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  1. Thanks for your reply. can you explain a bit more...… i've read about CCJs and extradition etc...… on what basis can I ignore it. The company are based in the UK, are they able to begin court proceedings against me? Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello thanks for your reply My last payment was in 2009 when I took out the loan...as I lost my job shortly afterwards and had to leave the country. There has been no correspondence between us since. I gave my parents address when I took out the loan and they have been resident continuously since 2009 so i have ben contactable since this time.
  3. Please can you can help. Today I had a letter from IDRWW regarding a debt from 2009 to HSBC Middle East. I took loan out to pay a debt, lost my job, had to leave the region due to visa rules, was unemployed & had long period of instability. I had given my parents address when taking out the loan and have had zero communication regarding this debt since 2009. It's a relatively small sum of money (£2700) but i'm self employed on a low income so can only afford very small repayments at moment... I'm very anxious about how best to deal with it as I fear it will escalate into a bigger problem. I fear they won't accept my small repayments - and could dump load of extra penalties on me that would make it unmanageable. In principle i'd be happy to pay something as I prefer to clear my debts ....what is the precedent for dealing with this? Thanks in advance for your time reading this.
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