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  1. I could them a lot worse than Westcott instead of Wescot, haha ;-) I'm happy to do that, if they were not calling me several times a day. Is there anyway to make that stop? Also, per loan - CCA, no they can't enforce that. However, what action can they take per the overdraft debt? I requested terms/conditions. I've had nothing for that part. So I presume they could pursue that still even if they didn't sent the terms?
  2. I need to read Wescot letter again, but, no, I don't think so. This is what I got back from NatWest per CCA request for loan in August: "Thank you for your recent letter regarding your account detailed above. We regret to advise you that we are currently unable to locate the Loan Agreement form; however our efforts are to continue to trace the documents. Our record of the setting up of the loan has insufficient detail to enable us to recreate the agreement with the required degree of certainty that is required. We appreciate that, under Section 77(4) of the Consumer Cred
  3. Just did, thank you. Going to hunt through paperwork, however from my recollection I do have a letter from NatWest from a couple months ago where they admit they cannot find the CCA for the loan and know it's unenforceable, yet they took back the account from Robinson Way and now have passed it on to Westcott who have been calling and I recieved a letter from today. Not sure what I should write to NatWest.
  4. What documents would you suggest I read to follow through on such a thing, DX?
  5. Yes, that was also what I was thinking. Hmm. Decisions!
  6. I don't. But I suppose I could remedy that and get another phone or change numbers.
  7. I've had no letters from Westcott yet, however they've started calling my landline and mobile last week - multiple times a day (which I haven't answered). What can I do to stop them calling? I was going to just ignore it all, as DX said, but they use multiple numbers so can't block all of them. I don't really want to acknowledge them. However, in order to make the calls stop would it be advisable to write a letter informing them I had CCAed asked for terms and the account is in serious dispute and ask the account is returned to NatWest etc? Reminding them de
  8. Thanks for replying, DX. I suppose any response to them would be some type of acknowledge from me. I'll do as you say. Per SAR which I do still need, I'll pursue with the ICO.
  9. I really need some advice, guys. I'm at my wits end with this. Per CCA request for my loan and request of terms/conditions - Robinson Way wrote back to me several times saying they had asked Natwest for this information and were awaiting response. Long story short, Natwest have still not complied with the request for the CCA for the loan nor the terms for the overdraft. I had a letter from Robinson Way last week to say that Robinson Way wrote to me recently to confirm that, in light of the dispute raised (me asking for Natwest to send CCA/terms) and Natwest not complying
  10. I sent a SAR to NatWest in July . They required proof of ID. On their receipt of this proof from me (Royal Mail signed for) the 40 day compliance began (3rd August). On the 38th day I received partial data from NatWest in the post, but no statements. The cover letter said the statements would follow. It's now day 55, 15 days over the 40 days compliance deadline and I still have not received any statements. I've contacted the SAR department twice who've said it is out of their hands and is down to the statements department, but cannot give me a contact number for them.
  11. PPI reclaim came back. Complaint upheld. Says amount they paid out exceeds amount I paid for PPI, thus took that amount off my reward which entitles me to exactly zip, nudda, nothing. Complaint sent to Ombudsman to remove the default from my credit file.
  12. Almost 2 weeks after SAR 40 day compliance deadline and still no statements for accounts received. Cover letter from partial SAR documents says statements to follow from statement department, any issue contact them (written address only given, no number etc). Called SAR team, asked what is going on - said it is out of their hands, only statement team can sort, couldn't give me phone number, said would email statement team to chase. Mean time I contacted Natwest on social media on Monday, they've also repeatedly promised to come back to me with info/chase it and ha
  13. Letter written asking they remove the default as they said they would with enclosed copy of their final response clearly stating they would remove the default. PPI claim made two months ago. Text received today saying they have posted a letter detailing the outcome of their investigation. Had another look through paperwork - states I will receive all my statements separately from their statements department (although there are some screen prints of some). Will look at charges etc when I receive those. I've had £200 comp and £150 comp from them in the past from customer
  14. They said in the email they have submitted for them to be removed, it can take up to 30 days to show? Letter also received in the post last week confirming what they had written in their email, plus transpires I actually found the email address of a Vodafone director and contacted them about the situation (I'd forgotten I'd done that), and that's the only reason the matter has been addressed. Vodafone are the pits.
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