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  1. Hi, I'm posting an update for this situation. After seeking advice and my car being eventually repaired through insurance, I sent a Letter Before Action to Listers for a claim of £1775. The same service manager who sent the email as detailed on my first post replied which I have copied the key parts below - ...I can see no reason at the time we had your car, to think the indentation on the suspension arm was an immediate cause of concern. It does not look 'fresh' or recent and there is nothing to indicate that this would cause a fracture of the component. We did not
  2. I’ll certainly try to get it recovered and hopefully have a suitable outcome
  3. Ultimately if I win, the insurer could then claim from Audi the money that was spent on repairing my car
  4. BankFodder hopefully you have seen the video by now with the dent at 31 seconds. In regards the letter, yes they already have seen that so my next one will only cover only the pertinent points as you mentioned. I will speak to my insurer to see if they can determine how much the claim will impact future premiums but essentially on top of this I will be claiming for the excess fees, the expert fees and distress this has all caused and will carefully itemise an accurate figure.
  5. Vehicle: Audi A4 mileage approx. 19500 miles. Purchased May 2017 from Harold Wood Audi for £27,000. Serviced on 18/04/2018 by Audi Solihull. On 30/04/2018, I finished my work shift at 2300hrs having been picked up by my wife who was with our 22 month old child. I swapped seats with my wife and drove to the BP service station on the A4600 Hinckley Road to fill up the AdBlue tank as it was low. Following this, I drove back up the road out of city to go onto the M6 motorway to my home address in Nuneaton. By approximately 2330hrs, I was driving on the right side of the road appro
  6. BankFodder, I will take your advice on board.My question is in terms of the distress caused, how do I quantify this other than from what a judge could possible determine? or should I arrive at a reasonable figure? I will now attach my letter minus personal info that I passed to Listers and Audi management. This covers in detail what actually occurred so apologies for the lengthy post..
  7. BankFodder So do you suggest I give them my offer and if they decline then straight to court? I’d rather not go into war and peace about what happened but just to say it happened after a tough shift at work and at 2330hrs where I was with my wife and 22 month old child and approx 1 minute from entering the M6 so the potential for this being much more serious is shocking. In the end I made it home at 0600hrs due to Audi breakdown messing me about as the first recovery van from AA stated it needs a full lift due to the car not being able to be put on the flat bed however another and then
  8. Hi it’s the front passenger side wishbone that’s snapped. In the video it’s at 31 seconds in where the technicians hand is touching the gear box liner however it is best for the footage to be played on VLC player where it can be paused frame by frame
  9. There was much more damage caused to the car due to the wishbone snapping, parts attached to the wheel itself as well as some damage to the wheel arch due to the wheel digging into the arch, I have been initially told estimated damage would be in the region of £3,000-£4,000 however the garage is still yet to give an exact amount https://drive.google.com/open?id=1MD_RDXUE1TtvcvDK20YCH3Fm3th_vH1x I have posted a link to the video hopefully it can be opened. I can’t upload directly at the moment as it says it’s not the correct format. In any case if you pause at 31 seconds into the vide
  10. Ok, I’ll try attaching the video as soon as I’m back from work in the evening. The screenshot of the video is attached however
  11. Hi, Quick update on this.. the assessor has stated that he has given more thought on this and thinks although it is 50/50, the judge may air on the side of me. He has stated that he would have expected a service centre to bring the damage to my attention and to identify it as a weakness and a potential source of failure in the future. This is due to the wishbone being cast aluminium and the dent would have affected the structural integrity of it eventually causing it to fracture (on the same point of the dent) and thus crack. The assessor has stated that his report will reflect the a
  12. Bankfodder, thanks for your comprehensive reply. I am waiting on the assessor for his response to this - whether he would have expected a service centre to bring this damage to my attention and to identify it as a weakness and a potential source of failure in the future. I have already asked him to do me a report if he thinks this matter is worth taking to small claims court. I recall him mentioning that the dent may have been small enough to miss but for me its the fact that the technicians hand was right near the dent that makes me feel that he should have identified it and informed m
  13. Hi, new user here but long time browser. I am after some advice on a situation I am currently involved in... On 30/04/2018, I was driving home with my wife and 22 month child in my 2016 Audi A4 which has done 19,500 on the clock. Whilst driving, I lose control as if I had burst my tyre and upon regaining control and parking, I inspect the car to find the front passenger wishbone snapped off. The car was towed back to Audi in Coventry to be inspected and I was informed that I must have hit something as there was under tray damage as well as to the gear box liner. The issue is th
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