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  1. Hi Oddjobbob, The dealer says in the letter that it's now fixed but I drove past about 20 mins ago and it's still at the back of the garage. I'm hoping Small Claims will say that it should never have been sold in the first place - which he admitted on the phone. He even said in a letter that he's only repaired it as a gesture of goodwill because it comes with no warranty. (Even though he is a dealer). I know I won't get anything back but the £400 for my old car, which I'm ok with and I really wish I got taxi receipts now as well!
  2. Hi guys, just writing the LBA now. Where it says "provide a summary of the facts for dispute," I presume this means a shorter version of the chronological bullet pointed list of events? Also, final question, what documentation should I ask the dealer for?
  3. Hi Rebel11, I have ony sent the original letter stating that I'd like a refund within 14 days and all the things wrong with the car etc. The LBA template says about mediation and ADR, should I just cut this out of my letter as negotiation has not been successful? I was also being mindful of Bankfodder's advice: " don't be swayed or delayed by any attempts to negotiate or to reach any compromise.."
  4. Followed your advice and written everything in bullet points (and chronological order). I'm about to fill in the claim forms as well. With regards to the £25 a day storage fee that he wants to charge me unless I pick the car up, I presume I ignore this and leave the car with him? Rebel11, those links were very helpful! Thanks again for all your help
  5. Hi BankFodder, Thanks for your reply. I paid £1400. £1000 on debit card and I got £400 for my car trade in (which is now up for £1750!). I also received a response to my original letter this morning telling me: -I was advised at point of sale that the warranty only covers the engine and gearbox -I was happy to originally take a repair and that the other faults I reported did not effect the safety of the car (lights on speedo not working, air con not working and blowing hot air, bonnet release cable needed re attaching). They undertook all the jobs "not covered by the warranty." -The
  6. Thanks for the advice! I'll have a go at charge back
  7. Hi guys, I purchased a car 2 weeks ago from a second hand dealer. I drove it the next day and on the way home (at night) and realised that the lighting on the dash had gone. I couldn't see how fast I was going, how much fuel I had etc. I thought, "I'll take that back tomorrow and get that fixed." The next morning (less than 48 hours after purchase), I noticed a massive oil puddle under the car I've just bought. I drove the car back to the dealer and he apologized and got a mechanic from the garage next door to take a look. When he dipped the tank, there was zero oil left n the car, i
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