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Found 24 results

  1. I am mightily confused. I have been signing on for 12 months, at the start of my claim I signed a claimant commitment stating I will do X number of steps each week to find work, IE look in papers, ask family and friends, use UJM etc. I completed my job search online and always filled in my activity history on UJM, ensuring I recorded X number of steps as required in my claimant commitment. Part way through the year I was told not to use UJM instead I was given a paper template to fill that stated I must do 35 hours job search per week, this had a section to fill stating the time each task took. Some time later I was issued with a pie chart diagram which showed different activities I could include in my 35 hour job search. Now I have been given another paper template form which states I have to apply for and record 10 vacancies jobs per week. What the heck as happened to my claimant commitment, no where in that did I agree to a 35 hour week job search nor did it state when I signed it that it was a requirement. Secondly, I would never agree to applying for X amount of vacancies per week , what if the only suitable vacancies are ones I have already applied for. And now they have just reissued me a new claimant commitment to sign which is basically same as my old one except they have added “ engage with the work program” Can they enforce this 10 job application rule and what is in place to prevent me from just jotting down bogus applications. Obviously I am fulfilling my claimant commitment still but as there is no actual way to record that activity any more am I even obligated to carry it out. From what I can gather the 35 hour per week is only a suggestion and not enforceable as long as client shows they have took reasonable steps they cannot be sanctioned but I cannot find any info at all regarding the 10 vacancies per week.
  2. How to go about transferring Jobseekers claim from one place to another ? I am currently in London and wish to transfer the claim back to my original city of York. My next "sign-on" day will be 05/04/16, will I be able to transfer before then without it affecting my claim, or will I have to wait ? Thanks for any advice
  3. is J.S.A being paid early because of the Easter holiday ? I "signed on" yesterday, Tues 22 Mar and would normally receive it Friday, but I wondered if it was being paid a day early because of Easter
  4. Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith laid out the government’s long-term economic plan to prevent EU migrants coming to the UK and accessing benefits. The new regulations mean that under Universal Credit no EU households will be able to access means-tested benefits in the UK without having worked here first and came into effect on 09th March 2015 (As I am new I cannot post links, so please put the usual H-T-T-P at the beginning in order to read the press release gov.uk/government/news/eu-jobseekers-barred-from-claiming-universal-credit Link added: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/eu-jobseekers-barred-from-claiming-universal-credit
  5. I have woken up today feeling awful, no energy at all, sore throat, achy and just feeling terrible, can hardly walk around the house. The thing is i'm due to go to a Work Programme appointment on Tuesday and a job fair Thursday and i'm worried because if i'm not better for those things then I won't be able to attend and I'm worried because I know the Work Programme has a habit of sanctioning people, I have only ever been sanctioned once (unfairly) and I won that appeal so technically never had a sanction. Need some advice on this, thank you.
  6. Hi - I'm posting this on behalf of a friend: He's just been made redundant from a 90K job in the UK. He is Dutch but has a NI number. He lived in the UK 1992-2010, but returned to Holland to work for 3 years in 2010. He returned to the UK in February 2013 to work (the 90K job) and was made redundant last month. He lives in the UK with his British partner and their 7 month old son - she has no NI number (yet) as she always lived and worked in the Netherlands. He was told to apply for 'Contribution Based Jobseekers' but has been declined because​ he worked in the Netherlands during the period they assessed his legibility​. Is this a correct evaluation - is there anything he can do as he's struggling to pay his rent whilst Jobseeking. Can someone shed some light?! Many thanks - Weetabix.
  7. I signed on this morning and my advicer gived me a leaflet about payments been sent early but don't understand when my payments will go in my bank and just wondering if anyone know from this: Expected Issue date Payment for Period Ending 15/03/2013 15/03/2013 27/03/2013 29/03/2013 12/04/2013 12/04/2013 I know the top one as I signed on today and it will go in my bank on the 20th (on wednesday) But when will the 27th go in? is it on the 29th it will go in my bank or the 3rd? I should signed on the 29th of March but due to been good friday Jobcentre is shut. Any advice would be great, cheers
  8. My mate was suppose to go on this course last week and was ill but phoned in to say he was ill and the guy said he COULD lose his benefits?! Surely that is not right to punish him he IS ill! He is a panic as we speak so I need some advice on what to say to him? I've never been ill so I wouldn't know what to say... thank u
  9. I don't know if I am in the right forum here but here goes: Does anyone know of any organisations for young job seekers that actually offer practical help (not just CV and applications) to any young person (not just disadvantaged young people) in getting work? I have been a little dismayed that while a young person I foster has had all sorts of practical help from various organisations from helping her with her CV to actually taking her to agencies to help her look for work, my son, because he has not been in care, is not disabled, does not have mental health problems and has not been in trouble with the police gets no help whatsoever! He appears to be disadvantaged by a good education, and a degree, a smart brain and an ambition to do a masters degree and he desperately wants a job so he can pay for it. He has been unemployed for 18 months and has been seeing Ingeus for around a year but they do absolutely nothing to help him. The only help they offer is CV writing and job applications which he does not really need. They have told him there is not much they can do for him. He suffers from an extreme lack of confidence and social awkwardness and this is what he needs help with. They have never given him any work experience or interview practice. He was sent once about a year ago to go and interview for some work experience and it was in the bad weather, he made it through the ice and snow only to be told it was cancelled when he got there and he didn't hear any more about it. He is 24 so should still just count as a young person but not for long!
  10. Hi guys, I hope you can help me. I signed on for the first time a few days ago. I should have really signed on, a long time, due to not having enough regular work, but i remember how the advisors at the job centre, take pride in intimidation and decided that i would rather be broke than have to deal with their insultive mannerisms. i arrive for my 1st meeting with Advisor 1. She looked like she was very board to see me, the feeling was mutual. After getting me to sign what i had agreed in my online application form, she gave me no copy, she walked me over to the 2nd Advisor. She was colder than the first and didn't even speak to me, she just kept on typing. when i asked what she was doing, she said delating templates. If i looked at the screen for too long then, she would switch the screen, to numbers, lots of different numbers. When i asked what was happening, she said that she had been having problems with the computer. But only when i was looking at the screen. Typical….. Anyway, after about 15 mins, she gave me my claimant commitment. as soon as i started to read it, amazingly, after 15 mins of only talking when i spoke to her she started to talk to me… .I WILL USE JOBSITES AND EMPLOYERS WEBSITES …..I WILL LOG ON TO UNIVERAL JOBMATCH… ..I WILL RESPOND PROMTLY TO CONTACTS/EMPLOYERS AND JOBSITES , after the 5th, I WILL, I asked if this was compulsory …remember i was trying to read the claimant commitment, she said it was a requirement for JSA. All of this took over 40mins. I obviously knew that they at the job centre would take advantage of my unemployed status but i wasn't prepared for what actually really happened. As i said, the 2nd advisor only spoke to respond to my questions and then, the I WILL section, that she fired at me, whilst i was trying to read the so called agreement. A few days later i decided to read the so called commitment, only to find that i had agreed to, Available for all types of work Travel 90mins each way to work Available any time any day for min 40hrs Hrs The only thing i agreed to was all the I WILL section, because of the false info she gave me. Fact is i didn't agree simply because she didn't ask me. What am i gonna do?
  11. http://www.guardian.co.uk/society/2013/apr/30/jobseekers-bogus-psychometric-tests-unemployed
  12. Hi I'm not very well and don't think I will be able to sign in 2mrow! :/ Does anyone know what I have to do please? Will I lose my 2weeks money? Think I hav this stomach bug going round Someone says ur covered for 14 days or something? Thank u peeps! Alf
  13. Could someone advise me on the current state of play with regards to bank charges. I have just logged in to my online banking and I see that I will be charged a total of £110 on the 22nd. These relate to 2 paid card transactions @£25 each (within about 30 mins of each other, one for about £4 the other for £6 - I thought if I had no money in the account the transactions would be declined). And a £20 arranged overdraft fee, and a £40 unarranged overdraft fee. (And as intimated above, I am quite sure I was only into the realm of unarranged overdraft because they cleared a card transaction when I had no money.) At the moment I am unemployed and on JSA, so I get about £140 each fortnight, and so my lovely bank has just taken almost half of a months money from me. Is there any way I can proceed with this? I have checked a few websites, but nothing seems clear - there seem to be a lot of websites set up before the 2010 ruling and it is not clear what still applies. I will be honest this has reawakened the ire I had when the OFT deliberately let their friends in the banking racket off on a technicality at the high court - but surely the contract law about penalty charges still applies here...there is no way paying two transactions of less than £10 cost them £50.
  14. Hi Guys, Looking for a bit of advice. I was sacked from my job, of 11 years since I left school, in March of this year. As soon as I lost my job I applied for Jobseekers Allowance, Council Tax Benefit and also Housing Benefit. I was awarded all three and have been claiming since. I have been looking for job but its proving difficult with losing my previous job for misconduct, anyway that is another issue. I received a letter saying there was a doubt over my right to claim jobseekers allowance due to the circumstances of which my previous job ended. I was told there would be an investigation which would include contacting my previous employer. While this was going I had to continue signing on as normal and my jobseekers would not be effected. I signed on Friday as normal and expected to receive a payment today, My advisor at the job centre did not hint that there might be a problem. When I logged on to my online banking today no payment had been received. I was just about to contact the benefits centre when a letter popped through my door dated 27th June saying I cannot be paid jobseekers allowance from 15th June 2013 until 27th August 2013. This decision was based on how my previous job ended and because it was my own fault. It says that my jobseekers allowance will continue at £71.70 from 28th August. I am very worried. Firstly I have no idea how I am going to survive with no money until the 27th of August. I have no money just now and was expecting a payment today. Because of not getting this payment today my direct debits for both my mobile phone and my TV Licence will reject. Surely my advisor at the Job Centre on Friday should have told me there was an issue with this payment? I phoned the job centre today and was told I would have to apply for hardship payments until the 28th of August and that I would have to go into the job centre tomorrow morning to complete a JSA10 form. I was also told the hardship payment, if awarded, would not be as much as my jobseekers allowance. I am struggling to survive as it is on jobseekers allowance and with even less I do not know what i'll do. I am diabetic and must eat to a balanced diet or this causes problems with my blood sugar levels. I have very little food in the fridge. I have no family I can turn to for support, the reasons my job ended has driven a bit of a wedge between us and I already owe the majority of my close friends money who have helped me. I should point out I have a severe debt problem so cannot turn to the banks for help. I have several questions hopefully some on here might be able to help 1, How much am I likely to receive in hardship payments until my jobseekers is re-instated 2, How likely am I to be awarded a hardship payment 3, How regularly are these payments made and how do I go about getting them 4, Do I still sign on as a jobseeker 5, I have the right to appeal the decision. Is it worth appealing as from my reading it seems unlikely the decision will be reversed 6, Is there any other support I may be able to claim as I have no money whatsoever at the present time and I would imagine there will be a bit of time between completing this JSA10 form and actually receiving a payment(should I be awarded one) I spoke with citizens advice on the phone and they suggested contacting my local council about a local welfare provision 7, Will the decision regarding jobseekers effect my council tax and my rent I am in Scotland. I am not sure if different things apply to England and Wales but thought Id mention it just in case I am thinking of going to Citizens advice for a bit of guidance after ive been to the job centre tomorrow. I am panicking and really worried about this decision so any advice whatsoever would be most appreciated
  15. Hi all Anyone else got these new Jobseeker diary pages to fill in yet? I've had them for the last month at my JC. Basically an A4 sheet with 4 boxes, each with about 7 lines to write in.. 'Jobcentre Contact' (UJ, Job Computer Points, etc 'Contact With Employers' (I assume for spec letters and actual vacancies applied for) 'Employment Agency Contact' 'Other Activities' The JC now keep these sheets (so make sure you photocopy them for your own records). Possibly they keep them so you can't submit the same jobs every week (yes, we've all done it) or for future checking. Obviously there's some purpose behind them keeping it..and one I'm sure we won't like. While waiting my turn to sign on I also noticed the advisors were scrutinising these sheets very carefully; more so than they do with the old JS Diary. I always play safe and put something in every line, filling up the sheet but a couple of people had only filled in a little and I overheard the clerk telling them they needed to do more. If you have these forms now, fill 'em in as much as you can and don't become a possible sanction target!
  16. Hi I have recently applied for jobseekers, the first time in my life I have ever claimed any sort of benefit. I have been told I have not paid enough in NI to qualify ????!!! The 2 tax years they are using to access my claim are 2011 I earned £20115.00 and paid £1849.00 in NI 2012 I earned £38494.00 and paid £3767.92 in NI I cannot believe I have not paid enough NI, can you. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
  17. just got my letter saying that on 1st april 2013 i will have to pay 25% of my council tax, thats arround £250 a year,and then on top of that the bedroom tax is coming as well, i thaught by law we had to have so much money coming in to live on,surley after paying this out of our £71 a week we will not have enougth money to live on,
  18. I was targeted by DWP staff after the Christmas holiday period for not having made enough effort over this period to look for work. 1. HR departments would have been on holiday so would not have been able to respond to my enquiries even if there were any jobs being advertised. 2. There were no jobs advertised in this period. 3. I did apply after the main Christmas week for jobs abroad as they were the only ones advertised. 4. My Personal advisor (DWP) queried my applying overseas. I explained I needed to fulfil the Jobseekers agreement. She then took a long time to scrutinise my logbook/ diary, went to a colleague to discuss my logbook, returned & claimed I had not made enough effort to look for work. 5. This was compounded by fact that I was not required to sign on 4 weeks over Xmas & New Year so could not be advised there might be a problem 6. To date the Decision makers have had my case for over TWO weeks and have not yet made a decision nor asked for any further information. 7. If they do find against me I will of course appeal but this should never have gone to decisions makers in the first place. 8. It is the fault of my Personal advisor, she did not have to refer this given the time of year and I do believe it is malicious.
  19. Hello. I am currently running a group called Justice4jobseekers. We aim to help highlight the damage done by the current tyranny that laughably calls itself a government to those who are affected by unemployment and more specifically, the draconian and unfair changes to the benefit system. In time, we want to organise protests and other action across the UK. For now, we need to get the word out that we exist. Please offer your support by joining my page on facebook. You can find the link in my profile. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated.
  20. Morning Everyone! This morning I sign on at 10.45am however I filled in my Jobseekers dairy and since I signed on last fortnight I have applyed for 14 Jobs and I written them down in my dairy, will that be ok? or could Jobcentre send my Jobseekers to a decision Maker? I only heard back from 1 by email as I apply by jobs by email (sending my cv attached) and It states in the email that I have been Unsuccessful, I am trying to get a job but not a lot of Jobs in the last past week. Any advice would be great thank you.
  21. hi i went to get my money today and it wasnt in ,i rang up and they said that they cannot pay me until i put in a claim as a couple even though me and the person i live with are not in a relationship they came out to see us in the house we rent out 2 months ago , and i had a letter saying that they think we are in a relationship i sent off an appeal letter and until today was being paid , ive just come off the phone and they told me that if i want money i have to put in a claim for a couple i told them that to me that is fraud , but all i was told was i can either go on hardship pay until the appeal goes to tribunal and wait for the decision or put in a claim for a couple what should i do , i got the landlady calling for top up rent and need money for electric and gas i cant believe that the jobseeker people can say "your in a relationship" i am but its NOT the person i live with , its caused huge arguements between me and my girlfriend i dont know what to do thanks in advance
  22. hi im new i have been renting a house with a girl i have grown up with for 6 months when out of the bluje a letter was sent to me saying that someone from the jobcenter was coming out to see us to see if circumstances have changed and why we were claiming seperate , the woman and her assistant came and asked odd questions like "if one moved out would the other follow and move in to another house" , "who pays food , electric etc" , cos we have a dog each who pays for them and looks after them was it me or my friend , "who uses the living room etc" anyway i had a letter back saying that they have determined we are living in a civil partnership and we will no longer recieve jobseekers and we have to claim as a couple !!!! and they even have had the cheek to say that there stopping it from march this year is anybody able to help me i dont have a clue what to do and im so woried that i will lose the house thanks in advance
  23. What happens if youre on jobseekers and have broken your foot(on crutches, not walking for 8 weeks etc). Still entitled to payments? Have to show up fortnightly to sign? Appreciate any advice.
  24. I have 101different reasons for applying for a budgeting loan. But I feel that I might get refused. What are the best reasons to give,? After all,the money is still going to be repaid so I dont see why one reason should be better than the other....but that's just the way it is . Im up to my eyes in 101 different types of debt that has built up since I lost my job and I need to get some of it paid quickly. Thanks in advance for any replies.
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