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  1. Child benefit and child tax credits will stop - no longer eligible.
  2. Hi. I may have holiday pay problems coming my way when I end my present 'casual' job (i've been told by other employees this employer doesn't pay holiday pay at the end of casual work) and so have been looking into this myself. Everyone (apart from armed forces/police and trainees, I think it is) is entitled to holiday pay from their first hour of work for an employer. Useful info:> https://www.gov.uk/holiday-entitlement-rights/entitlement To work out what he's due, divide the number of days he worked by 232. Multiply the answer by 28 and that is the number of holiday days pay h
  3. Any thoughts / help ? I'm thinking what a stupid thing to do sending the second email, and yes, you need help. (lol, sorry, just jokin' with the last bit) Put it behind you and only communicate with that colleague if it's a work related matter. If she wants to talk (be friends again), fair enough, but she'll have to approach you. There may not have been an official complaint put in but the damage is done - don't make it worse. How would you approach putting this right ? Do nothing, only communicate with that colleague if it's a necessary work related matter and forget it eve
  4. Tell us your name and we'll see what juicy gossip we can dig out I don't think there is 'another way', though as NOTHING is totally secure on't tinterweb you can never rule it out
  5. This job is only due to last a few more weeks anyway so 'getting out' is not a problem and won't cause any when I have to go back to signing on (not looking forward to all that cr#p again) ;-) I do have a contract allbeit in verbal form at the moment. When I'm told I only have a week or so left until the end, i'll ask the employer for a written contract or statement of employment particulars which he should have legally given me within 2 months of starting work. I don't think he'll give me one though, or it will be different to what he said when I started - we'll see I could be wrong but I
  6. Hi,,,quick question (s) ;-) I started an agricultural job a couple of months ago (nothing special and only expected to last few more weeks) and was told the hours would be 20-30 per week (mon to fri). I don't really know from one day to the next what time I'll be finishing work that day because the boss makes it up as he goes along due to business demands. Not including overtime at weekend, i'm averaging about 37 hours during the week. Does this make me a 'flexible worker'? I work mostly unsupervised so that means I'm a 'grade 2'. If I'm a 'flexible', that also mean i'm being
  7. https://www.gov.uk/budgeting-loans/overview I've had a few budgeting loans up to £800 over the years. I think the amount you can claim depends on how long you've been on benefits (and other things). Each time I've applied they've either said yes or no (always been yes) and quote a figure I could have claimed up to. Check the link above - all the info is there. Note, you can't apply for a budgeting loan for any reason. There is a 'list' of things Budgeting Loans can pay for. I don't think covering housing benefit or starting up a business will qualify ;-)
  8. From companies to you - ie, responses to job applications I should imagine. I hope you asked them to buy you a printer and ink to complete the task.
  9. In DWP's 'The Work Program' booklet/pdf, it states ...'Providers can claim a job outcome payment after a participant has been in a job for three or six months, depending on how far they are from the labour market.' Does anybody know if that means if you're considered far from the labour market it's 3 months, and 6 if considered 'close'. I ask because I've just got a job but its only for 3 months and I want to know if I'm safe to let WP know i'm working, but only for 3 months (so tough, no payment for you) , or whether I have to ignore phone calls from numbers I don't recognise.(it'll
  10. Yes they can, but you don't have to sign it Stick to the JSAg, the WP can go ....
  11. Unfortunately it's the other way round. You'll have to hit them with another withdrawal form. edit: I've just hit the 12 month mark in my sentence to WP and have been told I'm getting a new advisor (#7) and going to the next stage. Can anyone tell me what fun 'n games I've got to look forward to now?
  12. I was going to mention social tariffs but a quick googling tells me they've been phased out.(replaced with something else) Click here for some info
  13. I was bored so I had a go too. I didn't bother reading the questions, I just ticked 'very much unlike me' for everything. Not bad eh?...lol
  14. I can't believe I'm saying this, but builders bum's don't always look bad Take a peek
  15. As much as I hate the Work program, that's one course I wouldn't mind going on myself. I'm 51, and fit as a fiddle (as far as I know), and although I wouldn't particularly want to go into construction my house is in a right state and some of those skills would come in very handy. Would you get a CSCS card from it? btw, being older than everyone else has it's advantages
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