over the 8months, mainly in charges for extra miles. a few weeks ago she was involved in an accident which wasn't her fault, the other driver admitted blame immediately. The claim has been settled and they have sent the cheque. Now, the problem is the charges they want to slap on her. Her car was a write off so she is going to buy her brother's car. They want to charge her £150 for a new black box and £100 to change the details on the policy to the new car. This sounds totally unreasonable to me and is a loss on her part seeing as the accident wasn't her fault. Baring in mind the black box only cost £50 to fit when she first took out the policy. She's young and inexperienced and doesn't know what to say on the phone. Last time I tried, they wouldn't speak to me, but surely if she gives her permission that should be fine? I need to fight her corner for her as I can be stronger on the phone. I need some advice as this charging can't be right. It's a total rip off to me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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