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  1. So I went into the branch and got the address I needed to do the chargeback. Included everything they required except for a report from someone to prove the item was faulty, how long will this take to be actioned? I emailed them everything on the 8th April
  2. Further to this I've since discovered that the item isn't just faulty but is completely fake so I most definitely will not be forking over cash to return it
  3. Is there a chargeback letter in the library or do I have to take my daughter into the bank?
  4. Can you do a charge back on a debit card? I thought that was for credit cards only,that's why I was looking to go the transaction dispute route. Never mind just read up about it so will go that route
  5. I bought an item for my daughter from a website called GOTAMOCHI. We paid for it using her debit card (HSBC Junior Account, she's 13 years old) but within half an hour decided to cancel the order. I emailed the company (as per the instructions on their website) but heard nothing back. Long story short after several weeks and emails the item arrived but is faulty so as per their site again I requested an authorisation to return the item for a refund. It has to be sent back to Canada which is going to cost a tenner but the company say they will only refund shipping if the item is faulty. The fault itself is that the Bluetooth feature doesn't work but the company say that Bluetooth is not a feature of the product despite this being on the box and in the instruction manual and it being a feature that is used to sell the item to fans. Therefore if I send it back I have a feeling that I'll be a tenner down and will probably struggle to get my refund anyway (a Google search shows the company is not the best). Should I send it back or just open a transaction dispute with the bank to get refunded that way?
  6. Sent the letter and got a reply saying that the issue had been returned to Cabot. Haven't heard anything since so hopefully this issue has been resolved at last.
  7. Can you point me in the direction of the letter? I believe it's in the library but am having trouble finding it
  8. Trying to go back through this thread to find out but it's taking a while. There was discussion about this issue and what constituted a payment but we haven't paid anything toward it ourselves since at least 2011 when I went bankrupt
  9. Oh and they wrote to my wife at our new address where we have lived for the last 18 months Also would this now be statue barred?
  10. So is ben three years since my last post regarding this matter but this morning we received a letter chasing the money from Ruthbridge who have taken over the debt from Cabot. Am i right in thinking this is basically the same as the previous transfer from Northern Rock to Cabot and I dont actually need to do anything about this?
  11. All work was undertaken by the landlord using his own builder so thinks like cracks on the plaster and the home on the bedroom wall where they fitted the sink next door is all on him. Have to agree on the alarm situation as it's great it's theyre but right over the oven is a ridiculous place to have fitted it. In regards to the red walls etc, could I argue that I'm not responsible for repainting due to other issues I've had to live with such as his refusal to sort out the oven electrics etc?
  12. I have been living in a privately rented property since October 2010, signing a six month lease to begin with and a yearly one since April 2011. Long story short I am about to move out as I take my family back to my hometown and finally escaping the city but I am not sure what responsibilities I have when moving out. I have been living in the house with my wife and three kids so obviously there has been general wear and tear to the property (hard to avoid with kids aged 11,8 and 2) but nothing that I would deem extreme (for want of a better word). During the time that we have lived here the landlord has fitted a new bathroom and added an extension to the back to give us a kitchen diner so he has put some money into the property but the new kitchen is at least 2 years old now and there are some signs of wear on the walls (dirty marks etc). As for the living room we painted a couple of the walls red (they were all beige when we moved in) and my youngest has ripped the net curtains in a couple of places. Is it down to me to repaint the house back to the colours that were in place before we moved in or is that up to the landlord to sort out? I have filled in a couple of small holes in the wall that I made when putting up pictures (DIY is not my strong suit) but there are sizeable holes that were made by the sky engineer when he was fitting our multi room so agin is it my job to fill those or not? Upstairs there is an unpainted wall in my baby sons room which the landlord had replastered to try and fix a damp issue that we have throughout the upper floor of the house but he never came back to get it painted and I was so hacked off with his inability to sort the damp issue properly that I refused to paint it myself. On the wall going up the stairs there are small patches of damp which I try my best to keep clean but keep coming back and in my bedroom there is alot of damp coming through around where the landlord had new plaster boards fitted to the celings as his solution to the problem (I dread to think what it might actually be like under the new boards he fitted). Oh and in my daughters bedroom there is a hole in the wall where the builder who fitted the new bathroom drilled right through from the bathroom when fitting the sink to the wall. Finally there are stains on the carpet (which has not been changed since we moved in) though again I would argue that these are not necessarily anything out of the general wear and tear that occurs with kids over time. I guess what I'm asking is, how much work am I expected to put in when it comes to leaving the property and handing it back to the landlord? Do I have to repaint the whole place and are things like carpets my responsibilty? Also do I have to fill holes made by other people and is it up to me to replace the net curtain or can I just take it down? Oh and whilst I think about it the landlord fitted a sheet of lino on the floor in the new kitchen but it has never been completely flat and therefore it has sustained small tears in certain places meaning the whole sheet will likely have to come up, is this down to me or him? My wife says she does not intend to replace or pay for anything as his false fixes for the damp and other things like fitting a heat detecting alarm directly above the oven meaning it constantly goes off have annoyed her to the point that she doesn't see why she should have to. Speaking of the oven it has not worked properly since the new kitchen was fitted as evrytime you turn on the switch to be able to use the ovens ignition button it trips the circuit for the entire room and stops everything from working. Rather than agreeing to fix the problem which would have involved having to sort out the electrics by taking tiles and so on off the walls his solution was that we should light the oven with matches which involves having to squeeze a match into one of the slits in the bottom of the oven and turning on the gas whilst hopefully not burning yourself We have been doing this the entire time the new kitchen has been there. So is she right in thinking there are issues with the house so on the grounds of fairness we should not have to repaint walls etc or do we not have a leg to stand on?
  13. In closing the original matter that drove this thread I can confirm that the bank reopened the account after my 6 years was up and i was able to access the money.
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