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  1. Have today received a letter from DRP aka Debt Recovery Plus Ltd. I realise they are trying to claim money they have not ownership of, do I write to them or ignore altogether? " Our client has written to you recently about the unpaid parking charge detailed above. As they have not received payment, they have referred the matter to us for collection" I never heard back from ParkingEye regarding the original late notice, but did send the latter and would have kept the posting record, but now have no idea nearly a year later where that might be. Any advice would
  2. Hi Team, I have received the attached from Athena, They are asking me to send a receipt in, I have no idea if i have a receipt from that day or one earlier (I'm travelling with work and all Lidl receipts would be at home), normally I would not keep a receipt from there so it's unlikely i would have one. I get the feeling they are either trying to get me to show who shopped there or that they had something to show Lidl they would drop it easily. Your advise would be very welcome.
  3. ericsbrother thanks so much, i'll get this in the post in the morning with a certificate of posting , as advised. Many many thanks
  4. Hi, is anyone able to confirm what I've written is ok to send please, I would like to send it today.
  5. Hi, is anyone able to confirm what I've written is ok to send please, I would like to send it today.
  6. I intend to send the following in letter form to ParkingEye, getting a recipt of posting from the post office, OK or not OK? uessh My address 16/06.2015 ParkingEye Ltd PO Box 565 Chorley, PR6 6HT Ref Number No. XXXX/XXXXX Dear ParkingEye Ltd: You are timed out for keeper liability under the Protection Of Freedoms Act, please do not write to me again. If you disagree then please provide a Parking On Private Land Appeals code. Yours faithfully, uessh
  7. Please advise, if the follow is sufficenet or too much to send to Athena Ltd. Athena ANPR Ltd PO Box 306 Chertsey, KT16 6ED Dear Athena ANPR Ltd: Can you provide me with proof that my vehicle (xxxxx xxx) was parked for the claimed length of time in the ANPR notice of 2 hour 15 minutes and 15 seconds, in Lidl’s free car park on the 3rd June 2015? The BPA has a code of practice regarding overstays of less than 15 minutes are you willing to self-report to the BPA for their consideration as to whether the demand was properly issued, before I do? Your faithfully, uess
  8. Again many many thanks, I assume that the best way to respond is as you described in my other post for the Lidi (Athena) one, i.e. by post with a receipt. I'll write up something later and check back here that is ok. these bloody things are like buses, never had one before and now two in one week!
  9. Will create the text later tonight and check it's validity in here, then post as you describe in the morning, many many thanks.
  10. Thanks Ericsbrother, Do I tell them that by letter/email or on there website thing?
  11. Thanks, is that because the driver is not visible in either photo?
  12. I received a PCN from ParkingEye for parking at the Welcome Break Warwick (South) services for 4 hours 40 minutes on the 22/05/20015 I received the PCN today, the 12/06/2015 the Parking charge is £100 discountable to £60 payable by the 07/07/2015 I was completely unaware of there being a time limit to parking there, it was dark and i have no idea if there are visible signs or not. I expect there are signs, but were they illuminated I've no way of knowing, it was dark and late i was knackered from driving back from Liverpool after a full days work. Clearly i did park more t
  13. I recived a Civil Parking Change Notice from Athnea ANPR showing photos of my car entering and departing Lidl Crowthonre on the 03/06/2015. The Charge is £60.00 with a discount for paying early of £25 The Issue Date was 05/06/15 Photo shows my car entering at 09:22 on the 03/06/15 Next Photo shows my car exiting at 11:37 on the same day. This would have exceed the posted 2 hour "Free" parking period by 15 minutes, total time in car park 02:15:14 What should i do?
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