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  1. ok but they are doing. So what does she need to do now as they will hassle her for payment. She still has the phone but does not use the sim they never requested it back.
  2. Yes she missed two payments on her contract and they cancelled the contract she even tried to pay the missed two payments but they wouldn't let her just passed it over. It was her second contract with tesco and had never missed a payment before.
  3. PAYDAY LOANS Safety Net – Credit Resource Solutions ltd - £594.00 collecting on behalf Lending Stream - Loan one - - £288.59 £48.62 2 payments behind Loan Two - - £273.08 £54.37 2 payments behind -------------------- CREDIT CARDS BARCLAYCARD - - £550.00 default CAPITAL ONE – £499.49 one payment missed ------------------ CATALOGUES FASHIONWORLD – balance £1769.94 had payment plan but still adding interest -last paid 24th aug LITTLEWOODS - £961.79 last made a payment 2nd oct of £20.00 arrears £912.68 Account Limit £1025.00 VERY –£1349.06
  4. Thanks ive found the letter she needs to send Some have gone to debt collectors does she write to the original creditor or the debt collector? Also one of the debts is from company called safety net credit who had constant access to her bank account and would snatch money off her when it went in then re lend it her . I got her to have her wages paid into a different account. are these a legit company when she shown be the account it was hard to understand.
  5. Hi i have been following this site for years and know you have given some great help and advice. So here I am asking for help for my daughter. Background is she over the last 2 years she has earned around £1300 a month and in this time she has managed to get herself in a right mess. She started with catalogues from Fashion world, Littlewoods, very and studio who have all been increasing her limit until they reached around £1500 to £2000 then came along credit cards Barclaycard, marbles and capital one with about £500 limit on each then a 118118 l
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