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Found 18 results

  1. Hi, new user here but long time browser. I am after some advice on a situation I am currently involved in... On 30/04/2018, I was driving home with my wife and 22 month child in my 2016 Audi A4 which has done 19,500 on the clock. Whilst driving, I lose control as if I had burst my tyre and upon regaining control and parking, I inspect the car to find the front passenger wishbone snapped off. The car was towed back to Audi in Coventry to be inspected and I was informed that I must have hit something as there was under tray damage as well as to the gear box liner. The issue is that on 18/04/2018 I took the car to Listers Audi Solihull for its service and health check. Audi actually record any issues in a video called Audi Cam which they provide to customers. Within said footage, you can actually see the thumbnail sized dent in the wishbone where the fracture and eventual crack occurred. I have provided images of the video still that shows the dent; the technicians hand is mere inches away from the dent yet he failed to inform me resulting in the car being driven for under two weeks for it to eventually fail. I have also attached the image of the wishbone snapped. My view is that the technician should have informed me of the dent as the wishbone is a vital part that undergoes stresses and any damage especially one that was visible would affect the performance of the wishbone causing it to eventually fail. The Listers Audi service manager stated in regards to the this "We carry out a vehicle inspection on all cars that we work on in the workshop, this inspection is part of our duty of care to our customers, and is an industry approved process. I have reviewed the inspection and Technicians report on your vehicle and I find that everything was done correctly. With specific regard to the suspension arm I can see that the indentation gives no suggestion that fatigue has taken place in the arm, therefore there is no reason the Technician, who has no knowledge of the vehicle history would suggest the arm be replaced. We could clearly see damage to the undertray and arch liner, but that is it. we were not aware that the vehicle has sustained a significant impact to the underside/suspension, and there was no mention of this on the Job Instruction from you. " I would have had no idea of any damage to the underside of the car as most do not have the equipment to lift the car spot high to inspect and I would argue that's why the car is taken in for a service in the first place. I contacted Audi UK for them to mediate however Listers would not budge to repair the car, therefore am looking to take this to small claims court. An independent assessor from The Institute of Automotive Engineer Assessors (IAEA) has also looked at the damage and confirmed the dent is the origin cause of the part to snap. His view is that it would be 50-50 for the court to award my claim which would be for my insurance excess of £650, The impact on my policy increasing due to the claim, expert fees and court fee to be awarded. I would be representing myself and the assessor would also attend. Do you guys think its worth pursuing through small claims court and any views of my chance on success would be most welcome. Thanks Yans
  2. Just got a NIP in the post recently, 39 in a 30 zone. What's the likelihood of of avoiding 3 pts and being offered the speed awareness course? I'm clean, no points ever, in 30 years driving history. It was from Thames Valley Police in case that has a bearing. Lastly, I'm not sure if it was me or the missus at that time? We share a car and i'm 70% it was me but can't be 100% sure. Under the circumstances, I'm going to supply my details and take the punishment. Anything wrong with this approach? thanks
  3. Hi All, Can someone let me know what my chances of getting a refund from these PDL is? All the loans were repaid, except my last ever one with Payday Express which remains unpaid as a default on my credit file. I have read elsewhere that proving affordability is key, but in the case of PDUK/Express despite them being smaller/less loans - can I expect them to atleast write-off/remove the default on the basis, my credit file was trashed, my income was circa £1000k p/m at the time and I had numerous other loans out with both their sister company and other PDL? I have issued the template letter to all four companies, but none have yet to respond. QuickQuid: Payday Express/PDUK: Still waiting on Express to send a statement, but PDUK and Payday Express amounts to 7 loans from sister/same companies also during the same time period I was borrowing from QQ. Circa £800 interest from 2012. Wonga: Statement received, corroborates my own bank statements - sent the template letter but no response as of yet.
  4. Guys, I have just had my parking fine appeal refused by POPLA. I believe I am in the right with this and was prepared to take it to the next level if Armtrac (the car park operator) wish to do so. The questions I was looking to get some response to are: 1) “should I lose the case, how much more expenses than the £100 fine could there be e.g. with legal costs etc of Armtrac, cost of hearing etc??? In a similar vein if I win the case can I claim against Armtrac? I am retired but work just a few days a year as a consultant for which my fees are substantial – if successful II would seek to claim on this basis (and donate to a pet/animal charity). 2) What would be my chances of winning based on the information below I picked up the parking fine in March at Sennen Beach Cafe (sadly while waiting for a dog to be cremated), I had bought a parking ticket but Armtrac say that it was “not clearly displayed”. I used the car park in order to have a coffee at the Sennen Beach Cafe who own the car park and have contacted the owner - but he is not going to help. This is was the basis of the appeal sent to POPLA: Grounds for Appeal 1) The Information Required was Clearly Visible. The requirements given by Armtrac (see Document 1 attached to EMAIL) are that “For a pay and display ticket to be valid it must be displayed face up clearly showing the date and expiry time on the dashboard of the vehicle”. The photograph provided by the patrol officer of a ticket displayed has been taken at an angle from which this information is obscured. When placed in the same position on the dashboard the required information is clearly visible from an elevated perspective i.e. normal head height (see photographs in Document 2) which show the two perspectives. The Reconstruction of photographs were witnessed (see EMAIL Witness Statements 1) 2) Incorrect times. There are serious inconsistencies with the Parking Charge Ticket issued and the photographs sent by Armtrac and included in Document 1. The Parking Charge Ticket was issued at 13.09 (see Document 3). At this time I had only just arrived in the car park and was queuing at the machine to obtain my parking ticket (which was issued at 13.12). The person in front of me* was having some problems operating the machine and it probably took about five minutes or more to get my ticket and return to the car. It appears that the time settings on the camera used by the operative were incorrect (14.10 - 14.11) – one photograph even shows the passenger door window wide open which is not something that I would do when leaving the car unattended (as I then did) to visit the restaurant and later walk on the beach. *- Lesley B who kindly gave me her ticket when leaving the car park as evidence. I arrived in the car park at the same time as she did and she has agreed to act as a witness (see EMAIL Witness Statements 2) Any thoughts gratefully received!
  5. I've had a search around the forums and haven't found much in this regard, at least not where JD Williams/SimplyBe/Jacamo are concerned. Just a summary - in 2011/12 due to redundancy/ill health I got into some financial difficulties, end result is I have 3 defaults which I'm still contending with, but have repayment plans for and I'm currently trying to resolve/end. Besides these 3 accounts and since 2013 my credit history is perfect (bar the three accounts I mentioned). I worked hard to keep it this way so that when those defaults drop off my file at some point my other history is spot on. Fast forward to the recent couple of weeks when I've been mining my credit report - I noticed JD Williams have lodged a 1 month late mark on my credit file. This is highly aggravating, firstly because I'm normally pretty meticulous with my repayments but somehow this must have slipped my mind somehow (I was pretty poorly around this time, so that might explain it) and also I'm only £30 off clearing the complete balance (and closing the account). I emailed JD Williams for more details and this is the reply I received: To which I've replied: I know 1 late payment isn't the end of the world, but it's definitely bloody annoying. So my question is, has anyone had any success with JD Williams specifically or other catalogues with removing late payments? Especially when your account has always otherwise been 'perfect'. If so, how have you gone about it? Many thanks
  6. Hi, I've had a read through previous posts and was hoping for some advice on our current situation. We entered debt management plan in Jan 2013 (70k credit cards & bank loans). Never missed on mortgage payments (1 residential & 2 buy to let) and these are currently up to date. We have a couple of properties which have finally increased in value and are hoping to sell this summer and get back on track. Our DMP has always been up to date. We were wondering what our chances were of obtaining a mortgage in future once we come out of the plan. Both of us have good jobs and stable employment. Also - if we went for part/full settlement of our debts does this pose an increased risk? We were hoping that if we went for part/full settlement we would be able to save and get another residential mortgage in a year or two - not sure if mortgage company would look at us - any thoughts? Really appreciate any help and advice as this DMP is a weight round our necks that we really want to get rid of as soon as feasible (never paid a bill late until we entered into this but was unavoidable due to significant change in circumstances). Please be gentle as I am not overly familiar with protocol on forums. Thank you for reading
  7. I had a Barclaycard roundabout 2005 - I have only one statement as proof which shows a balance of £2,156. Account closed due to non payments and sent to 1st Credit debt collection agency in Oct 2006 with a balance of £2,541.90 outstanding. The debt was never settled as I had to leave my job to become a full time carer for husband with motor neurone disease. got a letter recently regarding 'Payment Break Plan' attached to this Barclaycard which showed first 4 digits of the account number, my name, address etc I am totally unsure of how to answer the questions to be successful in getting a refund. I can't remember any details at all BUT what is more annoying is that some time ago, I applied for a refund of PPI charges on this Barclaycard and they told me that they no longer have my account information so cannot investigate any PPI claim. If this is the case, how can they now be asking me about the PBP? Are they lying about the PPI claim? Should I reply with this PBP questionaire (but please can someone help as I cannot remember details - are they trying to catch me out by wanting me to slip up?) If they are asking me about PBP, do they know the details of my account? And should I then challenge them about the PPI claim? I started loads of claims for PPI back in 2006-7 but when our world fell apart with the diagnosis of MND everything just went by the wayside and they were all left half done. .is it worth pursuing them all again? Should I start completely afresh? What are my chances after all this time? It's PPI for 3 store cards (now owned by New Day), bank charges with Lloyds and Santander, PPI with Lloyds and Barclays.... ....help please! Thanks
  8. I have requested that CapOne write off my debt due to age related issues and ever decreasing finances as I'm retired on basic pension and pension credit (which gave me an increase of less than 2% this year and DLA which increased by 95p per week). I've been paying this religiously since 2010, only decreasing the debt by relatively small amounts, but which is still a drain on my finances. They keep banging on about me providing evidence of my "ill health" (age related conditions) and how it affects me and whether I can go back to work. I have been trying to get it through to them that this is not just about my health but about the fact that my income is not increasing anything remotely like the outgoings that I cannot avoid paying, how I have to save to pay other people to do things for me as I get older (eg decorating) and that I am no longer working and will not be going back to work. They continued to ignore this and have only now had an explanation that they would "never" consider a write-off (even with a token payment) on the grounds of hardship and that they would look at setting up a repayment plan of £1 per month because "it's their money". Whilst I can obviously agree to that, I was hoping to be able to just get all this closed so I can let go of it all and move on for what remains of my life and not leave it to my son who has an ASD to have to deal with when I pop me clogs. (There is no money to pay a solicitor to act as executor). I also believe that if we did go the £1 per month route, they'd pass the debt to a DCA (which they did do before for a short time) and I'd then be suffering all the harassment all over again from such an organisation which I really cannot cope with any more as I am just not well enough any more. If I get a doctor's letter, that obviously will be another cost and yet again I had to point out to the rep (because of what she said) that the doctor's letter would not be about whether I was fit to return to work. banging head against the wall here! I pointed out that £12 per year, spread over 10 years which may well be the max that I last is not going to be as much as the offer I made to write it off, but that doesn't seem to have made any difference. They simply will not write a debt off unless I can show how my "illness" impacts my life and income. If I do get the doctor's letter, does anyone know what are my chances of getting the debt written off or do I face a higher risk that they'll just snigger behind their hands and tell me they still won't agree to it and that they are entitled to request continued payments?
  9. Hi I'm really need some advise on how to proceed with our local Honda dealer. We purchased our 2013 Honda Civic 1.6 EST from a Honda dealer in the north East in 2013. The car was 9 months old. It has been serviced by our local Honda dealer in March 2014 and again in Dec 2014. On the 2nd service the rear brake pads were replaced. The front pads were at 50% worn. End of March 2015 we noticed every time I braked a squealing noise would occur. We took it back to the Honda dealer who serviced the car and were told the front pads were 75% worn but the discs were fine. We have the pads replaced. The squealing didn't go away so we rang the dealer who said give it time they are new pads. Gave it 2 weeks still squealing so booked back into garage who said small stones were causing the problem. Got car back, still squealing, booked back in, brakes all checked, said all OK, got car back, still squealing, booked back in again, brakes stripped and cleaned, got back last Tuesday. Went out Wednesday and squealing worse than ever. Drove it back to the garage. Mechanic came with us in car and every time I touched the brake it would squeal. Mechanic couldn't hear anything. I was gobsmacked. He must have a hearing problem. Car booked back in for today. I have recorded the last week of driving which you can clearly hear the problem on. In the meantime some sensor on the dash keeps going off. Tells me people in back but seatbelt snot fastened. There is no one in the back. Goes off 20-30 times. Sensor replaced last week. Out in it yesterday taking daughter to school and went off over 40 times. I have rang Honda UK who are useless. They say take back to dealer to sort out. Any idea where I go from here. This car is not only embarrassing to drive but distracting. Trying to keep eyes on road but sensor going off and when it comes to braking the notice is horrific.
  10. I want to apply for a mortgage following a period of credit file clear up and wondered what my chances would be with the following: Me: I took some poor financial advice and decided to stop paying some unsecured debts in 2005/6, these defaulted, went unpaid and became statute barred in July 2013 and dropped from my credit file the month after. This leaves me with a 3 clean accounts and a Noddle Score of 4/5 and a Checkmyfile score of 789 - outside this I have a good job and can get together a 20-25% deposit with everything being affordable. Partner: Clean file, recently approved for vehicle leasing finance. As I understand it my visible credit history would be fine with the defaults / debts not being visible on a credit search, however the credit score could work against me? Would I have to declare these debts on the mortgage application? Would I be better going to a building society who manual underwrite mortgage applications? Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  11. So this is debt 3/8 ( god knows how I managed to get myself into so much trouble, young age and a need for a lavish life style has played havoc with my credit rating and now my finances ) There isn't really much to say on this one ... I got a loan from the infamous Wonga.com and due to being made jobless I was unable to pay it back on time. It then got passed onto Moorcroft who have accepted my offer of £5 pm with out much hassle from them. Would I be able to send them a CCA request letter ? Or does this not work with payday loans ? Thank You
  12. Hi guys, I purchased a car 2 weeks ago from a second hand dealer. I drove it the next day and on the way home (at night) and realised that the lighting on the dash had gone. I couldn't see how fast I was going, how much fuel I had etc. I thought, "I'll take that back tomorrow and get that fixed." The next morning (less than 48 hours after purchase), I noticed a massive oil puddle under the car I've just bought. I drove the car back to the dealer and he apologized and got a mechanic from the garage next door to take a look. When he dipped the tank, there was zero oil left n the car, it was bone dry. The mechanic said it was a rear crank shaft oil seal that had gone and that although the seal itself is cheap, labour costs would be substantial. The dealer said that he would cover the costs but would have to get his own mechanic to take a look. This mechanic was on holiday and would not be back until Monday. (Today was Friday). I said it wasn't ideal because I'd have to find a way to get to work, but I'd deal with it, so I got a lift where I could. I did ask if I could use a courtesy car and his worker said there were no cars available and even if there were, I would not be insured. When the Monday came, he phoned me and said that he had ordered the seal and that the worng one had turned up. He was very sorry, but I would have to wait a further 4 days. Thinking there wasn't much I could do, I thought I'd be reasonable and get a hire car, so paid £142 for a hire car for this 4 days. The day came when it was going to be fixed and surprise, surprise....another phone call and another delay. A friend of mine who is a mechanic (but unfortunately lives the other side of the UK) told me that the laour time for this job is about 5 hours tops. This time, I wasn't prepared to wait any more or pay out for taxis or hire cars and so I said I wanted my money back instead. I said I'd waited enough for this repair and the car was not useable. When I phoned and explained to the dealer that I wanted my money back, I explained that I was having to pay out daily costs for taxis, hire cars etc to which he asked why I didn't get given a courtesy car. When I told him I had asked and was told no by his co-worker, he apologized and said that I had been given the wrong information and there were indeed a choice of 5 cars I could have used! Having these faults within 24 hours and still not fixed 13 days later, I persisted and said I wanted my money back. (The £1000 I paid on debit card and the £400 trade in I got for my car). When I asked if the car had been PDI tested, he said it had not been and "do you really think I'd sell you the car if I knew it was like this? Trust me it's as much trouble for us as it is for you." He then said the car was not actually his and it was another dealers. He would phone them and see what they wanted to do! 20 mins later he called and said the dealer said he wasn't willing to give me a refund and I'd just have to "wait it out." I said that this was unacceptable and that the receipt was for his dealership, not someone else's and the money was paid to his dealership too! He asked if I wanted him to repair the vehicle when he gets round to it and I said he could do as he wished as I was rejecting the car back to him and would not be driving it again. The car is still with the dealer with the faults. I ended the call and have written a letter stating why I want a refund and that I would like a refund/response within 14 days. The letter was sent tracked as well. My question is.....what sort of chance do I stand if this goes to small claims? (Sorry in advance for using too much info, I didn't want to leave anything important out so thought I'd give as much detail as possible!)
  13. Hi wonder if someone could help me. I called the DVLA with regards to my driving license. Spoke with a woman,who was helpful and gave me information on how I could resolve my issue. On February 2005, I passed my practical driving test. Upon passing my test, I sent away for my full entitlement license and never gave it a second thought. Not long after this my family and I moved away from the UK. We rented out our home for the first few years and got any mail forwarded to us. I never received any correspondence from the DVLA stating that they hadn’t received my paperwork. Having returned not long ago, I was pulled over by the police – routine check I presume. Insurance etc. checked out fine but when it came to my license, they said I was flagging up as a provisional holder. Obviously thinking it must be a misunderstanding, I explained my situation to police. They were very helpful and asked me to show with my photocopy of my pass certificate, which they were happy with, and told me to contact The DVLA. I called them and they said they have no record of me passing my test. I was told to fill in a D1 form and send another passport photo, but i didn't need it signed. Also sent them photocopies that I had taken of my theory pass certificate, practical pass certificate and also a copy of my driving test report. I sent all the above information in a cover letter also. I am on my nerves. Couldn't cope with a re-sit. What do you reckon my chances are?
  14. I have (had) an excellent credit rating and have a job that would be affected I think by having a CCJ. My mum bought a property 15 years ago and put in my name but she continued to live in it, we had a deed of trust saying she was responsible for all the bills, and all bills were in her name, She passed away at the end of 2012 and I was her executor, I looked at all her papers and contacted all the relevant parties, utilities, council tax etc to let them know my details and that I was now responsible for bills. The property was a flat and there is a managing agent, I told them my details. However I didn't realise that ground rent is collected by a separate company and did not contact the agent for the freeholder (my mistake). 6 month after my mum died I let the property out, the tenants said they'd pass on any post after that time. As the ground rent is only due every year and had been paid just before my mum died, no letters about the ground rent arrived before the tenants moved in. Today the tenant contacted me with a letter she opened as it was addressed to the occupier, it transpires the ground rent of fifty quid was due in October 2013 and as it has not been paid, the landlord got a CCJ in January! The tenant said a few letters had come in the last few months but she'd just put them aside for me for next time I came round. I had no idea this money was due, I thoughtI had faithfully notified all possible third parties of my details when my mum passed. I am willing to pay the full amount due including all the added costs and charges (which seem fairly reasonable for solicitors, the total is now about £ 250), however I am desperate to have the judgment removed from my credit rating. As the judgment was more than 28 days ago apparently even if paid in full it will stay on my credit file for 6 years. I spoke to the solicitors today and they say as they served on my last known address (and checked the land registry, property in my name, no other address for service) that unless they have done something wrong, the court is likely to refuse even an agreement to set the CCJ aside as the the judgment was correctly obtained. Apparently the solicitors have been refused consent orders to set aside in similar circumstances as an attempt to "credit whitewash" so they say there is nothing they can do to help me with regards to my credit rating even if I pay in full now. My credit rating is ruined for missing a one off payment of 50 quid that was less than 3 months overdue when the judgment was obtained! The ground rent of 50 quid per year was due a year in advance so the rent period it covers hasnt even expired yet (ends Oct 2014). The only thing I can see possibly wrong with what they did is that I think they may have claimed for a letter they didn't send, they sent me copies of all correspondence today and I can't see in that correspondence a reminder letter they claimed 45 quid for. They may have just forgotten to scan and send it to me but I've asked them to check. Would a wrong amount claimed for be a ground to set aside? I haven't yet got a copy of the claim form as I apparently need to ask the court for that, although tenant is now sending me all the post (!!!) If I explained the circumstances to the court in an application to set aside, i.e. genuinely thought had notified of address, but they obtained CcJ so quickly did not have time to collect my post, do you think I have any chance? Please please can anyone help with any ideas of what to do now. Many thanks in advance.
  15. How likely I am to get disability element on top of my working tax credits, based on the tax office guide lines, I think I would be entitled to the disability element, but dont know what the tax office would think I work 16+ hours per week Due to my health, I am unable to work, 5 days per week, or any long shifts now, so I only work 4 days ,and 6.5 hrs I have a secure job, in asda, so for me to find a new job, I think I would have some difficulty in doing so My health is poor, due to slow heart rate, high cholestral, and angina, easily get tired, and exhuasted. Have been in and out of hostipal getting tests done for last 2 years Because of my health I have had to take time of sick, and the way my days of sick work, does not allow me to get ssp, as it is my day off Since my health has got poorer, my earnings have been vastly reduced; 2008-2009, £12,600; 2009-2010, £9500, so my gross earning are less than the year before If I didnt get disability element then I would have to work more hours just to meet outgoings, but in doing so, I may very well make my self more ill, as I realy need to rest
  16. Hi all, In 2007 my wife and I were forced to close our business. We sold our house and went into rented. With job opportunities being few and far between for me I defaulted on two accounts and we took out a DMP with Payplan to keep a grip on things. I subsequently went self employed in my trade and have had a steady flow of work since. My wife got a full time job with a company and has been there for five years now. My question is, how likely would it be for us to get back on the housing ladder? We have maintained all of our commitments since 2008, but I still have these two defaults although I dare say I could contest one of them that is with Lloyds TSB and in relation to charges from them that took me into an unarranged overdraft. We still have the DMP in place with Payplan. Any advice would be greatly appreciated as it is rather soul destroying paying rent....
  17. Last year I sold my house paid a ridiculous settlement to Swift and rid myself of any debt I had. While this has been a great weight off our shoulders and left us with some money behind us to buy again in a couple of years, I can't get rid of that feeling of injustice. We fell into arrears and the charges being applied were exhorbitant, to say the least. As a secured loan ( initial mortgage with NR ) what are the chances of realistically getting anything back from this bunch of crooks. I seriously don't know whether to just draw a line under it and move on with the rest of my life, or try and nail this mob, and to stop them doing it to others.
  18. Hello, I believe that you deal with such cases on this message board quite frequently, but I have some questions and I would welcome the opinions of local experienced folk. I am registered as a full-time university student (sorry for my English in advance, I am foreign) just finishing my masters programme, I did undertake a full-time undergraduate degree here in the UK in the past as well. I was in a full-time employment during these periods, I used to work on nights and I was studying on days. I got charged by Lloyds TSB plenty of times, as I was paying my university fees out of my own pocket, except one year and I am still every month in deep overdraft (2000GBP) on my Platinum Account (I have it just to have this overdraft option with lower interest), plus both my credit cards are permanently empty. I am pretty sure that once I am done with paying my university fees (which happened quite recently), I can get out of the debt very quickly. Today, I was charged once again this time it was 70 pounds for unplanned overdraft and another 40 or so for the returned DDs. Now this happened in the past as well, even during my 9-month long unemployment period LLoyds kept charging me all the crazy fees and as far as I am counting, I payed probably 1500 on unplanned overdraft fees and returned DDs fees. This often happened just because the bank charged me its own fees and because of them I got into unplanned OD, one month later I was eventually charged for this one as well. As I am a self-employed person right now, but still in a full-time education (I should graduate in December), are there any chances I could be successful in claiming back my money? I do have an income, which is much higher than the minimum wage, but I am still in continuous debt, as I had to pay my university charges and accommodation fees regularly. The last question is rather hypothetical - I am planning to remain in a self-employment status and maybe in the future I may try to ask either for a mortgage or high-amount loan, will that influence my relationship with the bank and will the other banks know if I will try to claim back the charges back? Is there no "blacklist" of customer who did that and they will have it difficult to ask for a loan of a mortgage? I will welcome any kind of advice. Thanks.
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