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  1. Hard to prove though. They have a PO Box. Companies like Fedex will not ship to a PO Box. Im thinking of sending it again but to my parents, then having them royal mail track it
  2. Thanks for your help with this Whats funny is I sent the deferrment off like a good boy anyway and got a letter today saying they hadnt received it, all terms of loan were cancelled, its no longer goign to be forgiven when I hit 50 and I have to start paying immediately Im guessing this is just a scare tactic? These guys are unbelievable
  3. Loans are old. 30th Nov 1994 7th Nov 1995 18th April 1997 I did have a post grad loan but I paid that off voluntarily some time ago Unfortunately I chose a life working with non profits.
  4. No, only to visit now and again but I've made a life here.
  5. Its been 2 years since I heard from Erudio. In April 2014 I sent off the deferment template letter from here along with original pay stubs which qualified me for deferment. Since then I have had no contact from them, until today. Today I got 6 x "Notice of sum in arrears" going back to August 2014 in one envelope The cover letter was titled "Remedy of Account" and basically says they have been sorting stuff out and havent charged interest but will do so on June 1st. The letters tell me I am 2 years in arrears. They seem to basically have ignored my application for deferral in 2014. Any advice on how to move forward would be appreciated. I do still qualify for deferment and live in the USA, if that makes a difference. Thank you
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