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  1. I had a letter the start of December telling me welcome finance owed me an amount of money due to a loan a repaid a few years ago. They said they would repay the money and it would take 7-10 weeks. Last week of called and the guy I spoke to said the money would reach my account by midnight on Friday just gone. I am still waiting for the money to.arrive. Has anyone else experienced this problem? How do I go about contacting them to get the funds or atheist find out why they haven't reached my bank.
  2. Back in 2012 I took out a £510 wonga loan, I failed to repay and this was passed onto a debt collection agency. After interest and charges I ended up owing the debt collection agency £735 I ignored this and buried my head in the sand. Last week I took my chances and emailed wonga to see if I qualified to have my debt written off, I thought it would be a long shot and they would make me repay it. I told them I did not have access to the email account I originally got the loan with but I could provide further details if they required. They emailed me back asking for more details w
  3. I honestly wasn't aware I had asked this question before. I am that snowed under with debts and financial issues I have lost all sense of control. Which is partly why I would like to settle it so it is not another company I owe money too.
  4. It is showing on my credit file yes, I did ask akinika for a copy of my credit agreement but they sent me the letter telling me they have sold the debt back to hoist. I am not so much set out on settling it, I would just like to slowly get rid of my debts and at this moment in time monthly repayments or paying in full are not an option as I can not afford to do so. I am lending the money from a family member in order to settle the debt. How would I go about finding out why they sold it? If there is an issue with the paper work ?
  5. I have an old debt with Jd Willams for £212.21 I have literally gone round the houses to find the right "owner" of the debt it has been passed from JD Williams to Hoist to akinika and now back to hoist, I wrote to akinika asking if they would accept a 70% reduction settlement payment resulting in me paying £65, they refused this offer even though I sent a I&O form, 2 days after refusing the settlement offer the wrote to me saying they no longer own my debt it had been passed onto another company but never said who, I contacted JD Wil
  6. Back in 2012 I took out a wonga loan for £510 as at the time it seemed like a smart thing to do, I was unable to pay it back which has meant I now owe Moorcroft debt recovery £765.97 on behalf of wonga. I have been reading alot that wonga are writing of some loans and I am wondering how they decide on what loans to write off ? I have not heard from wonga or moorcroft in around 4/5 months and I know they say "Let sleeping dogs lie" but I am slowing working to clear a few of my debts and this is one of my major ones that I'd like to clear asap. Any help/advice/wise words are welcome.
  7. I received a letter today from Barclays "Thank you for your recent payment. Your debt has now been paid in full and we can confirm no further action will be taken against you" So by the 2nd week in Sept it should appear as "settled" on my credit file .. 3 months later after receiving the payment Thank you for your help
  8. I am paying nothing to them at the minute as I want to try and settle the account in 1 go It was taken out in 2010 I owe £212.21 I have claimed no fees or charges ( never knew I could, or how) I did receive a letter from the catalogue back in July saying Akinika own the debt, now Akinika have said Jd williams own it It does show on my credit file
  9. Yes, when I rang and made the payment they informed me that the default would be removed and it would be marked as settled, but it would remain on my credit file for another 2 years (2016). Which I was happy with ( one less thing showing up as a default) Although 2 months on it is still a default with money still owing. I have contacted the CRA who have said they will look into it for me, and now I am debating if I should contact Mackenzie hall myself. I am using Noddle
  10. I have been in dispute with Akinika debt recovery regarding a debt they had taken over from Jd williams, I requested a reduced payment off of £66 which they said no to, so I requested a copy of my credit agreement which they failed to supply. So with help from a solicitor friend I wrote them a second letter saying if they do not accept my offer of £66 then I may be forced to take out an IVA which would result in them getting considerably less then the full amount and less then my offered amount. They failed to reply to this letter ( sent 1 month ago) Then today I
  11. Yes, we both agreed that it would be a final settlement as both them and their client would like a "mutually agreeable solution". "They would accept £49.78 to settle the account NB when making a "settlement" payment, your credit reference agency file will show as "settled" as opposed to "satisfied" when an account is paid in full" ^^ Quoted from the letter
  12. A few months ago I received a settlement off for a debt that I owed, the offer was one that I couldn't pass up so I paid it and was told it would be marked as settled on my credit file. I have just been on to have a general look at my credit file and the account is still showing up as a default. Should it not be marked as settled by now ( 2 months after the payment was made) All they have done is deducted the amount I had paid from the final amount. So it states I still owe £116. I thought once I accepted the offer and paid that would be that debt d
  13. I have nothing on my credit file in relation to a sky account/debt
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