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  1. Thanks dx, I think I will send a statute barred letter, any thoughts on whether I should be referencing the Scottish Act (I studied in Scotland and was resident there) or the equivalent legislation from the rest of the UK? I have drafted a letter (pulled bits from template letters I have found online, here and on other forums) and would appreciate if you (or anyone else) could give it a once over: [removed as out of date now - dx]
  2. Hi all, I took out student loans from 1999 until graduation in 2004. I have never reached the threshold for repayment in the UK and have been resident overseas for 8 years. Any advice on whether my loans can be statute barred? There seems to be some contradicting information (basically they CAN be statute barred, but repayments can be taken from my pay if I were to earn in the UK again). Just looking to clarify what my options are.
  3. Hi, just wondering if you ended up taking any action in relation to your post '98 student loan. I am in a similar situation having recently been contacted by SLC and was wondering if / how you got the loan statute barred? Cheers!
  4. Hi dx, digging up an old post I know, you say that a post 98 student loan can be statute barred. Could you expand on how one could go about having your loan statute barred? I have been living overseas for around 10 years and have no contact from SLC until about a month ago.
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