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Found 2 results

  1. BANK - barclays & 1st credit PROBLEM - Barclays sold my UK debt to 1st credit and I now live in Spain INITIAL LOAN AMOUNT - £4900 AMOUNT OWED / REMAINING - £3509 LOAN START DATE - 10 FEB 2012 LOAN TERM - 60 months LOAN MONTHLY REPAYMENT AMOUNT - £106 reduced to £5 COLATERAL - None REF: Barclays sold my debt to 1st credit against our agreement when no payments where missed or late. NB My situation can be classified under 3 forums and I have posted this message under 1st direct, barclays and debts abroad. My apologies for any confusion. Hello Everyone, I took a loan for a car in England to do my job as a support worker for children and adults with disabilities. The loan amount was £4900. In December 2013 I went to live in Spain perminantly and do not have a source of regular income. In August 2014 I was unable to continue repayments of £106 and agreed with Barclays bank by telephone to reduce my repayments to £5 per month for 12 months, to be reviewed 12 months later. I paid all these repayments fully and on time. 12 months later, in August 2015 I contacted barclays by telephone again and agreed to continue repayments of £5/month for another 12 months until August 2016. . I paid all these repayments fully and on time. I received a letter on 12 November 2015 (dated September 2015) from Barclays stating that- - they (Barclays) have "transferred the debt you owe us to a company called 1st Credit Ltd" and - "1st Credit Ltd will contact you to complete an income and expediture review to see what you can afford to pay after a minimum of 3 months" and - to cancel any standing orders to Barclays I made a payment of £5 on 12th Nov 2015 online using the 1st Credit website. I shall make another payment using the 1st credit website of £5 on the 3rd December 2015. I will continue paying £5/month. I would sincerely be grateful for advice and have some questions I would like ask: * I have read on the internet that the UK is stopping people at airports from leaving the country and demanding repayment or prison. This frightens me because I am going to visit my family soon (they payed for my air tickets). Would this affect me? * I live in Spain and do not have either a telephone number or a postal address so: -how are 1st Credit going to telephone me to "agree a repayment plan"? - they only have my email address to which they have posted 2 messages, one as a payment confirmation of £5 and one as an "Introduction to 1st Credit". I have not posted any emails to 1st credit. * Barclays sold the debt to 1st credit and broke the repayment agreement whilst it was still in effect. How do I stand in this situation when the agreement as made by telephone from Spain? * I dont want to be bullied and put under mental stress by debt collectors. Will they try to chase me in Spain when I am continuing to make payments of £5/month? * Will 1st credit chase my family or partner's family for repayments? NOTES: *I have limited communications and no motorised transport, so phone calls must be done by cycling to the nearest town. *I cannot receive phonecalls. Internet / email communictions must also be done using an internet cafe in the town. *I have absolutely no colateral, no vehicles, no property, no savings / investments, no jewelry and I am not married by english law to a person with any colateral. Thank you all for your help. Love and Light.
  2. Hi New here so excuse me if I don't quite post fully. Many years ago my mum had a loan from Barclay that became a CCJ. She never paid and it sat dormant until 2007/8 when she tried to get credit and it reared it's head. The debt has been sold on and a originally an agreement to pay 25 and then 50 a month was set up..since then the debt has been sold on a number of times. The final DCA was GPB and an agreement of £50 was carried forward. In October my mum became ill and this debt was on her mind, she considered trying to get a single pay off. When I looked into this I found that the solicitors had been suspended and no payments had been taken for a couple of months. Due to the fact my mum was terminally ill and we had other things to think about we decided to wait to see what happened...nothing has but on 7th July my mum died. My husband and I are executors and responsible for her estate. Her estate obviously includes this debt. Although we are just applying for probate we are aware we couldn't "distribute" to my father without making provision for this debt. I think it is approimately £5k but I have not been involved for a little while and and have no paperwork from gpb and no idea how to find the exact amount or if it is even payable. The debt was my mother's and not joint. Her isa would cover it if necessary but not a funeral as well.
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