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  1. Dear King1234, Tank you for your reply. The calculation of the amount from the 8th to the 25th has been most helpful as I was doing the calculation dividing only be the month... I have been trying to go trough the Housing Act to understand how to proceed in this situation but could not find any specification regarding this. It seems to be a grey zone of the legislation. As I have no experience in this matter I was wondering if there is anything stating that paying full month and getting refund of the overpaid rent is the common practice. Contacting the agent, she told me that there is no protection for the overpaid money... I assume it would be just a matter of mutual trust? This seems weird in business... As you say, they have the deposit, so if we do not leave the property on the 25th they can claim money from there. If you remember anything else that might be useful in this situation I would appreciate if you share it Thank you!
  2. Dear BazzaS, My rent has been full paid every month and in due time. I will pay the rent for August in due time as well, there is or will be nothing unpaid. The question is that my contract finishes on the 25th so I will not be using the property any more and there will be no legal bind between me and the property as the letting contract is finished by the 25th. Indeed the property is already let to someone else starting September.
  3. Hi! I have used the break clause in my tenancy contract to terminate it. It required a 2 month notice period, which I gave and was accepted by the landlord's agency. This means that my tenancy agreement ends by the 25th of August. Nevertheless, my rental period usually runs from the 8th of each month. I have assumed that, if the tenancy contract ends by the 25th I would only have to pay from the 8th to the 25th but the letting agent is asking for a full month rent... He says the overpaid money will be returned and that they do this to protect them from tenants not leaving at the end of tenancy. Is this legal? Do I have any obligation to pay over the end of contract period? Is there any protection for the overpaid money? What happens if I only pay for the period of 8 to 25 of August? Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!
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