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  1. I agree, I am only 20 have no idea what im doing and I suffer badly from depression and anxiety this really isnt helping! But when im in a better state of mind I will definately also be taking them on!
  2. Hi there everyone I am 20 years old I have recently just moved from one job to another, I work in Childcare and was due to start my new job on the 5th of August 2013 unfortunately I could not do this as my criminal records bureaux wasnt returned so they could not let me start. it has been a waiting game for a couple of weeks and now we're on the 3rd of September and still no sign of my CRB! I have got bills due that cant be paid both my bank accounts are overdrawn because people have taken money that hasnt been in there, I have rung the bank and they have told me there is nothing they can do for me which I know is untrue but I am not getting anywhere with them My mobile phone is cut off, I cant get anywhere because I have no money I still live with my parents but they arent flush themselves so they cant really help me apart from providing me with essentials, I feel so low at the minute I suffer badly from depression and anxiety and just wanted to know whether anybody knew of anything that I could claim. ... I cant sign on because in the eyes of the job centre I have a job so I cant... . I am really running out of options and really dont know what to do... I have a prescription for my anti depressents that I need to pick up but I cant because I have no money, I have lost a filling that I need sorting but cant because I have no money... what do i do???? thanks for all replies, much appreicated .
  3. Hi thanks for all replys, vanquis have returned their money so thats sorted now, and I will be going into town tomorrow to open a co operative account with them and hopefully get rid of Lloyds all together, I will definaly be getting in touch with BCOBs though thank you for that and I am sorry to hear that you are in the same positin panzai its a nightmare!!!!!
  4. Hi there thank you for your reply youve made me feel a lot better, I have removed all links on ebay with my bank account thankfully. I will definatly clear my seller fees when i am in position to do so as i always have wish they were more understanding.
  5. Hi there I am new I have 2 current accounts with Lloyd s 1 of which I don't really use and the other I use all the time. I have recently been made redundant, but have found another job all i am waiting for to start my new job is my criminal record check which as of yet hasnt come back. I have a loan out with lloyds tsb of which i pay 60 pounds a month to, I rang them earlier this week and told them the situation baring in mind in a year i have NEVER missed one payment of this loan she said that there was nothing they could do and i was 'declined' a repayment holiday and all she could was change the date it is due to go out in october, i said ok fine change it so she did to the 28th of October, i could still be out of work then for all i know but i suspected i wasnt getting anywhere so left it at that!. my old account that I have open just for my loan to go out of is 60 pounds overdrawn and i will be charged 6 pound for it being overdrawn and 10 pound on top of that for the amount it is overdrawn and then 5 pound for everyday it is. LOVELY. Then the new account, I am overdrawn a whopping 115 pounds, 26 is bank charges, I AM BEING CHARGED FOR THE BANK OVERDRAWING ME!!, 70 pounds is Vanquis who have taken that payment with absolutely no authourisation whatsoever but apparently the bank cannot recall it which is fantastic. And the rest is Credit Expert, which are taking 15 pounds every month after i have cancelled my membership with them and again the bank cant do anything about that. I am such a pickle because I have absolutely no income coming in, I cant sign on because i have a job! i cant get another job because i have a job!! and even if i did i would have to go through the criminal record check AGAIN which would take even longer, and the bank are refusing to help me i am 200 odd pound overdrawn and no one can help me??? any replies are appreciated thank you.
  6. Hi there, I am new to CAG just joined today, and I am only 20 so please be gentle with me lol I have an ebay account but I recently got made redundant, I have always paid seller fees and I think been a very good customer, obviously with being unemployed at the moment I cannot pay the seller fees. I have a job, but I am waiting for my criminal record check to come back before they will let me start, so anyway I rang Ebay and said you know I have no Job I cant pay these fees that are £40.51. The lady on the phone said well theres really nothing we can do about that you must pay it, I answered how can I pay these fees when I have no job? She said you need to make a one off payment by the 15th of september otherwise we will suspending your Ebay account, I said so what happens when my Ebay account is suspended she said you cant use it and your account will go into the arrears department! I said oh right, so what happens if I dont pay it because I cant? She said and then Ebay will come to your house and get the money at which point I put the phone down, I know from my mum being a member of CAG that they have absolutely no right but im just wondering what do i do now? I cant pay it!
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