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  1. I hope. Just seen that so many people have said they have received replies from the DVLA saying that it doesn't matter that they have passed their test, they is no proof that they applied for their full license, if that makes sense?
  2. Can someone please give their opinion
  3. Hi wonder if someone could help me. I called the DVLA with regards to my driving license. Spoke with a woman,who was helpful and gave me information on how I could resolve my issue. On February 2005, I passed my practical driving test. Upon passing my test, I sent away for my full entitlement license and never gave it a second thought. Not long after this my family and I moved away from the UK. We rented out our home for the first few years and got any mail forwarded to us. I never received any correspondence from the DVLA stating that they hadn’t received my p
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