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  1. Thanks. The latest is that I was promised that a named person would call me back on Tuesday afternoon. I never received the call. So I called around 4:30 and was told that unfortunately she had to go home early. However, she would definitely be in on Wednesday and that she would call me with an update. Her manager had even been cced in. Wednesday came and went without a call. So, I called this morning. Apparently she was on another call but would call me back within the hour. This time I did get a call back. Not from the rep as she had to go home as she was unwell again but a specialist
  2. Thanks. Yes, I made one complaint but I am guessing they marked it as resolved when they paid me the £100 compensation after they thought the policy encashment money had been sent out earlier this month. I have put in another complaint since the encashment money went missing though.
  3. I have an ex Friends Life with profits investment bond now under the ownership of Aviva. This was transferred to me by my mother. Over the past three years I have made a number of successful partial withdrawals on the policy without issue. This all changed when in early September of this year, I submitted another partial encashment for £3000. After not receiving the money within 10 days I contacted Aviva and was told that due to a technical issue sufficient units could not be cancelled to action a payout. Therefore, the process was delayed. To exacerbate, the issue, I had a buil
  4. Hi, Thanks for the advice above. The insurance company (Sun Alliance it turns out AA are just the broker) have confirmed that the independent investigator concluded that there was no damage on my car and the scratches on their car could not have been caused by me. He also has digital photos to prove this. However, they have been in touch with the 3rd party's insurer again and apparently the claimant has sent in a USB stick with other evidence purporting to show their damage was caused by me. However, Directline have not looked at the USB stick yet! From SA's point of view unless they hav
  5. Thanks, I will follow your advice and update you!
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone can help. Last August, I was rung by The AA my insurance company and informed that a 3rd party had alleged that I had driven into their parked car in our cul-de-sac and then driven off having caused damage to their car. The 3rd party also had an independent witness to the incident. After they mentioned the car in question, I knew the house that had made the claim and also realised that the 3rd party and the independent witness were at the same address! I knew that this incident had not occurred and that essentially they were trying to find a cheap way to r
  7. The reason given is that some of our activity is not aligned to the future targets of the company and also some activities are not meeting the organisation's KPIs. We are in a Union but it is not very effective!
  8. Thanks for the replies, Yes, I was more concerned about the indirect consequences. It is interesting Becky that you say there is no protection against poor treatment. Surely, the employee would be protected fro many direct consequences such as being treated inferiorly to someone who did not sign the petition?
  9. Hi, I work in a large organisation of 500 employees where management is planning to reduce activity in our section and half the work force of our section from 20 members to 10. As a result, someone has decided to organise a petition of all 500 of the workers in the organisation asking management for an end to job losses and instead to negotiate an alternative plan with our section. I have argued that anybody who signs such a petition could find themselves in trouble with management but other people seem to think that any direct consequences such as dismissal or maltreatment would be il
  10. Th\nks for that advice. Much appreciated. What kind of time limit should I give it? It has been 3 weeks now since I cancelled the booking.
  11. I did it by mastercard credit card? Is there hope? Thanks for any advice
  12. Hi, I booked a reasonably expensive hotel in the Maldives via ebookers which required a refundable deposit. Unfortunately, plans have changed and I had to cancel the hotel booking. They have promised a refund of my deposit but 3 weeks later no deposit has yet appeared on my credit card statement despite me emailing them repeatedly. What are my options?
  13. Thanks for the comments and I appreciate the points made. I haven't made the application to HR yet so no nothing is official and yes I take your point EmployLaw about wording it carefully. Luckily, it would seem from other colleagues reports that HR don't necessarily back management blindly and so I might get some good advise from them prior to making the application. Ultimately, I have a young family so if they do force me I will do as they say. I just hope they don't seek retribution in future.
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