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  1. Citzen B - You can get both applications, lending criteria and affordability calculators for certain mortgage providers if you go in via the Introducers sections - but I am thinking of going in through a broker like John Charcol. dx100uk - Defaults dropped off 19 months ago so its all positives, there's some audits and inquiries, but no actual searches since 2013.
  2. I've had a Basic Credit Building Credit Card since July 2013, which I uses for Work Expenses and have paid off in full every month and then a basic current account and Utility bills which are all up to date with payments and have 6 years worth of good management. My partner has never had any credit up until a number of months ago. We certainly wouldn't flag against any of the no-no on the the mortgage providers lending criteria's, just down to this "Credit Score" which I'm led to believe is hard to suss out.
  3. I want to apply for a mortgage following a period of credit file clear up and wondered what my chances would be with the following: Me: I took some poor financial advice and decided to stop paying some unsecured debts in 2005/6, these defaulted, went unpaid and became statute barred in July 2013 and dropped from my credit file the month after. This leaves me with a 3 clean accounts and a Noddle Score of 4/5 and a Checkmyfile score of 789 - outside this I have a good job and can get together a 20-25% deposit with everything being affordable. Partner: Clean file
  4. After keeping my power dry, watching the clock tick down and June come and go, I have finally received the next letter Bryan Carter LLP on the first of the month (July). The usual "fourteen days", "we will recommend to our client that proceedings" and mentions Court & Solicitors Fees. My understanding is that this debt is now SB based upon: - The last payment made on the account towards the end of June 2007 - The balance being the same as when the default recorded mid June 2007 (unsure what the DCA did with my £100) - The default and the entire debt droppin
  5. Oh! ok....so it looks like a sub-prime mortgage if they still exist then I'm presuming its better to let the debts fall off, than settle them or does it not matter either way...
  6. So they can see historic debt footprint, but not the debts themselves if the defaults drop off and the debt become SB'd?
  7. Once the debts have dropped off, is there any visibility to potential new lenders e.g. a mortgage lender?
  8. Interestingly just noticed on Fredrickson Internationals website, that they don't take legal action - they leave it to Bryan Carter Solicitors LLP.... Squaddie - I've had contact in the prior years - just either ignored it, which has served me well before now. I would suggest that if any of these DCA could get me near legal proceeding they would have done so by now... I'll wait and see what arrives next me thinks.
  9. Squaddie - It's not Statute Barred yet, its another 11 weeks off, as the last payment (a one off) was in June 2007. I've not had any contact for 2 or 3 years and that was a account in dispute letter. Obviously its a nervy time with the clock ticking down, just want to see these final few months out...
  10. BRIGADIER2JCS, squaddie - Any further advice, based upon the fact that its SB toward the end of June, based upon my last payment?
  11. Not being chased, but hoping to get these debts off my credit file and get back on the property ladder....
  12. Gone through my files and it looks like I paid Blair, Scott & Oliver an amount in June 2007 and then did a CCA and stopped paying - I have the letters to the lender, but would appear to have lost the response back admitting they have lost the credit agreement I can only presume I defaulted multiple times and the one about to run out, is a prior to my payments ceasing... Would a prove it and then a new CCA request be the best course of action?
  13. I've got an historic CC debt with HSBC which I CCA'd in August 2007 and they wrote back saying they couldn't find the Credit Agreement. There's been no potentially payment since Summer 2006, however unlike my other debts this ones completely missing from my credit files (Noddle & Checkmyfile). Has this already disappeared off my file or is there a chance its not linked correctly?
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