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Found 13 results

  1. Is it possible to force the landlords insurance to provide a copy of a survey they carried out due a insurance repair job that was queried as poor workmanship by the landlord ?
  2. Hi, I hope someone can help me with a unique query. I need to get in touch with a particular surgeon that operated on another patient who was admitted to the same ward as me - this is for a very rare and specialist medical issue that I also developed. Unfortunately, I cannot remember the surgeon's name as this was a few years ago, but i should be able to identify the name of the surgeon from a list of names if I received a list of all surgeons operating at that hospital during the time when I was admitted there. Is this something I could ask using the Freedom Of Information A
  3. I'm about to submit FOS questionnaires pertaining to a couple very old credit card accounts. I believe the PPI associated with each of these cards was mis-sold for a number of reasons. At the same time, I signed up for both these cards 20-odd years ago and, that being the case, my recollection of exactly what happened is a little bit hazy. With that in mind, I have sent off Subject Access Requests in the hope that it might shed a little more light on proceedings before I complete the questionnaires. I appreciate these are unlikely to yield a copies, even reconstituted ones, of my ori
  4. Just thought I would post some information that I have come across that might help people. If you ever need to obtain documents from the County Court about any claim made against you, then you can use CPR 5.4.2. The current fee is £11, unless you can apply for exemption. http://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/rules/part05
  5. Ladies and gentlemen, could I ask you a favour? Over in CAG's Benefits Forum, we have a person who is trying to make a claim for Housing Benefit but is meeting resistance from his or her landlord/letting agent in terms of obtaining a copy of the lease. I'm reluctant to actually move the thread, because it is primarily about benefits so it seems more appropriate to leave it where it is. Nonetheless, it seems to me that the poster should be entitled to some sort of written confirmation of their tenancy and the rent due, and the agency seems reluctant to supply the original documents.
  6. How likely I am to get disability element on top of my working tax credits, based on the tax office guide lines, I think I would be entitled to the disability element, but dont know what the tax office would think I work 16+ hours per week Due to my health, I am unable to work, 5 days per week, or any long shifts now, so I only work 4 days ,and 6.5 hrs I have a secure job, in asda, so for me to find a new job, I think I would have some difficulty in doing so My health is poor, due to slow heart rate, high cholestral, and angina, easily get tired, and exhuasted. Have bee
  7. hi,i received a stat demand from bw legaL regarding two lowell acounts firstly can they join two accounts together to make one some part of the stat demand has been deleted which would notify me of my rights to seek legal advice, does this mean it is not valid and are they allowed to stamp the envelopes stating they are a debt collection solitor, i have missed the deadline for setting aside and have arranged to pay monthly but i regret this now and was only done because my partner was so worried ,i think it was just a scare tactic, i have now sent a cca reques
  8. I am assisting my step daughter who has battled in vain to obtain a refund from a company called Recruitment Development Solutions (RDS) She signed up to do a teaching course at a cost of £295, but decided that she did not want to do the course after all as she had the possibility of a job offer so emailed them the next day after enrolling to cancel and she alos called them several times. She was told that she needed to fill in a cancellation form and a refund would be put back into her bank account within 5 to 7 days. This was also stated in their terms and conditions that she had
  9. Hi All, Can anyone advise on the chances of getting copies of bank statements or similar info dating back to 1992. Sadly I'm going through a divorce and the other Party want proof that the equity from the sale of my first house went into the marital home. Normally, the equity (money) would not go through a personal account but due to complications and a bridging loan I believe it did. HSBC have told me that they only keep records for 6 years but I've also been told that the person I spoke to (at HSBC) is talking rubbish. Any help will be very much appreciated.
  10. Hi, I need to gather evidence for my defence against Safeloans Ltd. They claim I failed to make the repayment of my loan, but I attempted to do so several times, and ealirer than required. Their website said my card was declined. I recently spoke to NatWest. I got a very helpful advisor who sent me transaction logs to prove I had funds in my account. Unfortunately, he couldn't provide details on the Safeloans transactions from 21st December, as there's a 30 day limit. On 21st December, the day I attempted repayment to Safeloans, I called NatWest after Safeloans' site reject
  11. Can anyone help, I believe there is some legislation which states that a creditor should not start court proceedings unless they have something to gain. A credito has accepted £20pm for a £25k debt in a without prejudice leter yet want to proceed toget a judgement for debt, we have no property or assets and can afford no more than £20pm so judgement will be of no benefit? Can anyone advise
  12. Hi, I could do with a bit of advice about councils and liability orders. Basically my local council last September recalculated my council tax and it went from me owing £40 to owing nearly £1000, which being on a low income I had no chance of paying by april. I got the usual summons letter in November and attended the court, to find them not is session, in fact we had to go to the basement and talk to a council employee, for which we where charged £100 I had turned up with all the paperwork I felt I needed for my day in court, so asked the council lady when we would see the
  13. Hey, Not sure if this is the right place but it's about the best I can see. So, here goes... I'll keep it simple so just the numbers, although I can expand if required; property price of £137,000, deposit of £17,000. By my maths, just over a 12% deposit. Income, after tax, is £2,600 a month with total outgoings £1,700. My outgoings are my current rent and associated bills, car loan (30 months to run) and personal loan (6 months to run). How likely is it that I will be able to obtain a mortgage? Thank you in advance
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