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  1. So I should be £3.00 worse off after returning an item which was falsely advertised?
  2. What should I have charged back? To add, I emailed him a copy of my response letter, and this is his response below. What do you make of this?! It seems completely bonkers IMO. I have not received this "third party royal mail" postage label he talks about buying on 3rd March, as I've told him many times now. All I've received is a few messages from eBay, none of which contained any postage labels. Nothing of the sort has arrived in my PayPal account. He seems to be ignoring ebay's money back guarantee returns policy, for items "sold not as described" (as he readily admi
  3. Hi there. Please help! Long story short, I bought a compass from ebay, listed as "new" for £27.95 total (£25.00 for item, £2.95 for postage) Arrived scratched and damaged. Informed seller, and sent photos showing damage, requesting to return it for a refund as per eBay return procedure. They initially refused a refund saying "returns not accepted" and said there was nothing wrong with the item. I quoted a bit of eBay's returns policy for items sold not as described. The seller, suddenly, manually sent a refund from within PayPal for £27.95 only but
  4. Hi there I wonder if you can help with this. It seems fishy to me. My fiancee is a support worker (supporting disabled people who have their own tenancies) for an agency on a zero hours employment contract. All of her shifts involve supporting people in their own homes for the local city council (in Scotland, if that's relevant). On average, she works around 37 hours per week (sometimes a lot more), and does additional "sleeping" shifts (paid at a set rate) when they are available (on average one or two of these per week) My fiancee has been with the agency full time for around 18 mo
  5. If they make a written request for one, again, i'm concerned the LL will simultaneously notify them of a significant increase in rent charges which they will not be able to afford due to a limited pension income. If this happens, what should/can they do?
  6. My thoughts exactly, but I am concerned that if they report it immediately they will be unreasonably kicked out by the LL. We're at opposite ends of the country and both of their health is not fantastic.
  7. I just called them to get some more info. which may be useful: AND this is the best bit. There is no tenancy agreement. They have not signed any contract with the landlord. When they hand over the cash, they don't receive any receipts. They have lived there for 2 years, and the landlord has just bumped the cash charge to £330/month. The previous tenants, a couple, had a formal, signed tenancy agreement and it transpires they were only paying £500/month in rental charges. At the end of that tenancy, all of their £500 deposit was kept by the landlord due to "damage".
  8. Hi My parents are both in their mid-sixties and have retired. They are renting a property from some old acquaintance. I just discovered they are paying the landlord a total of £500/month rental charges, but agreed with the landlord to pay £200/month via standing order and have been withdrawing £300/month in cash and handing it over in person each month. The landlord told them he previously charged £600/month but would only charge £500 if they paid in this way. I am really concerned about this. Do you agree they should immediately and, without notice, start paying the total £500/
  9. Well, I put the fact I was unhappy in writing to my management. I also stated the current situation (leaving the flat while s/u smokes) means the service user is unmonitored for a period of time, which puts the public at risk. My manager responded and said I was entitled to work elsewhere in a non-smoking environment. This is in Scotland not England, btw.
  10. My manager verbally told me this after I voiced my concerns. The service user is actually in a transition, gradually moving out of a secure mental health ward (kept there under a compulsory treatment order) and into their own supported tenancy. They are gently being introduced into the community and their flat on a daily basis, and will soon have a few overnight stays in their own flat with 24 hour, 1:1 staffing. After these overnight trials have been successfully completed, they will then be formally discharged from the hospital and living in their own flat full tim
  11. Absolutely no offence taken. "Service user" is the preferred nomenclature. The people we support are not employees, nor customers. They pay for an agreed amount of support "service" hours per week, hence the term "service user". Obviously they are not animals, but human beings and this goes without saying. This is a "forensic" case. Not everyone is supported because of additional needs, but because of risks posed to the public. There is a greater move towards this kind of service provision, and away from beds in secure wards in hospitals and prisons. I mentioned this as I thought it was r
  12. Hi there I am a Support Worker employed by a city council. I support someone with a very mild learning difficulty, but they are totally independent. They are able to cook, clean, self-travel, etc. by themselves, and our team is present 24 hours a day to ensure the service user does not make unsafe decisions about relationships, or get in trouble with the police for anti-social behaviour. They live in reasonably small, modern 2 bedroom flat on the 4th floor. The single bedroom is designated as the staff sleepover room. The flat is owned by a housing association, which t
  13. So just to update - the Border Patrol detectives telephoned me and we had a quick chat. They asked if I knew what was inside the package. I told them why I wanted it, and confirmed my goods were not controlled in any way. They were very polite and friendly, and said they had no further concerns. Within a few days I received my goods via Parcelforce.
  14. Again, thanks Bazza. I will take these questions on board now, and later when I apply for a licence. I certainly do want to receive my goods as I have paid for them!
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