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  1. Thanks for that, my point is whether an e-mail sent from a Council is a legal document in the widest sense of the expression. As far as I know I can't fire/hire an individual on the basis of an e-mail alone, so is my council shaving money and authority by communicating by e-mail, I'm not obliged to pay for an ISP, nor is an E-mail address an obligation, should I just tell Brent Council that I will only accept printed documents?
  2. Thank you Mr.P, my concern is whether a sent e-mail constitutes a legally binding 'letter', ie if I fail to respond to a physical letter delivered through Royal Mail etc. I accept the consequences, but an e-mail...? Peter
  3. Thank you for your rapid response, quicker, and more succinct than my locally elected people! My point exactly about not opening unknown attachments. I've taken these buggers to a Judicial review and won once before, I trust them as far as I can throw a small thing. My worry is that an e-mail may constitute a 'communication' under the law, I'm very dubious but would welcome better authority. Peter
  4. Hello All, kind of a strange question, I've just received an e-mail from my local council, Brent in London, asking that I reply to them 'urgently' to check/update my details regarding a homelessness date suitability form. Firstly, is an e-mail actually considered a formal request and thus demands a reply? Secondly I'm very wary of opening any uncalled for attachments, I'm not obliged to bear the cost of an internet connection and I doubt the Council will ever admit that their attachments have been preloaded with anything malicious to a PC. I'm t
  5. Thank you Uncle B, should I go as far as getting a confirmation in writing from the Council? I'm afraid I instinctively distrust them. Peter
  6. Hello good people, I'm receiving ESA, the higher element and am also living in a property supplied by my local London Borough costed as Temporary Emergency Housing since my break down in 2012. I've been offered a 'break', a holiday of sorts in Broadstairs on the Kent Coast next month for five days. No cash just a stay outside of town no remuneration. Although I've seen little activity regarding the Council, Brent, checking on my personal occupational life, in Haringey, I don't want to give the paying authority for my HB any excuse to cut me off at the knees! Help and advice
  7. Hello good people, l've replaced a 3G connection from THREE with a 4G connection from EE. I'm trying to be polite about EE, trying v. hard. There appears to be something badly wrong with the CRM software. The 'family-friendly' filters prevent access to Microsoft's Help and Support sites. Specifically 'BITS' a function of Windows 8, Background Intelligent Transfer Service. When I bought this device I specifically asked the vendor, EE store in Brent Cross, to get rid of the Child block. Minor C###ups include: no ability to check Data usage or ,and this is dumb, no
  8. Hello good people. A bit of good news, An expensive Braun shaver, 390 cc, went phut. Manufactured in Jul 09 so a bit iffy re guarantee. Well lo and beholod their UK subsid. repaired and returned for free. Turned out to be a batch fault with the 'power' button' Years ago a Customer Service person explained to me the exponential value of decent Customer Care. Dammit is it really that difficult?
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