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  1. Default removed according to Vodafone. Will check this on my credit report when it comes through at the end of the month.
  2. Thank you Silver Fox. E mail sent and had a mail back about 2 minutes ago stating that someone is looking at my query and I will have an update shortly.
  3. It’s ridiculous. I was told today that there is no outstanding balance so unsure of how you can pass a debt over to a debt collector when there nothing owing! I’ve written a formal letter of complaint with him today and will see where we go from here. Can’t understand how you can have a debt for £458 on your credit file but when you contact the company - you are up to date and no money is owed and the account is still active! Does anyone have a name for someone higher up in the ranks for Vodafone as I don’t want to waste time as he wants to apply for a mortgage ASAP!
  4. Do you think because the account is marked as closed on his credit file as of the 18th October but then Vodafone sent a bill via email on the 23rd for the same account that is marked as closed for £51 that he paid today that actually this is a complete **** up! Makes absolutely zero sense to me!!!!
  5. No HP agreement signed. I’ve sent a dispute to the credit reference agencies too. The account is set as closed and with a debt of £458 but there’s no balance owing and the account is still open according to Vodafone today!
  6. was told that he had to pay £400 to cancel the service as the phone wasn’t insured or we could continue to make the payments till the end of the contract. Weren’t in a position to pay off the contract in full so will continue to pay until the contract is fully paid up.
  7. Let’s hope so. I have it in writing that the default will be removed and not just marked as settled so hopefully this will be resolved quickly. I’m not holding my breath. However, the account is still open so I’m not quite sure how this works!
  8. I’ve just spoken to a lady on the phone and she said that as the account is up to date and still open I can contact the credit default department and they should remove the default? Would that make sense. Update - my son has had an online conversation with Vodafone which we’ve screen shotted. They stated that the default will be removed within 48 hours? Is that standard practice???
  9. They have tried to call my son today on my phone number and sent an email to contact them. Do you suggest that I do everything in writing and not call them back?
  10. It was paid after the 14 day time period on the letter. We live in an apartment block and the letter got mixed up with others post. As soon as I was aware of the problem It was paid. He missed payments in August but didn’t receive any notification of an issue via email. Obviously they couldn’t call him because he no longer has the phone which I have explained on numerous occasions to various customer service people.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm hoping for a bit of advice on this. My son has an account with Vodafone. He is 19 and the whole thing has turned into a bit of a nightmare! He lost his phone last year but continued to make payments on his account. He made a payment in July and then received a letter in September about the account being in default. As he is only 19, I have been dealing with the matter on his behalf and we have been passed from pillar to post with various people as he no longer has the phone. When I found out that the account was going into default, I phoned Vodafon
  12. Hi......I'm having a nightmare with this company!!! My £150 loan now stands at a massive £1000 plus.......I want them to take me to court now so that I can make an offer of a fair payment......I keep getting the threatening letters and phone calls but to date no visits or action taken. Ive made an offer of full and final settlement of £200 but they haven't responded......I refuse to be bullied into paying horrific charges by loansharks.....Although Payday loan companies do get a bad press, I set up a payment plan with Text Loans and this is being paid off at a rate of £40 per month!!! Surely,
  13. I havent actually.......If I get in touch with them would start the whole 6 year process again or does that not matter as its already defaulted. My credit file isn't updated with anything different - just the alert that the credit is settled but nothing showing on the actual account when I click on it. Unsure what to do regarding the charges.......would appreciate any advice! I'm a complete novice at this - really want to sort things out so that I'm in a better financial position for mortgages etc.
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