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  1. thank you unclebulgaria, I am going to write an emal 1st credit with a "return receipt" a letter saying i now live in spain.... can anyone see iff there is anything Ive missed out or could be altered please, your help is golden... Re ref number###### Dear ####### I am emailing you as requested to inform you that I live permanently in Spain, I have no job, no vehicles, no savings or investments and no assets, but at present I am still able to continue to make the agreed payment of five pounds each month (to be reviewed again in August 2016). I do not have a postal address or telephone so all contact needs to be by email. Kind Regards
  2. Hi and thanks again, can someone tell me what a "county court jugment on my last address" is in laymans terms, and what afffect that would have on me or the people now at that address? thanks, Love & Light
  3. Thanks unclebulgaria. would it be wise to contact 1st credit letting them know about me living full time in spain by email or letter? I have no postal address so replies by letter would not reach me (is a reply email legally binding from 1st credit) They also would want to know my address etc etc if I contact them, but I dont have one, would this be ok? Love and Light
  4. BANK - barclays & 1st credit PROBLEM - Barclays sold my UK debt to 1st credit and I now live in Spain INITIAL LOAN AMOUNT - £4900 AMOUNT OWED / REMAINING - £3509 LOAN START DATE - 10 FEB 2012 LOAN TERM - 60 months LOAN MONTHLY REPAYMENT AMOUNT - £106 reduced to £5 COLATERAL - None REF: Barclays sold my debt to 1st credit against our agreement when no payments where missed or late. NB My situation can be classified under 3 forums and I have posted this message under 1st direct, barclays and debts abroad. My apologies for any confusion. Hello Everyone, I took a loan for a car in England to do my job as a support worker for children and adults with disabilities. The loan amount was £4900. In December 2013 I went to live in Spain perminantly and do not have a source of regular income. In August 2014 I was unable to continue repayments of £106 and agreed with Barclays bank by telephone to reduce my repayments to £5 per month for 12 months, to be reviewed 12 months later. I paid all these repayments fully and on time. 12 months later, in August 2015 I contacted barclays by telephone again and agreed to continue repayments of £5/month for another 12 months until August 2016. . I paid all these repayments fully and on time. I received a letter on 12 November 2015 (dated September 2015) from Barclays stating that- - they (Barclays) have "transferred the debt you owe us to a company called 1st Credit Ltd" and - "1st Credit Ltd will contact you to complete an income and expediture review to see what you can afford to pay after a minimum of 3 months" and - to cancel any standing orders to Barclays I made a payment of £5 on 12th Nov 2015 online using the 1st Credit website. I shall make another payment using the 1st credit website of £5 on the 3rd December 2015. I will continue paying £5/month. I would sincerely be grateful for advice and have some questions I would like ask: * I have read on the internet that the UK is stopping people at airports from leaving the country and demanding repayment or prison. This frightens me because I am going to visit my family soon (they payed for my air tickets). Would this affect me? * I live in Spain and do not have either a telephone number or a postal address so: -how are 1st Credit going to telephone me to "agree a repayment plan"? - they only have my email address to which they have posted 2 messages, one as a payment confirmation of £5 and one as an "Introduction to 1st Credit". I have not posted any emails to 1st credit. * Barclays sold the debt to 1st credit and broke the repayment agreement whilst it was still in effect. How do I stand in this situation when the agreement as made by telephone from Spain? * I dont want to be bullied and put under mental stress by debt collectors. Will they try to chase me in Spain when I am continuing to make payments of £5/month? * Will 1st credit chase my family or partner's family for repayments? NOTES: *I have limited communications and no motorised transport, so phone calls must be done by cycling to the nearest town. *I cannot receive phonecalls. Internet / email communictions must also be done using an internet cafe in the town. *I have absolutely no colateral, no vehicles, no property, no savings / investments, no jewelry and I am not married by english law to a person with any colateral. Thank you all for your help. Love and Light.
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