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  1. So, to clarify, no response from either of us at this time, even if they do find a CCA (which my name will definitely not be on) the added interest in the interim will be unenforcible. Do I have to CCA request Natwest directly, I have only CCA'd Moorcroft so far and it was then that they ceased interest in the debt and informed me of the situation and forwarded the letter from Natwest to them. Wanda
  2. I am still waiting for NatWest to return the SAR this has only been a week so I am not expecting it anytime soon. This morning we received the attached correspondence in two seperate letters, referring to an alleged loan my wife took out, they have separated this from the larger sum they merged and kindly added me as well, as you know, they are unable to provide a CCA for these alleged debts. My concern is two fold , how have I been added and why has interest been added, even though this is a small amount. I thought when an account was in disp
  3. Glad I checked. I suppose the ball is in their court really as I have stopped payments. I will resend a SAR in the meantime.
  4. I have just written this letter for NatWest, is there anything further anyone thinks I should include? Or maybe it needs toning down, as always any advice is appreciated. Natwest Acc in dispute blanked.pdf
  5. Thanks for the advice, I will contact the DMP tomorrow, did you contact the lenders first or wait until they wrote to you.
  6. I'll scan them and upload tomorrow, quite a bit of blanking to do and a lot of forms. Thanks for your help
  7. Hi dx, Would you SAR and stop payments? My only worry is they uncover something at this juncture. I know you are not the 'I told you so types' but aren't the DMP's supposed to check enforceability/legality before setting up arrangements, not trying to pass the buck but at the time my head was not in the game.
  8. Think you are right regarding SAR, there were charges etc on the joint account, altough they didn't refuse the SAR they called my mobile (no idea where they got the number from) asked what info I wanted all via phonecall and I misguidedly said PPI, not sure I want to request it again though as I am quite happy at this moment in time without them delving any further. We cannot remember signing a new agreement in 2008, they must have merged these debts when we entered the DMP in 2012/2013.
  9. Is this likely to continue past the 2019 date? Apart from the obvious is there no way of stopping the correspondence?
  10. On my Checkmyfile report it shows a D for every month since I last paid, it has the Default date as the beginning of 2013, are we saying that in Feb 2019 that it will no longer be visible?
  11. Hi, Yes, we sent them a SAR and CCA request, they responded to both and have the signed hire agreement.
  12. I'm loving that ethos Renegade, however, if they continue to default will this ever 'drop off' my credit file and what could the statement 'may take such actions as are legally permitted to recover the outstanding debt' mean at its worst.
  13. Thank you for starting a new post dx These are as you say merged debts, the loan was started in Aug 2008 which now makes up £3900 of the debt, a debt from 1995 (current account) £1700 and the remainder£15,300 from 2003 also current account. The amount showing as Current Account is from a Mastercard which was linked to the account, they obviously made this an overdraft when we hit trouble. These are the details on our Experian Credit file. The SAR I submitted (x2) were returned with the postal orders and we were referred to their PPI complaints dept, after a 2 week wait they wrote t
  14. Just received this in todays post from Moorcroft declaring themselves no longer responsible for the collections on this account. They have enclosed correspondence from Natwest stating they are unable to locate a CCA preventing them from 'Pursuing recovery' of the debt through the courts. I have attached both letters for perusal. Can anyone advise as to what we are supposed to do next? Sorry admin for continuing this on this thread, please feel free to move it to a more appropriate new thread. Rgds Wanda Moorcroft2.pdf Natwest2Moorcroft.pdf
  15. Sorry for earlier misinformation, I have come home and Moorcroft, who are administering our 'perceived' NatWest debt have sent us this letter, I was certain I had received this back already but reveiwing records it seems it is just the SAR that I got back. What next, and what does this mean? Attached now in PDF Rgds Moorcroft No CCA.pdf
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