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  1. Much appreciate all the advice guys - I have the ticket that I bought and other evidence cited in my first posting. These people are very intimidating and threatening - without your help and support I could have just buckled and paid - I can see the whole thing more clearly now. Ill post any further developments. Big thanks!
  2. Sorry forgot to add to previous post above - can "Debt Recovery Plus" act in any way at all with me to get the £100 BEFORE a court hearing? Dave
  3. Thanks for all the responses and info. I have just received a letter from Armtrac following the appeal - the last paragraph reads. "We therefore request the balance of £100 to be paid by 23rd July 2013 or collection will be passsed to Debt Recovery Plus or the County Courts for collection." Anyone know who/what "Debt Recovery Plus" is ? It sounds intimidating. Cheers!
  4. Many Thanks silverfox!!!! Ill wait and see what they do (if anything) next. Dave
  5. Guys, I have just had my parking fine appeal refused by POPLA. I believe I am in the right with this and was prepared to take it to the next level if Armtrac (the car park operator) wish to do so. The questions I was looking to get some response to are: 1) “should I lose the case, how much more expenses than the £100 fine could there be e.g. with legal costs etc of Armtrac, cost of hearing etc??? In a similar vein if I win the case can I claim against Armtrac? I am retired but work just a few days a year as a consultant for which my fees are substantial –
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