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  1. Hi there I wonder if you can help with this. It seems fishy to me. My fiancee is a support worker (supporting disabled people who have their own tenancies) for an agency on a zero hours employment contract. All of her shifts involve supporting people in their own homes for the local city council (in Scotland, if that's relevant). On average, she works around 37 hours per week (sometimes a lot more), and does additional "sleeping" shifts (paid at a set rate) when they are available (on average one or two of these per week) My fiancee has been with the agency full time for around 18 mo
  2. Hi All, I couldn't find a "marriage" related forum but please move this post if not relevant here. Mortgage issues is the closest I can get to. Here are the basic details. My daughter has been married for 5 years. They have 3 young children. Mortgage is in the husbands name. Both are named on the Deeds Husband is the only income earner. Husband decides to up and leave - not wanting to be involved anymore. A girlfriend has subsequently appeared on the scene. My daughter has agreed to take over paying all the bills and pays 50% towards the monthly mortgag
  3. I have received a letter from Barclaycard asking me to confirm my details in respect of something to do with my former SkyCard payment break plan. I rang the number and was taken through to the complaints team who asked me to fill out the form and return it. Has there been something in the news about this that I have missed as its all come a little out of the blue? I did have a SkyCard but that went away with all my other debts when I was declared bankrupt in April 2011 (i was discharged in October 2011), and I dont remember having any cover but then again maybe I did. I'm assum
  4. I have received a letter from monument about PBP. It was totally unsolicited, and I have not applied for anything (PPI or the like)or contacted Monument in any way for years. This letter came totally out of the blue and I dismissed it along with all the other letters I have received from them over the years. I ripped it up and put it in the bin. The Short Story My monument account was pulled many years ago , I can't even remember the dates it was so long ago, leaving an unpaid balance of around £3,600 which remained unpaid. The Long Story I have just
  5. Hi , I work for a small engineering company, we currently work a 40 hour week with 30 mins lunch a day unpaid, if the managing director was to agree that we can work through our lunch is this acceptable, None of use use heavy press/ lathes etc and we are able to have a break \ coffee whenever we like Thanks
  6. I am mightily confused. I have been signing on for 12 months, at the start of my claim I signed a claimant commitment stating I will do X number of steps each week to find work, IE look in papers, ask family and friends, use UJM etc. I completed my job search online and always filled in my activity history on UJM, ensuring I recorded X number of steps as required in my claimant commitment. Part way through the year I was told not to use UJM instead I was given a paper template to fill that stated I must do 35 hours job search per week, this had a section to fill stating the tim
  7. Hi! I have used the break clause in my tenancy contract to terminate it. It required a 2 month notice period, which I gave and was accepted by the landlord's agency. This means that my tenancy agreement ends by the 25th of August. Nevertheless, my rental period usually runs from the 8th of each month. I have assumed that, if the tenancy contract ends by the 25th I would only have to pay from the 8th to the 25th but the letting agent is asking for a full month rent... He says the overpaid money will be returned and that they do this to protect them from tenants not leaving at the end of
  8. I had a Barclaycard roundabout 2005 - I have only one statement as proof which shows a balance of £2,156. Account closed due to non payments and sent to 1st Credit debt collection agency in Oct 2006 with a balance of £2,541.90 outstanding. The debt was never settled as I had to leave my job to become a full time carer for husband with motor neurone disease. got a letter recently regarding 'Payment Break Plan' attached to this Barclaycard which showed first 4 digits of the account number, my name, address etc I am totally unsure of how to answer the questions to be su
  9. I'm currently divorced but have recently noted from the divorce documentation that a Clean Break Consent Order is needed to ensure my financial future is protected from any claims my ex wife wants to submit. There are many online websites that can help, for a fee, but I want to do this myself if possible - is there any specific forms I need to complete or download since I cannot locate any on the internet. any help appreciated.
  10. Hi Guys a while ago I recieved a couple of letters from Barclay card in regards to a payment break plan, I threw away the first letter as I have never had a barclay card, after the second letter I called the number & all they wanted was my phone number which I refused to give, threw that letter too but now someone has said that they took over certain accounts & its basically PPI that they want to repay me, can anyone advise, I also no longer have the number to call. Many thanks
  11. I received a PCN from ParkingEye for parking at the Welcome Break Warwick (South) services for 4 hours 40 minutes on the 22/05/20015 I received the PCN today, the 12/06/2015 the Parking charge is £100 discountable to £60 payable by the 07/07/2015 I was completely unaware of there being a time limit to parking there, it was dark and i have no idea if there are visible signs or not. I expect there are signs, but were they illuminated I've no way of knowing, it was dark and late i was knackered from driving back from Liverpool after a full days work. Clearly i did park more t
  12. Cameron's good day to bury a LOT of bad news: From lost asylum seekers, rising council tax and police cuts to the PM's dinner guests, gifts and army of spin doctors Ministers rush out 36 statements to Parliament on last day of term Files on spin doctors, public sector pay and PM's gifts also released Reports published into homelessness, benefit cuts, asylum seekers Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3364581/A-good-day-government-bury-LOT-bad-news.html Many links on the article. Have your say,i know there are many wise ones who know about these things. Hoping
  13. Can a 'Reply Card' ever be a legal Agreement? Part of my SAR's request came a little photocopy purporting to be 'it'. No details other than my personal ones and a Declaration with Credit Agreement Regulated by CCA1974.....I am applying for a Providian Visa card..... (I can scan it later if necessary). No interest rate etc. Dated Oct 2002. Also, actual statements were not included, only a list of usage and payments made each month (quite adequate for reclaiming charges). But I'm sure I used to see, stamped on my actual statements, something about Payment Break Plan. Of course, I now know t
  14. I had a disputed Credit Card account with Monument and the alleged debt which i disputed became statute barred. I haven't heard anything from Monument for a couple of years, however I received a letter this morning. Dear drob Thank you for your recent correspondence ( I haven't corresponded with them recently) We have reviewed your account and can confirm that yoy subscribed to the Payment Break Plan product. Without admission of liability, and as a gesture of goodwill we are prepared to adjust your account with the fees plus compound interest. Payment Break Plan Charges:
  15. Hello good people, I'm receiving ESA, the higher element and am also living in a property supplied by my local London Borough costed as Temporary Emergency Housing since my break down in 2012. I've been offered a 'break', a holiday of sorts in Broadstairs on the Kent Coast next month for five days. No cash just a stay outside of town no remuneration. Although I've seen little activity regarding the Council, Brent, checking on my personal occupational life, in Haringey, I don't want to give the paying authority for my HB any excuse to cut me off at the knees! Help and advice
  16. A relative had a Monument card many years ago which had PBP attached. Not sure if they asked for it or not but they have made 1 or 2 claims on it due to ill health. However, if was never explained that they could have sort alternatove products or that the balance never reduced, it was just a 'payment break' during your claim period. The card facility was removed many years ago but the debt is still increasing each month from the PBP premiums being added to it but no interest is being charged. They have received a letter from Monument approaching them to contact them
  17. Hi All, I stayed at a hotel in Basingstoke on Saturday 2nd May and during the night, a thief managed to open the window from the security latch built into the window frame whilst myself, partner and two infant children were asleep. The thief managed to grab my mobile phone and sons changing bag from the window and can be seen on CCTV (cannot make out anything as camera is too far away) I don't have any form of insurance anymore so I am not personally covered however I want to know where i stand with regards to claiming from the hotel. The general manager has told me that their i
  18. Someone who works for a well known supermarket (think of the colour green) as a delivery driver (for over 2 years) has been having an hour's lunch break deducted from their wages, even though the said lunch is never taken...All this has just come to light recently. Ordinarily if you work in store you have the option to 'skip break' on the clocking machine but being out on the road all the time means they are not in store to do this. The supermarket's internal electronic timing system will automatically deduct a one hour's break if you have been clocked in over a certain amount of time.
  19. Hello, I'm looking for debt advice (a payment break or the possibility of bankruptcy). I'm currently self employed and have been since 2006, business was good at one time but over the last 3 year my income has slowly decreased to the point where I'm working 12 to 14 hours a day, 7 days a week for very little money. I have tried to find full time work but had had no offers of employment locally in the last 3 years although I have had offers of work 200 miles away with a company I've worked for in the past, the offer of work with is still there. Unfortunately I'm u
  20. The registered keeper has recieved a Claim Form from Parking Lie through Northampton County Court the POC reads; Claim for monies outstanding from the defendant, as registered keeper, in relation to a Parking Charge, issued 00/07/2014, for parking on private land in breach of the T+Cs (the contract). Parking Eye’s automated number plate recognition system, monitoring Welcome Break Michael wood (North), M5 Jct 13/14, Michael wood, Lower Wick, Dursley, Gloucestershire, GL11 6DD, captured vehicle reg.UL1ARS entering and leaving the car park, parking without a valid paid parking ticket. The
  21. Watch the video http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-28644799 I have never heard anything so appalling and it makes me ashamed, not just of our justice system, but this country.
  22. Hi all, We intend to enact the 6-month break clause in our AST, as we will be emigrating soon. It seems to be the 'standard' 2-months-notice affair, but the wording has me really confused: Surprisingly, this agreement is not approved by the Plain English Campaign! The tenancy began on the 28th February, so would it then end on the 27th August if served correctly? If so, would I need to serve the notice on the 27th or 28th June?
  23. We need some advice and or help. We got our Samsung TV a few years ago. Recently it has become slow coming on. We googled this and found it was a common capacitor(?) problem and when we contacted Samsung they agreed and organised a free repair. So the TV was still able to be watched. It still functioned as a TV. Then today their repair men came round. They took the TV apart and replaced bits. Then fiddled a bit more. Then the picture wouldn't come on at all and the TV started making a horribly dangerous sounding loud crackling noise. They said the repair had blown
  24. It states in our Union agreement (contractual) that we are allowed a 30 minute break . (regardless if it is under 6 hours) And this must not be taken at the end or beginning of the shift. The management in our office are making people take there break at the end of the shift . Therefore in our opinion we are getting no break at all because taking it at the end is just us leaving and going home they are basically paying us for the break but we don't actually get to have it , some people are complaining they are feeling dizzy and really hungry for a bite to eat as we work through
  25. Hi there, I am new to CAG just joined today, and I am only 20 so please be gentle with me lol I have an ebay account but I recently got made redundant, I have always paid seller fees and I think been a very good customer, obviously with being unemployed at the moment I cannot pay the seller fees. I have a job, but I am waiting for my criminal record check to come back before they will let me start, so anyway I rang Ebay and said you know I have no Job I cant pay these fees that are £40.51. The lady on the phone said well theres really nothing we can do about that you must pay it, I ans
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