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  1. Still waiting on all the 6 year ones, and every other one that is post the 6 year date has still not been looked into.
  2. Apologies, I hadn't put the two together - Do we have any idea as to how long this will take to resolve?
  3. Hi All, I've got numerous claims on going at the moment, some of which are over 6 years - I have been waiting since Feb/March, I spoke with someone at the FOS last week who stated that there is a "decision" currently on-going and that the PDL companies are battling with them as to what action they can take for those loans over 6 years etc. Does anyone else know anything further about this, seems some companies have "opted in" or agreed to them but others are fighting it as it will obviously mean more complaints against them.
  4. Update 2... FOS still dragging their feet, only one has got to an adjudicator stage which I rejected. The primary one which is QQ is under some form of review, to see if they will uphold the complaint as some of the loans date back to 2010.
  5. Update: Finally had some movement on my 6 complaints, the Wonga one is being disputed by them due to age so requires more investigation apparently. The one with PaydayUK has been rejected by the adjudicator as they feel it was affordable, however I've asked for this to go to the ombudsman along with a letter from The Money Shop (another sister company) which details I actually had a default with their sister company for unpaid loans prior to them lending to me under a different company name. The others I've yet to hear back on FOS seem to be dragging their feet.
  6. Update: Sent my points across re. the dates on the default, the SAR issued incorrectly etc and have now got the default removed!
  7. I have some updates, Aqua have come back and apologised for their blunder, offering to reimburse me to send the SAR back to them - I've reiterated that I would like the default removing as a gesture of good will, which they once refused already - but have now gone away to reconsider given the above. (on going waiting for FRL). However I've also now received my SAR. The default notice I believe could be invalid, it states I have to pay by the above dated DD/MM/YYYY, but then the last paragraph states that I must remedy the breach within 28 days of the date of the letter. So
  8. Well I finally received a SAR from Newday! The only problem is, it had my address and name on the envelope but the covering letter had my address with another persons name on it! oh and all THEIR account information! whoops, so I now have someone else's SAR with account information, default, address and phone numbers! So Mondays phone call should be interesting, I'll be raising some concerns as to where my data has ended up - do we think this will give me a silver bullet to sway them to remove this default, or off to ICO/newspapers I go...
  9. They are well aware where I live I have had annual statements for the past 3 years.
  10. No I haven't entered into any discussions, no phone calls or letters
  11. The connection I was trying to make was that as they cannot do the following i.e. they have nothing to evidence that it was even served, how can I ascertain that it wasn't invalid? If they cannot meet the above they fall foul of CCA, and by my understanding also of DPA section 4, or am I clutching at straws?
  12. Should I raise a complaint based on the 4th Principle of the DPA, in that they cannot provide any data therefore bringing into question the accuracy of the data they are reporting to CRA? Moreover they cannot surely satisfy CCA compliance given there's no evidence of a default notice ever having been sent?
  13. Spoken with ICO, they've basically said to raise a "concern" with them? But everything else I read re. ICO complaints is that they are toothless?
  14. I have moved but they are both aware of my most recent address.
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