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  1. Hello All, Sorry I have been away so long on this topic. I have not really had nothing to report as the usual from CapQuest - sending form letters periodically - has continued to happen until this morning. I have ignored the letters but the change this morning was CapQuest have threatened to send round ResolveCall to my place (ResolveCall are some sort of debt collection agency) if I do not respond by 30 Aug, and will then have asserted they will have no more dealings with me with things being passed over to ResolveCall. I assert anything CapQuest has ever said is completely superseded by the SallieMae loans being statue barred, as I was living in Scotland beyond the 6yr limit with no contact whatsoever (I have been living in England now for almost 7 years, yes this issue was that long ago, very similar to KEdin's issue as I have never made a payment, debts started appearing on my credit record erroneously stating I did make payments, etc...), I wish to find out what everyone's advice is. What should I do now, and in the near future in good time BEFORE the 30 Aug deadline unilaterally declared by CapQuest, especially after reading much of what I saw in the above second link? Thank you for any and all advice. And sorry KEdin that I have not responded before now, but do see my reason above. Thank you.
  2. Hello, I have seen nothing here from BT via email since end of Jul last year. The person I was mailing with refused to acknowledge anything and only wanted money but did supply the Ombudsman link. I have not sent anything to the Ombudsman yet, and do not see this on my credit record via Noddle, but as I want to apply for a loan tomorrow, I wonder if it is worth doing anything at the moment. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I am finally getting back to silverfox1961 here, but regret to say I did not follow any of the advice. I want to apply for a loan tomorrow and have checked on my credit rating via Noddle and still see this nonsense debt here. I disputed this via the dispute mechanism saying the account was closed in 2013 but not sure what to do from here. Is the advice from silverfox1961 still good, and will it be good enough for the loan meeting tomorrow if I do these things today? Thank you for any help here.
  4. Hello All, It has been awhile since I have looked or posted anything. Nothing has happened on my end for months. But, I received a letter in the post a few weeks ago from Capquest offering a settlement amount and then a mark in my credit file saying there will have been a partial clearance of the debt and the file closed. Again, I believe this is statue barred. I have ignored the letters as advised. now, I have just looked at my credit file and have seen marks each month totting up, with a fictional start date, etc... as above. It looks like there is another loan, duplicated, with identical, fictional start and payment dates. I have not done any other action as advised but want to apply for a loan tomorrow but cannot see how I might be successful with this hanging over me. I want to put a dispute on my credit record using the Noddle account saying I do not recognise these accounts but am afraid this violates the "ignore directive" and might show me as recognising this supposed debt in some way. Any advice on this? But, this is good to see Tucoist has been successful with these numpties.
  5. Hello, I have been trying to sort out a dispute with BT over an alleged debt from a previous address which started Sep 2012, complaints from Dec 2012. BT erroneously charged me a moving fee of £100 when they said this was not applicable at the time, but at the new address, the service did not work properly. They sent engineers 7 or 8 times, verifying during this process that the fault was theirs and not mine. After weeks of this, they tried to charge me for the move as well as charges for an unusable phone/broadband line. The line was "repaired", meaning that it worked but could fail at any time, according to the final engineer, but still with noise in the line. They also were charging me for a handset which had been paid off long before I discovered this when I moved to this address. They refused to refund me the mistaken payments saying it was my fault I kept paying them erroneously, though I eventually did get a refund cheque. In the interim 4 years, they have tried various debt collection agencies, including most recently Lowell, to add on charges of up to ~£300. I ignored all over that time and engaged once again in May, and sent an email to Lowell complaining about shady business practices as well. Lowell put the matter into internal complaint investigation but I have heard nothing from them since. With BT, I engaged with an executive complaints rep, who ultimately said they would waive the now £130 moving charge, but I still needed to pay ~£170 worth of charges, including I suspect, an £18 reconnection fee. The rep would not send me the alleged bills without me providing my current home address, which I refused to provide as I told the rep I did not trust her nor BT because of their track record with me. The executive complaints rep then tried to play hard with the situation after I had written several times stating I thought the Ombudsman may need to be brought in to sort the situation. The "hard move" by the BT executive complaints rep said if I contacted the Ombudsman (because they may be required to do something different), or did not pay the ~£170 by 11 Aug, she would cancel the "deal" and I would be required to the full amount, including any other charges I assume she would add on. I of course ignored this threat and called her out on it before 11 Aug, but have heard nothing since. I did see a letter was forwarded on from my old address, but I did not pay for the postage to receive it and did not see what it contained. I think I need to engage with the Ombudsman, but I need to see what the bills are without giving my address to BT, and see if BT actually owe me money for all this time and harassment and what I think is an illegal threat if I contacted the Ombudsman. The CSA have said they have no competence here and I have not yet contacted the Ombudsman without taking advice here. Also, would small claims court be a sensible option at this point? And, what of Lowell and their silence? Finally, what could BT do at this point if I do not act?
  6. Hi dx, Not sure what you mean? Me to post, or KEdin to post? I have not started this SallieMae nonsense again with them yet, but hoped to hear about KEdin's fallout after the last post on 15 Aug 2016. Did I make a mistake in some way with my previous post?
  7. Hi KEdin, It has been quite awhile since I have posted, and nothing to report on my end except I have not heard from Arrow Global nor Capquest in many months, just looking at what has happened with your situation, very similar to mine as we know, I am intrigued as to how the Ombudsman did not respond and how Capquest seem to be trying to bully you. I will follow the same path you did, and see where it ends up, I want to be prepared for when I believe I will end up in the same position you are at the time of this last post. Has anything new occurred since your last post? Have you found out anything about what this would look like in the courts, or even if it would go to court? Anything with the ICO in post 37?
  8. KEdin, Yes, bizarre indeed. They never asked for anything, and in my case, I asked for things very early on as you may have read. I think Statute Barred is the answer in both our cases. I will continue to ignore things and will sort all the paperwork when I return. I imagine you will wait on their response, but I can imagine it could get a bit dicey soon – or not. Do let me know what happens when the 40 days are over; or I will monitor. It will help me in my situation when I get ready to take them on. And cheers for sharing your experience. Horrible for both of us really.
  9. renegadeimp, Cheers for this advice. Nervousness about all the money they have piled on in interest, fees and potential litigation expense is causing me to think about potential futures. Thank you for the dose of sanity - and reality. I will put things together and post back when all is in motion.
  10. silverfox1961, Amazing information here. I guess I knew VF were as slimy as these procedures warrant, but seeing things up front like this - and experiencing it, which is why I am here asking for advice - wow. I will follow your advice as delineated here, but I cannot do it immediately as I need to be away from end of Aug until mid Sep, in case I need to defend myself from a claim letter or need to respond to something with a very short time limit. But thank you for all of this. I will post back when I have put everything in motion.
  11. Thank you BankFodder and silverfox1961, It is a pity I never recorded the phone calls, but I guess I would never have thought to do it as I never really had problems with Vodafone until this incident. And it is a shame that I may just need to suck it up and pay, galling as it is. I do have all the email correspondence detailing everything referred to here but I also realise that the phone recording would have sealed it in my favour. Would you recommend for me to at least contact Ofcom and the ICO/FCA/FOS to get them to find records, deal with the unwarranted default and confront the stain on my credit, in addition to the SAR to the VF Data Controller? ID will be scan of Council Tax bill with important information whited out. Thank you again...
  12. Hi dx100uk, I will follow your last advice and assert Statute Barred as per Scottish law and will also prepare complaint and compensation procedure just in case. I cannot do this now as I need to be away from end of Aug until mid-Sep, in case I get a Claim Form and am not able to respond within the 14 days and thus unable to avoid a summary judgement (as I will be away). I also will need time to prepare a defence in case it would go in this direction. I have looked at the forms from KEdin's thread and the advice on all posts associated and will adjust accordingly, without acknowledging any debt. Thank you very much for your advice and help. I will post when I have heard anything after I submit the letters to Arrow as advised.
  13. Hello, I am starting a new thread here after discovering some things on my credit record. The story is: In 2013 whilst I was a Vodafone UK mobile phone customer, a Vodafone phone agent advised me that if I purchased a call package which gave a discount to Intl calls made outwith the UK, this package would cover Russia, which was the country I was going to make calls from. When I returned from that trip in October 2013, I found a bill of £122, increased to £203.70 by Dec 2013. I even offered to pay some portion of the £122 in instalments and paid ~£15 per month as a goodwill gesture. But I still disputed the Russian call charges and said this constantly. I disputed this constantly from Oct 2013 by email and phone; I spoke with them over the phone several times from the end of 2013, emailed up until Feb 2014 and spoke with an agent called Jeff Phoenix from Vodafone UK by Dec 2013 and still no resolution from then. J Phoenix tried to bully me over the phone to accept everything. I emailed Vodafone and Fredrickson International, a debt collection agency hired by Vodafone UK, that this occurred a few days later after this phone discussion. I also exchanged email in Jan and Feb 2014 with Fredrickson International and Vodafone UK after the phone call as Vodafone did not respond to my communication. I told both Vodafone UK and Fredrickson I was going to contact Ofcom about this problem. Subsequently, I lost interest and did not contact Ofcom but I never heard anything back from either Vodafone UK of Fredrickson. And now looking through my credit record I see a default of £200 dated from 01 Jan 2014 even though I had email communication with Vodafone UK and Fredrickson from 10 Feb 2014. My questions are: 1) Is there some sort of redress I can get from Ofcom for the damage to my credit record? 2) What can be done with regards to the conduct of Jeff Phoenix? 3) Can I get these phone charges removed and my credit record cleaned, backdated to the time of the dispute? Thank you for your help in advance.
  14. Hello dx100uk, I never made any payments at all, and now I see two loans on my credit record via Noddle, both dated from 2007; January and October. I do not remember two loans in the first instance, secondly, I never made any payments to either loan and both show a default from Nov 2013. I never saw anything until 2015 as previously stated. firstly from Arrow, then Capquest. These loans are listed in Noddle as being owned by Arrow. I made a dispute with Noddle in January 2016 when I discovered these loans, but received something back from Noddle saying that I had requested as terms of the loan that no one should able to look at or communicate anything about these loans except for me and the lender - which of course I never knowingly did. The last update was from 17 Jul on my credit record. So here I am stuck. And as a reminder, I have received no communication from Arrow recently, only Capquest, the most recent being yesterday. Still Statute Barred do you think? And do you think I should still follow the advice as above and as KEdin has done?
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