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Found 17 results

  1. I am an IT consultant who works through my own Ltd company. I have been offered a job that is within IR35 this means I will pay tax, NI and all other deductions which I dont have a problem with. However the employer wants to deduct from me their costs such as Employers NI in other wrds bear their employer costs, is this right? I am due to sign the contract tomorrow so urgent guidance/help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi there, My mother currently lives in North Wales, she suffers from ill health (heart problems that are degenerative, and long term) she has a pace maker, and currently receives PIP and is entitled to ESA but has a part time job of 18 hours a week, and a partner in full time work. Her partner is useless. She spends all week in her caravan (closer to work) because he wont travel 20 minutes to drop her off or pick he up, the caravan she is in at the moment is suffering from damp and mould (this is not her caravan, its a rental, she has her own on another site but the season is over un
  3. Hey. My girlfriend is currently working a zero hour contract at a big chain, which she started 6 weeks ago. They use a clock in/out fingerprint system for start/end of day and breaks. She will be receiving her first paycheck in a few days, but she is worried that the company is handling some aspects of pay in a questionable/immoral way. Workers are entitled to a 10 minute break per shift under 6 hours; they must scan in/out for this break and if they do not take the break they need to write it down in a book. The first kicker here is that if employees do not scan out for their break nor
  4. Hi everyone, This is not for me. Someone has had money illegally deducted from his wages (he gets far more than minimum wage) He intends taking his employer to the Tribunal. I believe he would be entitled to the deduction if he wins and Litigant in Person’s research cost. My question is, will he be entitled to compensation eg injury to feelings? Thanks and regards
  5. Good afternoon Everyone, Hopefully someone could help/advise me with a problem I am having with my former employer. I recently resigned from a part-time job working for a well-known Housing Association as they weren't paying me in full for the hours I worked (among other dubious issues). My job started 20th January 2016 and I worked exactly half of my monthly contracted hours between my start date and 31st January 2016 - over four days/shifts. I therefore expected to be paid precisely half my contracted salary (salaried, not paid hourly, unless claiming overtime, which was calcul
  6. Hopefully somebody will be able to help me. Background:: My 18 year old son was recently working for a company who made him sign a contract that the first 80 hours were training & that there were training fees of £400 if he was to leave in the first year or they terminated him. Anyhow, the dismissed him after 2 weeks saying they didn't feel he was right for the job (he had worked just short of 80 hours). His wage should have been £355, but he never received 1p due to the training fee deduction (£400). He was previously on JSA (under the Universal Credit umbrella), he informed them whe
  7. Someone who works for a well known supermarket (think of the colour green) as a delivery driver (for over 2 years) has been having an hour's lunch break deducted from their wages, even though the said lunch is never taken...All this has just come to light recently. Ordinarily if you work in store you have the option to 'skip break' on the clocking machine but being out on the road all the time means they are not in store to do this. The supermarket's internal electronic timing system will automatically deduct a one hour's break if you have been clocked in over a certain amount of time.
  8. I applied last year in November but the letter went missing and so I applied again online. It's been backdated to mid-July. I have written to them giving them good reason why I was late in applying for this, mainly because I didn't realise I had to. If they are going to send a bill for the full amount at the start of the year before I have earned anything as a first time sole trader then surely it was dealt on the basis that we would all wait until my earnings were clearer before any adjustments? Anyway, I'm thinking about writing to them and Scot & C. saying that I am withholdin
  9. Hi All One of my family members is currently experiencing some employment issues and hope someone could give us advice on the following and some guidance on how to deal with the issue. While there have many issues leading up to the point of redundancy i will try and keep with the current issue. He has been off sick for several weeks since Early October with stress and palpitations brought on mainly by his employment problems, specifically being informed by the company of the risk of redundancy and him having to apply for the only position available to keep is job as well as the
  10. Following long term sick I reached the end of my contractual sick pay period last month. As I knew this was ending and I had received no written or verbal confirmation of how the process worked I directly asked the management what pay I would receive in May and June. I was verbally informed my pay ended a few days before the end of May but I would receive a full months pay in May but nothing in June. May payday arrived and I received a normal months pay and a payslip to confirm this. Knowing I had no income for June I requested payment of a considerable amount of outstanding holida
  11. Hi, I would be grateful if someone can give me a better insight into this matter. I will try to simplify it.although its a little complex: I have a Full merits hearing set for next Thursday. The respondent's team tried to strike out both my claims: Unfair Dismissal- due to lack of continuous service I only received a contract in May 2012, although I have written evidence that I was to receive a 'salary' from April 1st..and my April pay is not a round figure..suggesting deductions were made. I had prior to that, been working full time, self-employed. Unlawful Deduction
  12. I am currently in the middle of an issue with my current employer. My contract/policy states I am entitled to full company sick pay for upto 4 weeks, unless I am off sick 3 or more times in 3 months for 1 or 2 days at a time; or off sick more than 5 times in a year. The sickness year refreshes in February. I am also entitled to 8 days bank holiday as per contract. On Bank Holiday Monday 6th May, I sustained an injury requiring me to visit A&E. I had damaged my foot, and was advised by the doctor not to drive or walk too much on it for 2-3 days, and to self certificate until I wa
  13. Hi, I was wondering if any one can tell me how I go about asking for a reduction in a deduction of benefit. I have been put on income related esa and my husband is on a state pension but has a deduction out of it at £47.00 per week before I was getting contribution esa so the deduction was not so bad. Now I am income related esa I receive £75.00 per week so we have lost another £30.0 per week what we gat together now is 173.00 per week to pay £100 in rent and then food and bills have to come out of the rest it is impossible to do. Do we write to the deduction place and ask them to lower
  14. Ok, so the nephew's boss has come up with another cost cutting exercise, only I think he's going to come unstuck this time. (he's known affectionately as the Fat Controller!) He gets upset when employees need to take a days leave at short notice, so he has decided in his wisdom, that anyone taking a day's leave that hasn;t been booked a whole month prior, will not receive pay for the day! So, if you are a parent and have a genuine child emergency, or a carer for a disabled partner, and have to take a day off work, then you won;t get paid for it! Even though you have booked it out of
  15. The situation in brief is that we had paid 1750 pounds in total as deposit. At the end of tenancy, the landlord deducted 750 pounds for garden refurbishment and rent on extra two weeks (which we were told that the two weeks would be free, but we have no written proofs for this). After looking at other posts, I figured that the landlord didn't put a penny into the DPS, and the landlord had never give us a initial inventory to sign for. We also figured out that he probably don't even have one. Under such circumstances, what are the chances to claim the 750 pounds back or partially back? Man
  16. Hi, I hope someone can help me here as my head is bursting with all the anger! I moved out of my flat on 28th July, and the tenancy lasted for a year. After having emailed the landlord and agent on many occasions after the tenancy regarding the deposit, on September 5th I finally received an email about the deposit and that the landlord wants to deduct £3550 from our deposit which was £3960. To be honest I was rather shocked that he would propose such a deduction. First off, when we moved into the flat, there was an inventory done and the inventory left out a LOT of problems w
  17. Hi guys This is my first post so I hope I do it right. I have recently changed job and my previous employer has deducted nearly a thousand pounds from my wages to cover training that I have had in the last year. I have changed jobs within the last 10 weeks. My previous employer has a clause in the contract that they can make deductions for training if I leave within 12months of the training being completed. I completely acknowledge this. Here is my question, sort of! I have asked my previous employer to pay me back. The reason for this is that I do not believe that m
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