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  1. As someone said in the first reply they have broken their contract, surely there' a slim chance they could backdate any money owed, this is at a cost of between £150 and £250 a month 8 months have past, its just a thought but in the locker so to speak
  2. ifs and maybe's Thanks very contructive
  3. Just to make things clear, if i was to have a section 111a conversation the Figures would be taken into account .
  4. Sorry its a very difficult subject that is complex in every way which is why i cannot explain all the details. thanks for all your help though
  5. surely it would only be right to inform employees who had the package within their contract? I was thinking of having this as extra ammo, if they would like to discuss section 111a surely this tells you that they have no case to discipline you, if they think they can offer a few quid to get me out then they can think again, however i realise once this process starts i do not have a job to go back to which is most disappointing. Surely theirs no negotiations in section 111a they offer you except or else they find another way to get you out.
  6. Thank you uncle bulgaria67, This may help me moving forward My company has suspended me, the reason unknown its difficult to give details but the short answer is they do not want me there. I believe the HR adviser will be advising for a section 111a conversation,
  7. Hi Members, I have come back to this forum as I’ve been given some great advice a few years ago. Unfortunately for all the wrong reasons i now require some expert minds, over the next few days this story will unfold but for the mean time I would like to ask a question. My current contract states that quote: 8. OTHER BENEFITS You shall be entitled to participate in the Company's private medical insurance scheme subject to: a. the terms of that scheme, as amended from time to time; b. the rules or insurance policy of the relevant insurance provider, as amended from t
  8. wow This has been very interesting thank you all
  9. weather you think its excuses or not, Just wanted to know if its a law requirement and if this can be agreed by the management
  10. I Personally Dont like eating at work i like to eat breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening, dont get me wrong it will vary from time to time But thanks for confirming this
  11. Thanks for all your reply's there seems to be a different view depending on who you ask, If i start work at 6 have 2 ten minute coffee breaks would it be ok for me to have my break at 2clock at home ?
  12. Hi , I work for a small engineering company, we currently work a 40 hour week with 30 mins lunch a day unpaid, if the managing director was to agree that we can work through our lunch is this acceptable, None of use use heavy press/ lathes etc and we are able to have a break \ coffee whenever we like Thanks
  13. Sorry guys the company is called jetline travel Having read a few things on the internet i'm not banking on sorting things out . My wife has been on the phone a few times in the last 2 days, these people are so rude you wouldnt believe it . We have done some browsing and have found 2 hotels near to the one we booked and told the rude operator ' she said if we dont except her offer of another hotel we would have to pay a cancelation fee ' my wife told her we havent cancelled anything you have. but there adament about the fee even if we want a refund what should we do
  14. phoned the hotel and they are closed from the 20th of october ?
  15. Hello everyone i am traveling to rhodes with my wife and son on the 24th of october' unfortunatly today i had a call from the travel company (jet 2 holidays ) saying that the hotel we booked is no longer available ' me and my wife was not happy to say the least ' they have offered us an alternate 5 star hotel in another resort which we are not happy with , has any one been in this situation before what should i do we 100% want out holiday
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