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Found 15 results

  1. Hello all. My wife has been receiving texts from TSB telling her that she is overdrawn and detailing the amounts spent and where for over two months now.....but she doesn't have an account with them. She has phones them three times to complain that she has been worried over this, thinking that she may have had an account with them that she had forgotten about, etc. TSB say that 'someone must have put your phone number in their details' but haven't actually done anything about it yet. Please can I ask what she should do about this?
  2. Hi, I've been reading through some of the previous threads with similar issues. I would appreciate some help with my particular problem if anyone can give me advice? I joined Fitspace gym on 29/06/2015 and the membership was 12.99 per month. In around January of 2016 I finally sought help with my debt problems and eventually got a DMP with stepchange. My bank overdraft was one of the debts included in this so my account was closed and the direct debit to Fitspace was cancelled. In June of 2016 I received a text message from Zinc saying I needed to contact them with no other details so I ignored it. Last month I had a similar text message from CRS and another today simply asking me to contact them. I had a search and realised they must be contacting me about my previous fitspace membership. I have had no written correspondence from them and I have not yet contacted them. I assume they have my current address as its the one I used when joining Fitspace. I'm not sure where to go from here? Should I write to them asking for them to contact me via letter? Any advice is much appreciated, thanks for any help!
  3. Hi All I've been a silent reader of this excellent forum for some time now, but as of now I need a little help/friendly advice. I had an old stlye SLC loan (pre-97) which I'd deferred for many, many years, moving address along the way. Hadn't heard anything for years, then some Erudio letters arrived via an old address, which I ignored (not always the best course of action), and recently I've also received letters from Capquest who I gather are one and the same. Alongside this, I've had calls/texts and have been harassed extensively. Occasionally, I've tried to engage in conversation, but I can't actually get through the data protection checks they ask for at the beginning of the site. Usually, I'd just follow previous advice and ignore - as a lot of people here have done on here. However, and this is where it gets weird. I was forwarded a letter dated last week from Capquest which I subsequently binned, and haven't actually spoken verbally to anyone about this. This morning, my work phone rang, and a guy claiming to be from TM Legal was trying to get hold of me. How they got my work phone I have no idea and was quite taken aback. He asked to put me through security, and I refused as I was at work. (open plan office etc.). Googling them reveals they are a legal firm based down South who deal with CCJs. I checked my credit file, and did a search on the Trustorg site, and nothing is showing up. I'm a bit confused, and have no other outstanding debt whatsoever. What would you do? Would anybody advise sending Capquest/Erudio Statute barred letters? Or just ignoring extensively. I'm pretty sure I've not spoken to them in six years, but I honestly can't recall the last time I sent deferral stuff. Could've been around 2012, but I'm really not sure of this. In addition, I've categorically NEVER spoken to Erudio direct. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Kind regards M
  4. Has anyone else noticed premium rate incoming texts on vodafone bill? Vodafone are obviously profiting from this as they collect the money, take a commission and then pass it on to the 'service' providers - apparaently I can't use a word that sounds like 'scrammer' Apologies if there is already a thread about this but i couldn't find it if there is
  5. Hello I am back again! I thought my troubles were over with Vodafone but apparently this was wishful thinking! I have been unable to send texts or receive calls since January 8. I have made numerous complaints, have spoken to customer service reps via 191 who have plenty of platitudes about wanting to help me with my problem (this never happens) and have had one call back from an agent who claimed the issue would be resolved in 48 hours which was over 2 weeks ago. I was told that Vodafone had disconnected my number for reasons no one at Vodafone seems to know despite me paying my bill every month on time by DD. I have not ported my number over recently (I previously had issues with this the beginning of last year when I first joined) so I am more than confused why Vodafone has decided on this course of action out of the blue. I would appreciate my number being restored since ridiculously enough, I can still make calls but no one can call me as my number is supposedly invalid or callers are given the "you have dialled an incorrect number" message. I hope that this problem can be resolved and quickly as I am awaiting some rather important phone calls and do not want to miss them because of an error on the part of Vodafone. Any assistance would be much appreciated. I have submitted the Vodafone form as per instructions. The reference number is: WRT135 [#12499592]
  6. Imposing fines of up to £500,000 on the companies behind cold calls and nuisance text messages is to become easier under changes to the law being made by the government. The move follows tens of thousands of complaints about cold calling. Currently, firms can only be punished if the Information Commissioner can prove a call caused "substantial damage or substantial distress". But from 6 April, that legal requirement is to be removed. More than 175,000 complaints were made to the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) last year about nuisance calls and text messages. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-31616523
  7. Like so many others, I am having trouble porting my number to Vodafone. I have moved from Virgin to Vodafone. My Vodafone sim allows me to make calls and use the Internet but I can't receive calls or send/receive texts. I've contacted customer services who have said exactly what other people with the same problem have had said to them i.e. I will put you through to the porting team who confirm that my number is with Vodafone but all of 'the files' associated with my number have not been transferred. They say we will raise this with our 'back office team' who will contact Virgin. My Virgin sim went dead on the last day of my contract but interestingly, it has come back to life and I can now make and receive calls, send and receive texts and use the Internet. Not sure how they're going to bill me for this. I've been using mobiles for 16 years with the same number for the majority of this. I've ported many times before with no problems. As a first-time customer with Vodafone, this is a poor introduction. I would be grateful if Lee from Vodafone could help out.
  8. Howdo Folks Id like to know why I'm getting these if I'm not a "Valued" Customer and never have been... Im interested in seeing what Customer Relations have to say on this...
  9. I hope I have stuck this thread in the right place, I have had a little search for other threads and not sure if I am doing this in the right place so apologies if not! Basically, I once shared a house with two friends one of which was responsible for paying for the gas and electric through SSE. When my friends moved out I changed to British Gas (a mistake it's self - story for another day) and got changed over within about a day of them leaving. I told my ex-housemate to tell me how much my share was of the account with SSE and I would pay him. I never heard anything after that for a long time. However, a company called CRS are calling me and chasing me for a debt to SSE (at silly o'clock in the morning) and sending me texts saying I have not replied to their requests and that they are going to visit the property. I am still in contact with who lives in that house now, and they have not received any post for me. They only have my old address and an abbreviation of my first name which my housemate used to refer to me by, so it looks like he has given them my name and phone number, I never agreed to any liability with SSE and they shouldn't have passed on my details. I am going to write letters to both companies, I am going to look in the templates section. I have two questions really, is there anything else that I might need to consider here? ALSO - can I provide them an e-mail address to respond to instead of my postal address? I don't really want them to come round!
  10. Hi, I'm really worried about MMF. I got myself into a lot of (stupid) debt with payday lenders over the last couple of years. Most of it I've managed to get into repayment plans for but there were a few playing hard balls who wouldn't agree to anything. One of them was lending stream, where I borrowed £300 but after various charges and interest was applied ended up at close to £1000. They refused to budge on the amount, and eventually assigned it to a debt collector. From reading these forums I (thought I had) learned how to deal with DCAs, and CCA'd the original DCA (Moorcroft). They replied by sending me a pre-contract from Lending Stream, but not the CCA itself. I replied that there response wasn't acceptable, they then stated that they would refer the account back to their client. It then got sold on to Buchanan Clark + Wells, who backed off when I mentioned the CCA request not being fulfilled. The account got sold on to Lowells and Gothia, who I both ignored. Both of these offered reduced settlement offers when I kept ignoring them. The last I heard about this was over a year ago, and I've since moved 200 miles away. Last week, I got texted '...my name...your lending stream LLC a/c has been sold to MMF. Please call to prevent transfer to our home visit dept. 0113 8876876 ref: ...ref number...' The following day, I started getting phone calls from 7 or 8 different numbers a day (landline and mobile numbers) along with more threatening texts. None of this worried me at all, I thought MMF were just another DCA, until I did a 'who calls me' search to find out if it was another MMF number and then uncovered a thread here that they had taken actual legal action against someone with an unpaid payday loan, then I uncovered how bad they are. MMF don't know where I live, but I'm genuinely worried about getting a CCJ without my knowledge if they don't have a current address. I don't know whether it's a good idea or not to volunteer where I'm living now, as it looks like they aren't scared away by letters and unlike every other DCA I've dealt with their home visits are actually real - I know that they have no authority to do anything but my partner is easily intimidated and I don't want her dealing with these people if I'm not here. I don't know what to do for the best here, I'm more than willing to discuss repayment of what I owe ('what I owe' and 'what they claim I owe' not being the same thing), but this lot have rattled me when their threats don't seem as empty as most DCAs.
  11. A brief outline, I have had 40+ calls texts letters in 4 months from various DCA's and had had enogh of asking them to stop finally I grab the raging bull by the horns and didnt let them go, they refused to comply with kind requests to stop intimidating me, so after much help over time from here, I had a 39 hour ride to success and rode out the storm, still I only have this 1 debt that WILL be sorted soon, my advise is for everyone to look learn listen to advise given here as its invaluable and it WORKS if I can help I will I am no hit and runner lol 101 posts with no qualifications in law but a great understanding of it now, I can run rings around a 3rd year law student now I can now relax and be me again, worry free and happy once more, with the knowledge gained here I can now help others both on here and in my community thx To the CAG long may it live Thank you once again for your telephone call on the 28/02/2013 timed at 19:39. Your company has been as far as I am concerned harassing me by text and on a mobile number, you have been requested by email to refrain from this and yet you still refuse to write a letter and state your intentions, as I said in my email earlier this week I WILL take action against you if you refuse, so therefore I must inform you that on the 28/02/2013 I made an official complaint about you to the FSO (Financial Services Ombudsman) I was given a reference number of ********, my call was placed on the following date and time 19:48 on the 28/02/2013 to number 0800 023 **** and they are now aware of your constant texts and calls you are HERBY INFORMED one last time before action in the Southend County court for harassment under Protection From Harassment Act 1997; Communications Act 2003 s127; I will no longer tolerate your harassment at all. You are hereby instructed to remove the telephone number *********** from all of your systems immediately and to communicate in writing only, this is your final warning, this email must be followed up by you in writing that you clearly understand my request, failure to do will will result in legal action on the above acts and complaints to the relevant authorities for your fitness to hold a credit license in 5 working days of 28/02/2013 no further comminication will be entered into with you regarding the account number ******** period, As the account is in dispute as per my last email to you this week I then got this from the DCA after they recieved notice from the FOS Dear ************ I can confirm that your telephone number has been removed as requested, also the account have been closed and returned to our client ******* ****. Please contact the client if you are disputing the repayment option as stated in a previous conversation. Kind regards ***** ********** Total response time with the DCA/FOS was 39 hours from start to finish and the only reason I have posted this is that the DCA complaints system is not sustainable for customer complaints, as all they want is your money, so please stick to your guns stand firm take no rubbish from them The scores on the doors is as follows MM 19 DCA's 0
  12. Hi All, I've recently started receiving texts and most recently a call from what appears to be Motormile finance. The first text referred to Mayday debt offers but also was addressed to someone else, hence i ignored it as it seemed to be the usual unsolicited spam. Since then ive had several more with the following text: It is very important that we speak to you please contact our office urgently on 01138876876 MMF ref. (ref number) along with a missed call from a similar number which traces back to Motormile finance. My question is: As i am obviously not the intended recipient of the original text (it was for a lady for a start - and im a man!) its obviously mistaken identity, but i'm unsure whether to speak to anyone from Motormile to clarify. From what i've read they sound like a particularly difficult collection agency and its not clear to me whether they are trying to extort money or legitimately try to claim on debt owed by someone else. As some of the messages i've read have said speaking on the phone is a big no-no and i'm not sure what i'm dealing with I thought i should ask advice on how to proceed. Please help! I'm actually finding the harassment quite stressful already and just want them to go away. Please also note i do not have any debt that i'm aware of and believe its extremely unlikely there could be a legitimate claim against me. Thanks in advance!
  13. Hi. I have been delivering for Knowhow for a Franchisee. I no longer work for Knowhow but the Franchisee is refusing to pay my outstanding wages and is sending abusive texts. I contacted HR but they refuse to deal with it. To whom do I complain? Thanks for any help
  14. I have received a text from the phone number : 07500580617 saying "Records passed to us show you're entitled to a refund approximately £2130 in compensation from mis-selling of PPI on your credit card or loan. Reply INFO or STOP" It is a Vodaphone number. How do I find out who owns the number? If I make a complaint to Vodaphone and the number keeps spamming me or I receive further similar texts can I recover time and costs etc from Vodaphone associated with delaing with this spam if I am unable to find out ( Or Vodaphone are unable to tell me ) who owns the number?
  15. Has anyone got a solution to these 10 or 20 message a day i receive from PPI and loan companies. I have asked countless times to be taken off list. Also have send "stop" back many time with no result. They just keep coming.:-x:-x
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