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  1. Please can you can help. Today I had a letter from IDRWW regarding a debt from 2009 to HSBC Middle East. I took loan out to pay a debt, lost my job, had to leave the region due to visa rules, was unemployed & had long period of instability. I had given my parents address when taking out the loan and have had zero communication regarding this debt since 2009. It's a relatively small sum of money (£2700) but i'm self employed on a low income so can only afford very small repayments at moment... I'm very anxious about how best to deal with it as I fear it will escalate into a
  2. Hi all, I'm kind of in the same boat with these guys, http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?476654-Australian-Debt-Complete-Credit-Solutions&p=5042016#post5042016 but for a far less amount ($5k). Im based in NZ - long story short the debt is in my name, but don't trust your (now ex) girlfriend in an absolute manner to settle the debt on breakup, even though its hers! No amount has been paid on this in two years. What is a reasonable timeframe to propose for a payment arrangement? Its a rather small(ish) amount, so I do know they won't be sp
  3. Hello I really need some help please. I bought a solid gold christian name necklace from 'My Name Necklace' and purchased their 12 month warranty at the same time. Just inside the warranty date, the chain broke, I completed the online claim form along with a photo of the broken chain ( The warranty covers chain breakage ) The company emailed soon afterwards on 15th November stating: We apologies for the situation. We can send you another chain. A prepaid return envelope will be sent so that you can return your original item to us.* Please let us know
  4. hi I have uploaded 2 letters that I have received from robinson way. the first asking me if I lived at an address in Cyprus. which I did from 2006 until 2010. the 2nd telling me that I had a debt owed to HPH2 (ex Lolyds overseas) for £3037.00. I did have a loan in 2004 but due to loss of job while in Cyprus could not keep up the payments last payment was early 2007. since then had on contact with anyone regarding this debt until 2 weeks ago 1st letter. then the 2nd letter today. note on the 1st letter theres no mention of them being a DCA can you advise me on
  5. Its been 2 years since I heard from Erudio. In April 2014 I sent off the deferment template letter from here along with original pay stubs which qualified me for deferment. Since then I have had no contact from them, until today. Today I got 6 x "Notice of sum in arrears" going back to August 2014 in one envelope The cover letter was titled "Remedy of Account" and basically says they have been sorting stuff out and havent charged interest but will do so on June 1st. The letters tell me I am 2 years in arrears. They seem to basically have ignored my application for d
  6. I normally get a pension payment from Belgium the day before the end of each month. Nothing today (I realise it's a Bank Holiday) - It's a BAC payment so why did it not happen today and I am likely to get it tomorrow
  7. BANK - barclays & 1st credit PROBLEM - Barclays sold my UK debt to 1st credit and I now live in Spain INITIAL LOAN AMOUNT - £4900 AMOUNT OWED / REMAINING - £3509 LOAN START DATE - 10 FEB 2012 LOAN TERM - 60 months LOAN MONTHLY REPAYMENT AMOUNT - £106 reduced to £5 COLATERAL - None REF: Barclays sold my debt to 1st credit against our agreement when no payments where missed or late. NB My situation can be classified under 3 forums and I have posted this message under 1st direct, barclays and debts abroad. My apologies for any confusion. Hello Everyone, I took
  8. I'm talking here about calls overseas whilst in the UK not roaming. I just made a 25 minute phone call to Belgium from London and have been charged £25 for it! That's £1 per minute - extortionate! Do the new EU regs not apply to cross border calls from your home country? Seems odd to limit roaming charges whilst abroad and then let the phone cos charge what they like when you are at home. The irony is I travel a lot and have the Eurotraveller service enabled. When I call this number from abroad I get charged nothing under Eurotraveller - apart from the usual daily fee which cov
  9. Hi dx, digging up an old post I know, you say that a post 98 student loan can be statute barred. Could you expand on how one could go about having your loan statute barred? I have been living overseas for around 10 years and have no contact from SLC until about a month ago.
  10. Hi There, I recently accepted a role for a large travel company working abroad (in Turkey). Staff are put on temporary short-term contracts with wages to a UK bank account. My main concern is the contract and the right to annual leave. As far as I am aware, UK employment law still applies as it is a temporary contract based overseas. In the contract, it says employees work 6 days a week and all employees must take half a days annual leave each week. As a result, all employees essentially work 5 and a half days a week. My question was whether or not this was legal, and if so, why don'
  11. Hi I am in very serious debt but I have recently found employment well outside of the EEC but my salary is still to be paid into a UK Bank account. As most of my debt payments are by cash (one DCA tried to direct debit over £2,000 out of my old account so I will not trust Direct Debits or Standing orders) I will not be able to maintain payments until I return once every 6 months or so. My question is .. Can any of the creditors freeze my bank account and if so when can they do it. Do they have to serve me with any court papers?? If they can do this in my absence then they have s
  12. Hi to all, it is my first post to this forum since and I would like to thank in advance for your help. Recently, last January got myself in trouble with one of the Forex broker companies. The price on one of the pairs went down a lot and caused a lot of people to have negative balance on their account. I was one of the unfortunate ones, having woken up with -50k GBP on my trading balance (invested just few, since I don't have a lot of money). Next day the company went into insolvency due to poor risk management, etc... and huge negative balance (30+ million pounds) and a company hir
  13. My daughter has moved overseas (2yrs) she did have cards and student loan, in the UK she lived at home and does not have a property here. Letters that came addressed to her I would return to sender with ''moved overseas'' written on - now she has a CCJ application from a card company - what can I do? I don't want the heavies banging my door down.
  14. Dear All, my situation is that back in 2011 I went back to Singapore in a rush that I couldn't close my account at HSBC France I was using during my studies and a debt of about 800euros and more is due now I dont even know exactely how much. Now I will be studying in the UK I want to open an account at HSBC UK in London. When I will open a bank account at HSBC UK will they know I have an account at HSBC France and will they know that I have a debt ? If they know that I have a debt at HSBC France will they collect it from my HSBC UK bank account ?
  15. I am currently in Taiwan, living here for a year. I worked in the UK part of last tax year, i am due a refund from HMRC. Is it possible for someone in the UK to contact HMRC on my behalf, as the time differences and cost of calling are high. Any help would be appreciated!
  16. Greetings one and all I have read a lot and this is basically a polite enquiry for info that I have thus far been unable to locate. I am not by any means advocating this as a recommended course of action, I just would like to fully understand all of the implications. So please, no moral coaching necessary My question is this. Suppose a British SLC customer with a post 98 loan who has not yet began repayments moves overseas to somewhere like Thailand or China, and then stays there without informing the SLC of her whereabouts what can the SLC do to recover the debt? Thanks in ad
  17. I have just received a form N1 claim (CCJ) on behalf ofZopa for £1, 500. My husband and I are now living in France, no longer UK resident, this claim has come out of theblue, sent to our old UKaddress. In the year we have been here we have found it difficult to organisemoney and banking. We are notfinancially able to pay it off, due to my husband being out of work, but do not want to shirk our responsibilities.We are up against a deadline due to them not having our overseas address. I feelreally concerned and worried about this. We are very much in the dark as to howto respond at such short n
  18. Hello all! Looking for some advice please... I moved to S.E. Asia 18 months ago, and to date have been managing to make the monthly repayments of approx £400 GBP on my debts. My situation has now changed as I am 5 months pregnant, and health insurance will not cover any of the hospital expenses which I will have to pay in full. Plus the ongoing expense of raising the baby. As such, I would like to know if it is worth contacting the banks to see if they would let me reduce my repayments to something more manageable on an Asian income? I have a credit card with HSBC approx £5
  19. Greetings. I have a couple of questions and I would be very grateful if I could get some input. First of all, I have a new style loan which I took out when I started at university in 2000. Secondly, I'm not attempting to get out of paying it back. My situation: I've been out of the UK since mid 2006 and I didn't inform the SLC nor provide them with contact information. Naturally I haven't completed any overseas assessment in that time. I've (finally) attempted to resume contact with them and sent them updated contact information. In reply, they seem to have sent me what loo
  20. I recently used the services of an Accountant overseas in another EU Member State. During out initial free consultation they gave a quote for work, but then did not do what they were quoting for saying they could not go any further, So I was surprised to see an invoice in the post for work carried out which was the same value of what was quoted for even though, I am surprised they wanted to charge as that was not the agreement, I just think they could not be bothered. I am going to write an email contesting the invoice amount and time spent. If I decide to ignore the payment or re
  21. Hi All, We broke-down in France last week and have been flown home by the AA. We then got a call to say it was the clutch and it would cost 800 Euro's. I've checked and it seems this is a lot of money and in the UK for example it would only cost about £300. It does appear it would cost more in france but still not as much as the quote. Do I have any rights to dispute this amount? Thanks
  22. I lived overseas and following a relationship break up had to move back to the UK. My home overseas was placed on the market and with 3 children (one severly disabled) I returned to the UK. An accident prevented me from working and I claimed income support. The dss accepted the overseas house was on the market and no income was generated from it. I was required to give updates every 6-12 months and during that time reduced the asking price. Our situation remain unchanged. Last week I was sent a letter telling me that benefit was suspended as they had not received the latest form back. I had
  23. Trying to change Uk driving licence to a Spanish one. It is a legal requirement to change over licence as i am a resident of Spain now. Trafico Spain have faxed a licence verification request to DVLA but DVLA simply say" We have not received any request. Trafico can prove the request was sent. I have repeatedly phoned DVLA but getting nowhere. I need to talk to someone from the office that deals with licence exchange but all i can get through to is a call center 0044 300 123 6801 Has anyone else got any experience with this dept? or offer any other ideas.
  24. Hello! This is my first thread so look forward to reading the responses. I wish to file a claim (c£3,000) against my previous landlady. She agreed to pay costs we directly bore (moving, hotel, storage, etc) because the house was not in move-in condition at the start of our lease. She then reneged after we bore these costs and moved in. We withheld rent which she in turn withheld from our deposit when we moved out, and we have been unable to reach an agreement since. The landlady is Brazilian and resides in, and is domiciled in, Brazil. I know I need to file an N510 form but
  25. Greetings! I havent got any sleep for weeks since the Lloyds TSB is chasing me. The story goes as following (pardon my broken English, I live in eastern parts of EU): About 5 months ago a close relative of mine died. I was the sole inheritor of her property, consisting of an apartment and several loans. I have taken care of 2 out of 3 debts. The third one is Lloyds TSB and the sum is 3000 GBP. Since one of those 3 loans pretty much crippled me financially (I am still quite young) and the apartment is, well, everything I have! Lloyds got my address thr
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