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  1. Hi..can I ask how you got on with this issue and Santander as I have the same problem. Did you achieve success in the end? Thanks HI..did you have any success with this Santander PPI claim..? I'm having exactly the same issues as you..thanks
  2. I paid small amounts once it went to 1st Credit and eventually gave up on trying to sort out the debts as there were too many to deal with on top of my husband's terminal diagnosis... What does Statute Barred mean? I am currently £2000 + behind with the mortgage so is this not classed as hardship? I have read some threads about hardship cases being successful. This particular case is the Payment Break Plan and the letter regarding it from Barclaycard...thanks
  3. I had a Barclaycard roundabout 2005 - I have only one statement as proof which shows a balance of £2,156. Account closed due to non payments and sent to 1st Credit debt collection agency in Oct 2006 with a balance of £2,541.90 outstanding. The debt was never settled as I had to leave my job to become a full time carer for husband with motor neurone disease. got a letter recently regarding 'Payment Break Plan' attached to this Barclaycard which showed first 4 digits of the account number, my name, address etc I am totally unsure of how to answer the questions to be su
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