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Found 13 results

  1. Hey Guys, See if you guys can assist me. I have been working Flexible Working since 2015 as I look after a disabled wife and a child. Recently during a meeting with my manager, my manager informed me that he wants to cancel my flexible working and wants to increase my working days from 3 (under flexible working) to 5 days a week. I was given 2 weeks notice and given a date when this change will be applicatble. I objected to this decision, but the manager simply announced his decision and ended the meeting and said no further discussions. I received his decision in writing w
  2. New plans for military flexible working become law READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-plans-for-military-flexible-working-become-law
  3. New plans for Armed Forces flexible working reach the Commons READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-plans-for-armed-forces-flexible-working-reach-the-commons
  4. Armed Forces (Flexible Working) Bill 2017 READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/armed-forces-flexible-working-bill-2017
  5. Hi All, To provide a bit of a backstory: the company where I work has made no significant pay awards (beyond inflation) for around 8 years and for the last two years nothing whatsoever (not even inflation). After a bit of calculation my wages are now below what they were in 2008 when adjusted for inflation despite now performing a significantly more senior role. I have found something which could be performed one day a week which could significantly supplement my income and to this end put in a request to cut my working week to 4 days (not working for the company on a Friday i.e. doin
  6. Hey guys, recently the shop I work at has had a few issues and I'm hoping to know where I (and a couple others) stand with things. Looking through my paperwork re; issues recently I can't find a copy of my contract. I also do not remember if I ever signed one (I may or may not have). Iirc they have 3 months from me starting to issue me a copy (if I did sign one). If I DIDNT sign one, under what terms am I actually working if anything came to a head? On the above note, several times recently in conversation it's come up that 'staff must be flexible' regarding their hours and that it'
  7. Hello, I am seeking some advice. I work for a company that is open 8am to 10pm and for the last 3 years i have been working 9am - 5:30pm Monday to Friday with one Saturday rarely. Currently it seems all the staff seem to have been leaving and never replaced - this leaves a team of around 15 staff.(shortfall of staff on regular basis) The department want to run all staff on a 5 over 7 basis and this has never been the case before. I was employed for set shifts however this was never clear in my contract yet it was what has been happening for 3 years now. So 2 staff apply f
  8. Hi,,,quick question (s) ;-) I started an agricultural job a couple of months ago (nothing special and only expected to last few more weeks) and was told the hours would be 20-30 per week (mon to fri). I don't really know from one day to the next what time I'll be finishing work that day because the boss makes it up as he goes along due to business demands. Not including overtime at weekend, i'm averaging about 37 hours during the week. Does this make me a 'flexible worker'? I work mostly unsupervised so that means I'm a 'grade 2'. If I'm a 'flexible', that also mean i'm being
  9. I currently work for a further educationinstitute where in addition to our teaching duties we have administrativeduties too. In 2011 we had a new line manager who introduced a policy of a workfrom home day and I managed to secure a Monday as my work from home day toassist with childcare. This was a scheduled work from home day agreed andtimetabled by the line manager as part of self-managed time but not arrangedvia HR. In late 2012 we had a new HR manager whodeemed that self-maanged time was not a right. The operational needs of theinstitution needed to be put first. I mentioned flexible
  10. In October my partner requested under the flexbile working act to work from work till 2pm and then 2pm till 5.30 from home via Laptop, this is due to being a carer for a disabled son and needing to be around for the school run which our disabled son gets distressed about and needs to be carried everywhere and is over 15kg, we have 3 children one in a pushchair. Anyway this was denied even though they knew all the reasons but never put in writing despite chasing Directors, Managers and HR. The reasons they gave where the team was too small, he had to be based at work and that they were conce
  11. Apologies but this may be a little long winded. I have recently submitted a request to change my shift pattern at work back to what they used to be. When I received the job offer over the phone I was told “Mon-Fri 9-5” When I started working I was advised that this would be the hours during my training period and that my actual hours were to be a 2 week rotational shift with my fellow team manager. I would work mon-fri 6am – 14:30 one week then Mon-Fri 10:30-19:00 the next with alternating Saturdays. This was not a problem and I accepted it as such. A few months later my felloe
  12. I have worked for my employer for 12 years and have had no previous problems with my employer or colleagues. A few months ago I submitted a flexible working request so that I could try and balance working full time with caring for 2 children under 3 years old. Although it was initially met with opposition from the 2 managers I followed the correct procedures and my request was agreed on the basis it was on a 6 month trial. A revised contract was given to me showing this. However since March I have been met with huge opposition from my colleagues (there are 7 others who have the same responsi
  13. Hi All Thanks so much for the information on Redundancy. I thought I'd post the full story so you could give me some advice as I'm writing my final grievance letter and I'm sure you'll have points I should raise. I've been in communication with my employers about my workload since April 2011. At the time they agreed it was excessive and not evenly spread but that the other person in the department wasn't up to the job. I was asked to give them time to resolve it...I did. June 2011 I have am exemplary review. Another employee was recruited but the other member of the departme
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