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Found 4 results

  1. My first foray into independent travel with my new powerchair didn't end that well! Outward flight was spot on, all promised help was provided, cheerful assistance staff at both airports and a seamless journey from end to end. Return flight was cancelled with no notice. I have had conflicting reports as to why including weather (at the destination, not the departure airport), earlier delays due to weather at the destination meaning the aircraft was not in the right place and earlier delays due to bad weather in Ireland causing a knock-on effect on other flights. At the time my flight was due to depart there were no issues with weather at either end. Assistance at the airport was non-existent - no Flybe staff at all. Eventually directed to the Swissport desk who just shrugged. Eventually they said that all passengers would be taken by bus to an hotel. After some argument I persuaded them that I really couldn't drive the chair up the bus steps and they sent me to the taxi rank with a voucher. I was absolutely refused any further assistance with locating a suitable taxi or with my luggage but was assured that an accessible room had been reserved for me. I was given nothing about my rights nor any contact details or information about when to return to the airport. An extremely helpful Spanish taxi driver phoned for an accessible taxi for me and also translated the hotel name scribbled on the voucher. The taxi itself had a ramp, full stop. No means of securing the chair or me, and every time he went round a corner, the chair tipped sideways. Scary. After 45 minutes or so I was literally deposited in the middle of a junction outside a building which I presumed was the hotel but could equally have been a posh office, but not a dropped kerb in sight. I did eventually locate one round the back of the building next to the disabled access, relief! Or not. The receptionist took one look at me and said they didn't accept wheelchair users (so why a wheelchair entrance?) even though they did have a lift. By this time the bus had also arrived and was offloading 65 other passengers several of whom tried to intervene. About an hour later another taxi arrived (this one did at least have a strap that the driver wrapped around the chair a bit) and took me to another hotel, though I had to pay. Neither I nor the hotel were able to obtain any information (or even a reply) from Flybe or the airport next morning, I opted to take myself back (another dodgy taxi, another fare) to find out what was happening. In the meantime, I'd asked my sister in the UK to keep trying Flybe and get them to ring me, which they did just as I arrived. Unfortunately 45 minutes later and we were no further forward - according to Flybe there were no other flights from anywhere in Spain to anywhere in the UK for 48 hours, which was an absolute lie as there were seats on several other flights from that airport that day. Having given up on Flybe I joined the other passengers who'd decided to take matters into their own hands at the Swissport desk. Once again the first reaction was not promising, but once I made them (and everyone within earshot) aware that Flybe would have to reroute us with a different carrier if they couldn't get us home that attitude changed somewhat, perhaps because I was also handing out slips of paper with CAG's web address. They were in the process of getting authorisation from Flybe to route us through Barcelona and Paris when I was told to go to check-in as they'd miraculously found a seat for me on the next flight, leaving in 20 minutes. I've let things fester for a few days, mostly because by the time I got to the UK I was wiped out, I've just received a generic letter from Flybe offering everyone a £75 voucher. My first response wouldn't get past the CAGbot, my second is to seek opinions from the forum. 1. Flybe are claiming 'extraordinary circumstances' so no automatic compensation. Are they right as there was no problem with the weather at either end by the time our flight was due to depart. 2. I know I can claim the taxi fares, would it be reasonable to hold Flybe responsible for the humilation of being refused a room in the hotel they picked and the stress of being carted around a strange city at night and on my own? I wouldn't normally consider travelling alone at night other than with a taxi firm known to me. I was genuinely quite terrified by the whole experience. 3. When booking special assistance, Flybe promise that should there be any issue with your flight they will notify you direct as soon as possible to discuss with you how to proceed. This obviously didn't happen, and in fact other than reluctantly sending me by taxi, they made absolutely no allowance for my disability. Had they spoken to me earlier I'd have told them the best option would be for me to stay where I was where I not only had accessible facilities but also several people on hand to help me use them. Is this breach of contract? Very sorry for the long post but I hate when people give bits of information piecemeal.
  2. Hi This is from earlier this year but after seeing a lot of press around refunds I thought it was worth pursuing. My daughter had booked a flight with Flybe from our local airport Newquay to Gatwick to connect with a Malaysian airlines flight back to Australia. I dropped her off and she checked in. Her connecting flight was 1.35pm, so plenty of time to connect with the flight. The flight was meant to take off at 7.25am, but took off at 8.35am. It landed in Exeter as Gatwick airport was shut down due to fog. They sat around for 2 hours until they informed them that they had cancelled the flight and they would take them to Gatwick by coach. This journey took 5 hours. I called Malaysian airlines but I had to buy another flight. Flybe knew that Gatwick was closed and had they said that they couldn't get there we could have driven my daughter to Gatwick - it would have been a close call time wise but we could have made it. Can we get any compensation for this, any help much appreciated
  3. My Sister booked a flight on 11 July to fly out on tues 28th july and return on tuesday 11th aug. She fortuitously took a picture of the booking confirmation screen that came up after she paid. But when the conf email arrived (which she did not check) it was for return on the 12th Aug Unfortunately she only discovered this at the airport on the 11th aug when she tried to check in for her return flight.. So flybe being what they are I feel that even if she had checked on the day of booking and discovered this error they would have fobbed her off anyway. The T&C's are no changes after booking. So how to sort this out. I believe she is due compensation or something, she had the screenshot saved and used it as her flight ref to check in, and to organise all her taxis transport etc. I can see why she did not feel the need to check the confirmation email.
  4. I was looking to book flights for my dad to fly from Glasgow to Cornwall and went through the Flybe website. For the dates I wanted, it showed only three seats left (end of July & return at end of September). I inadvertently added up to 20kg baggage which isn't required, but saw you could update details in the account section later. I checked the site thoroughly over the weekend (flight was booked on a Friday evening) but couldn't find any way to remove the baggage from the ticket. I called on the Tuesday to discuss this, and the Contact Centre said they couldn't do anything other than remove the baggage but still charge for it. They advised I had to speeak to the refund office. I called the refund office only to be told the Contact Centre would have to agree to the refund before advising me to come through to the refund office! As they hadn't mentioned any of this, I was informed therefore it was deemed non-refundable. I am not looking to cancel the flight tickets, just remove the baggage element as not needed. Is this part covered under distance selling rules? There is sufficient information about not being able to cancel a seat, nothing relating to baggage being set in the same way. In fact it clearly implies that is able to be altered through the website. The fellow at the refund office advised they know at Flybe you can't alter baggage once selected. Any advice would be appreciated.
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