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  1. After quite a few phone calls the situation is a little clearer. Basically the company and the bank are blaming each other. Here's the breakdown: I made an order for something worth £250. The company took my details and reserved that amount with my bank. So £250 is 'on hold' and I don't have access to it Then they sent out just 2 thirds of the order (1 third was not in stock) and charged my card accordingly i.e. didn't charge for the absent third. The money that came out of my account (£190) did not come from the reserved amount, it is separate to that. So the reserved amount is still on hold (i know it will return me to eventually) and the bank says this company have essentially pillaged £190 that they are not entitled to. The bank says they should have taken the money that was reserved and that if the item wasn't in stock they should have only reserved an amount that covered what they do have in stock. Or that they should have cancelled the reserved amount prior to then taking a lesser value The company says they don't have the right to take a separate payment, and that what they took out (the £190) should be from the £250 that was reserved originally. I kind of suspect the company are the ones who've let me down, but tbh I'm not sure that is the case. I really don't trust any of them! All I am certain of is that the timing of this has inconvenienced me greatly and I am very annoyed. I would like to know one way or the other who is at fault here. Any thoughts?
  2. this is not an arrangement like with a regular direct debit. This is just a company who have my details mistakenly charging me for something that's nothing to do with me. And their mistake is costing me dear
  3. sure i will ask for it back. But what about the inconvenience this company have caused me? Inconvenience is putting it mildly, they've absolutely done a number on me
  4. To clarify this is a payment that I have no idea at all about and was not expecting. I run this account very carefully. I know what goes in and what goes out. This is a payment that should not have gone out, and it has done so at the worst possible time. There is no confusion or hidden info here, the simple fact is money has been taken out when it shouldn't have been. And i'm fuiming, legitimately so
  5. I do not owe this money. Long story short, I've bought 3 things off this company recently. Accordingly they've taken 3 payments. No problem. The problem is they've now taken a fourth payment
  6. A company has debited a payment from my account - presumably it's an honest mistake - and now it's overdrawn and I am unable to pay for some time sensitive things that I need to pay for immediately. If I don't buy them this weekend I can't buy them at all. Basically I'm furious. Sorting it is going to cost me, and already has cost me, a lot of time that I don't have to spare just now. Plus there's no overdraft on this account either so I'm gonna have penalty charges applied also. I am so angry right now. Does any one have any advice re my rights here?
  7. which implies there are issues if you do return, which means they can do a bit more than 'nothing'. No?
  8. Greetings one and all I have read a lot and this is basically a polite enquiry for info that I have thus far been unable to locate. I am not by any means advocating this as a recommended course of action, I just would like to fully understand all of the implications. So please, no moral coaching necessary My question is this. Suppose a British SLC customer with a post 98 loan who has not yet began repayments moves overseas to somewhere like Thailand or China, and then stays there without informing the SLC of her whereabouts what can the SLC do to recover the debt? Thanks in advance TVLF
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