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  1. It's wrong though that no one is stopping them. It's the same as window sales men though I suppose! Nobody cares about the little man.
  2. Wow! So I'm getting from this that they are generally a group of rip off merchants? How are they allowed to spout this rubbish and threaten people like this if they can't enforce what they threaten? Thank you all for the advice and support! Silverfox, thanks for the advice much appreciated, and as for the slap, she's had one or two! She's still not coming over to the light just yet but I'm hopeful she'll sort her act out soon. Not an easy age to be at anyway but with what she's dealing with at the minute and this on top it's no wonder
  3. Hi there, My daughter was caught shoplifting 13th December with two other girls, all 17yrs old, at Primark. My daughter had a £10 top in her bag and it was her first offence, the other girls had similar items but have been caught before. My daughter was brought home after been "warned" by police and the other two received a caution. On New Years Eve my daughter received a letter from RLP Civil Recovery Specialists demanding payment from all or one of the three girls totalling £232 or court action will be taken. Now after reading posts on here, speaking with CABS and also reading Google historic pages I am more confused than ever as to whether my daughter should pay some, all or anything at all to this company. Three things mainly concern me: * How can they ensure one or all will pay and if one doesn't when do the others become liable? * If we pay nothing will this jeopardise my daughters chances of getting employment in the future? I work for a bank and had to jump through hoops to prove my employability and credit file. (NOTE: she lost her apprenticeship due to her diabetes related sickness the week after the incident so is now out of work, full time education and no training) * Will they send in the debt collectors if nothing is received from us? My daughter has been on a downward spiral for the past month or so and this is not helping at all. She is receiving help from her diabetes team for her mental health but this is putting far too much strain on an already struggling person. I really don't know what to do. Please, any help is hugely appreciated....
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