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  1. Well, HR have replied and muddied the waters somewhat! I have been told that: - We resigned on the 17th of June "with 1 month notice" but it was agreed that we would work until the 24th and be paid the 17 days balance in lieu. - They had to deduct any outstanding monies, including excess holiday (which we both had), and outstanding travel loan payments (which I had forgotten about, in my case) - That no deductions for sickness, or pay for overtime, were owed ...and that what we have been paid is therefore correct. However, this seems to be wrong in several places! My wife has done some fag-packet calculations as we do not have our payslips yet, and has managed to work out that my payment was correct if she deducted outstanding holiday and loan payments, and added on the single day of overtime and the remaining PILON. As in, using the numbers from previous payslips, it is less than a couple of pounds out compared to the real amount. Her pay, however, seems to reflect only the three days off sick that we know she took. The holiday outstanding amounted to exactly half the PILON, so we would have expected the actual amount to be much higher - this indicates to me that it simply hasn't been included. I have replied to them to ask for some clarification, but I am a bit concerned, especially when they have even managed to miss recorded absence and overtime!
  2. Oh good, that's what I had been thinking (and hoping). Payroll and HR don't always seem to communicate in this company, so I'm wondering if the accountant - who I spoke to on tuesday afternoon(!) - simply hadn't been told. Thanks!
  3. Thanks to you both for replying so quickly on a Saturday morning! We both received a letter accepting our resignation, containing the following paragraph: It was also confirmed to us verbally that we would receive PILON, and that this was not gardening leave.
  4. Hi all, Just a quick question, as I'm missing some of the information until Monday. My wife and I quit working for the same employer on the 24th. We handed in our notice on the 17th, expecting to work until the 17th July as per our contracts, but were told by HR that we could leave on the 24th and received PILON to cover the period from then until the 17th July. The explanation given was that, as we are shortly emigrating, we would have more time to prepare - however, we're pretty sure they just wanted to backfill us more quickly! Anyway, we have received our pay today, and it appears to be our normal monthly salary - no sign of any additional payments. We probably won't see our payslips until Monday, but the numbers certainly suggest that the PILON is completely missing. My question is, shouldn't PILON be paid when the contract ends? I have a nasty feeling they are going to tell us it will be paid on July's pay date, which is after our move. I got made redundant from our previous employer, and they tried to do a similar date split for 'tax reasons' until enough people questioned it, and then the payments were made in a lump sum.
  5. We've had some confusion about this (we are the tenants). The AST says per calendar month, payable on the 28th of the month. We assumed that, as the 28th was the last day of Feb, it would continue to be the last day, but the agent expected it paid on the 28th of each month. They seem to be ok with the leeway on this, which is fortunate as we are paid on the last day of the month. So, would that make the service date the 27th June? Just to complicate things, we will be leaving the property on the 23rd July as we are emigrating. I will be including this in the letter as the property will therefore be unoccupied for more than 14 days, and we will return the keys, etc. We have a fairly good relationship with the agent; would handing the letter over in person count? The AST says this is a valid method for the LL, but makes no mention on what is valid for us! This is a fantastic factlet
  6. Hi all, We intend to enact the 6-month break clause in our AST, as we will be emigrating soon. It seems to be the 'standard' 2-months-notice affair, but the wording has me really confused: Surprisingly, this agreement is not approved by the Plain English Campaign! The tenancy began on the 28th February, so would it then end on the 27th August if served correctly? If so, would I need to serve the notice on the 27th or 28th June?
  7. Hi, Sorry for the late reply, but this is now solved - even though I also speculated about what sort of 'plant-growing' apparatus might be lurking in the loft! It turns out the thermostat on the immersion heater is broken, so it was running at full pelt. We turned it off, and we're down to just over a pound a day. Still, I'm a bit miffed that the estate agent didn't check this before we moved in and spent nearly £60 keeping it running, especially as it isn't needed! They are going to receive a thoroughly amended inventory Thanks though!
  8. Hi guys, thanks for the quick replies. 45002: I think I saw debt on the meter last night when scrolling through the displays, but they assured me that it has been wiped, and I can no longer see it. Fortunately, they have agreed to come out on Friday and fit a single-rate meter. rebel11: Thanks for that - unfortunately, I don't meet any of the requirements on those pages. I have been quoted just over £2,000 for prepay by Ecotricity, so will be looking to switch, but I need to get the costs down in the immediate term - I added £5 to the meter about 4 1/2 hours ago, and it has eaten £2.82 since then. I think the usage has gone down a bit, but it still seems high! The tariff is 16.1p/kWh day rate, and (i think) 8.1p overnight.
  9. Thanks - apparently we are on their standard prepay tariff, which isn't much more than their standard credit one. I have bipolar disorder, but I don't believe I'm considered 'vulnerable' by the government. Should that make a difference?
  10. Hi all, We have just moved into a rented house with prepay meters, which we have no experience with. Our first problem was not letting the utility company know immediately, as the stress of the place being filthy (which is a whole other thread!) and the normal moving stresses meant that we were just topping the meters up for 3 days. We have now switched them to our name, and have no real problems with the gas, which is used only for the heating, water and hob. However, we seem to be using around £10 a day on electricity for a small three-bed house - this seems really high to me. This amount got used yesterday, even though we were out all day ant the only things drawing power (that we know of) were a Sky hub, a fridge and freezer, and a TV on standby. The TV is only a year old and brags about how little power it draws. When my wife spoke to SSE today, they told her that this was a completely normal amount to be paying for an Economy 7 tariff, but it just doesn't add up to me. The day rate is 16.1p/kWh, which is only a bit more than the credit meter at our last house, but we were only billed around £50/month there. I know prepay meters cost more, but we're looking at nearly £300 a month now! Any suggestions greatly appreciated.
  11. Ok, well I feel a bit better knowing that the prescribed information may well be wrong. We're going to speak to Shelter today to see what they suggest. From my (IANAL) understanding, if a precedent was set by the Superstrike case, the law would have to be interpreted the same way in all cases containing the same material facts (i.e. switch from AST to SPT, deposit not re-protected), which would explain why there does appear to be concern in the industry. However, that's just my opinion amongst many others!
  12. Ok, thanks for the quick reply. On the theme of too much evidence, I have also just spotted that the LL has entered the letting agent's name and address in the 'Landlord' field in the prescribed information - I'm sure this is wrong, as the LA aren't even managing it for them. We would like to stay, as it then makes our longer-term plans much more simple. Everything I've mentioned is there on the paperwork, so I guess it's just a case of keeping it safe, right? The situation as a whole has caused us both quite a lot of stress, especially as the house could still sell in the meantime. We're also a little alarmed at the idea of the LL becoming a problem if we clearly have no intention of moving out after the 29th. We have two young children and don't really want to end up having the sort of doorstep arguments you often read about!
  13. Hi again - thanks again for the extra information; I've read up a bit more on Superstrike and also reminded myself what prescribed information is! I have dug into my documents some more and noted the following: - The tenancy did indeed start on the 31st March, to end on the 30th. - The deposit was originally protected with DPS. - It has not been submitted correctly, according to DPS' terms. The tenancy is a joint one between me and my wife, but the deposit only has me listed as a tenant. This could have been awkward, as it is her money! Oddly, the tenancy agreement has a section marked 'prescribed terms', which simply lists both of our names, our previous address, and the name and address of LL. - Not sure how much it matters, but the 'deposit ID' for logging into the DPS site is missing. If one of the prescribed terms is the name and address of each tenant, where a joint tenancy exists, does that mean they have failed to serve the prescribed information? If so, that applied from day one. Secondly, is the current S21 invalid if it expires on the 29th?
  14. I'm being dim here, but I'm not sure what you mean by prescribed information, even though I feel like I should know! I can tell you that we received no new documents when it was renewed - it was a case of them visiting, telling us that the house would be going on the market, but that they were happy for us to stay until it sold. I don't have the deposit info to hand, but I'm pretty sure it is not with MyDeposits as I do not recognise the name at all.
  15. Ok, I think I have succeeded in confusing myself! I have dug out the original documents - the tenancy commenced on the 31st March 2012, for a fixed term of 12 months. The wording isn't particularly clear, but in the section on renewal it does say that it can be continued on a period basis after the 12 months is complete, for which we would pay £100 and be issued with a new agreement. We agreed to continue verbally; no money was exchanged and no new agreement was issued. The notice says "Expiry date. The Date this notice expires on is: DATE 29th March 2014" ...this seems incorrect to me. Shouldn't it 'expire' on the 31st, based on what you have said? It also mentions in more than one place that the notice concerns an AST, which our tenancy agreement suggests we are no longer on. Well, this could be the painful bit. If the notice should actually expire today, we're still too late, aren't we?
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