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  1. They will use the discretionary fund to buy you a dumb phone for £10 try to negotiate for something better then when they ask you for the number refuse. You can withdraw your consent for them to hold your Email address and phone number from their systems at any time.
  2. Tiny step in the right direction but does not go far enough the legislations is being manipulated and driven now by those who wish profit from it. The right to grow a plant that has been used for medicinal purposes for over 5000 years that has caused zero deaths is pure evil and denies millions safe effective treatment of many ailments.
  3. I would also expect some form of financial redress for hardship suffered due to maladministration. As a matter of course they do consider compensation in the complaints process but generally they will need a bit of nudging. I just send my complaint directly to my MP now and ask them to take the case up on my behalf rather than 1 to MP and 1 to DWP.
  4. Final resolution was I BT allowed me continue with service until the paperwork was resolved and when it was they dropped all charges and set my balance back to zero effectively giving me 3 months usage for free.
  5. Yep the good old days when everything worked well enough then they go and fix it lol.
  6. Your choice if you comply or not, only if they try to raise a doubt would you be required to provide more detail such as print outs. So I would ask why they are asking for more than I have given them already? and have done previously without problem. Have I said something that contradicts my activities over the previous fortnight or said something that seems highly unlikely ? why do you need to see those, do you suspect me of something ? I shown/told you what I do. If you raise a doubt, I have all the evidence to back up my claim and will be happy to produce it then, unless you have a reasonable response why you are raising a doubt I will also be making a complaint. They are always overstepping the mark at the JCP it is called botherability ! personally I do not let them get away with it.
  7. It really is a failing system, it would not be rocket science to inform you of that condition during the application process.
  8. Exactly, they could access UJM unless you refused them. I am sure the quote and reply are there for a purpose is this site running out of white space ? being charged per letter ? no it wont cause a sanction Yes that could be reason, Good point.
  9. No idea why you having problems like this your asking for information they hold on you not the other way round. Madness
  10. The DWP with a budget the size of some countries cannot get simple thinks like this working there is no chance UC will ever ever work !
  11. Well took 27 days to get the offer letter a tad slower than when I have applied via snail mail, really is a joke system when it take over 6-7 weeks to get a budgeting loan.
  12. Not had anything back yet, has anyone received their pack who has applied for this? Mine is long overdue.
  13. I personally think find a job is the best site out there the are far more strict on they type of jobs the advertise such as not including zero hour contracts. If you look at find a job stats they 160,000 jobs compared to 10 times more on lets say total 1.5 million. A far better reflection of the current jobs market imo. It records all your activity unlike UJM so easy to print off your searches and records all applications both on site and off site. Finally your work coach will use find a job to find suitable vacancies so it is worth being on the ball in that respect and already be aware what they might spring on you. They cannot access the account nor do you need to use it, it is half decent compared to UJM.
  14. Simple, the more you give them, the more they try to pull you up on. It is not being an ass to have a conversation about the efforts taken when finding work, there is no compulsion to write anything down, recording it is for your own benefit, and unless you have said something which is contradictory or highly improbable then they they cannot raise any doubt. Example last week when signed I only had 1 job application so that would be really silly to write down and hand over do you not think ? when I can just state this during a regular conversation between 2 human beings ? So the only ass here would be the work coach to raise a doubt BTW I took 3 steps each week just found 1 vacancy.
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