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  1. Finally, a result. The hotel has paid the parking charge as a 'gesture of goodwill' and the matter is now settled. My thanks to you, ericsbrother, for suggesting I inform them of my intention to name them as co-defendants in any court action. I included this in my last email to the hotel and, also, a suggestion that they may like to consider paying the charge, as the error was on their part in the first place. Thank you to everyone who chipped in with advice for me.
  2. Email from the hotel as follows: Regrettably, that is the response we have received from the ParkingEye. Each case that has been escalated to POPLA incurs financial costs to ParkingEye. I have discussed the matter with our General Manager, and regrettably as per terms of contract between our parties, they have a right to refuse to cancel it. Our hotel, can ask ParkingEye to cancel the fines but we are being charged with the cancelation fee, which I was more than happy to settle on this occasion. However, I was not aware that the case has been escalated to POPLA. We do have however an option of providing you with a written statement confirming our will to cancel the parking fine. As previously mentioned, if you could kindly provide me with the response of POPLA I would be able to provide you with appropriate evidence needed to cancel the fine. I appreciate it is frustrating experience, however I am trying to help you resolve it as soon as possible.
  3. Thank you, ericsbrother. Yes, we got a rejected appeal from POPLA. They acknowledged receipt of an email from the hotel, forwarded by us, confirming the PCN should be cancelled. The focus of their rejection is on the terms and conditions of the car park. As far as they are concerned, my wife did not pay and 'any concerns regarding the hotel will need to be addressed with the hotel itself'. The solution lays with the hotel, as you have stated, and I will now remove my kid gloves in dealing with them.
  4. Good morning, I acted on the advice given here and contacted the hotel, stating that they would be called as co-defendants should my case proceed to court. The intermediary I had been dealing with at the hotel bumped my email further on and I received an email from a manager. Progress, I thought. After supplying him/her with the PCN reference number and my wife's VRN I received an email from this manager telling me that ParkingEye would arrange to have this charge cancelled. The next day I received an email from the same manager telling me that ParkingEye had stated that they were unable to cancel the PCN because we had escalated it to POPLA. That does not make sense to me when ParkingEye initially rejected our appeal and then pointed us in the direction of POPLA. So, are they saying that, once you appeal through POPLA, the parking charge is 'locked in' and can not be cancelled? I find this hard to believe. The hotel manager also asked 'Would you be able to provide us with the response from POPLA, as we will need to assist you with using this route'. I am not sure what they hope to acheive with this information as I was led to believe that a POPLA appeal was a one-shot only. As it stands, I have not yet replied to this latest email from the hotel, or provided a copy of the POPLA response. I wanted to wait and see what the best advice would be from this forum, for which I am grateful.
  5. Thank you for your post. We have responded to the LBCCC, stating that we dispute the claim and will defend our position. We have also been in contact with the hotel and they are stating, by email, that the PCN has been cancelled but, as yet, we have no evidence of this. Indeed, the LBCCC was received by us after the cancellation confirmation email from the hotel. My wife is attending the same hotel next week for another event and I will arm her with details of what she requires from them in terms of evidence. Thank you for the advice. The situation does not seem as daunting when you know there is good advice out there.
  6. Hi, My wife attended a company meeting at the Grand Harbour Hotel, Southampton back in May of this year. Her company booked a package that included complimentary parking and a member of the hotel staff was tasked with collecting VRN's from the attendees. Unfortunately, my wife (and another lady) were somehow missed out and, as a result, she received a PCN from Parkingeye. We have appealed to Parkingeye and through POPLA, but to no avail. We have also ignored their 'gesture of goodwill' offer for us to pay £60 instead of £100. The hotel has stated, by emails on two separate occasions, that the PCN has been cancelled. However, the emails are from an intermediary member of the hotel staff and not the person who has, apparently, contacted Parkingeye. So we do not have copies of the communication to Parkingeye, or their response. We also have a copy of the hotel function sheet for that event which clearly states free parking. We received a 'Letter Before County Court Claim' from Parkingeye dated 31 October 2018, which we have responded to (in my wife's name but with my assistance). We acknowledged receipt of their letter and stated that we dispute the claim, re-stating our reasons why. My wife is due to attend another event at the same hotel next week and we are hoping that, with her being there in person, she stands a better chance of getting the information we need from the hotel concerning their PCN cancellation request. Apologies for tagging this on to another post earlier today I understand the need to start a new thread now. Any advice and guidance would be very much appreciated.
  7. Good morning, This is a very interesting thread and has a great deal in common with the situation my wife is in at the moment. I have followed hollysmum's lead and provided answers to the standard questions as follows: 1. 23 May 2018 2. 31 May 2018 3. 2 June 2018 4. Yes 5. Yes 6. Have you appealed? - yes Have you had a response? - yes 7. Parkingeye 8. Car park at Grand Habour Hotel, Southampton Appealed through POPLA and my wife lost her appeal, The background to my wife's situation is that she attended a meeting at the hotel on the day in question. A function room, together with refreshments and complimentary parking were part of the package that her company had booked. My wife was told that a member of the hotel staff would collect VRNs from the meeting attendees. My wife, and one other person, were somehow missed and her VRN was not listed. My wife did not think any more about it and, during the course of the day, the subject did not arise again. We believe the hotel is at fault and we are disputing this charge on that basis. Having received the PCN, and lost our appeal, we received a 'gesture of goodwill' offer from Parkingeye dated 13 Sept 2018 saying they would accept a £60 payment, which we ignored. As with hollysmum, I contacted the hotel and I have a couple of emails from them confirming that Parkingeye had been contacted and the charge was cancelled. So we were surprised to receive a 'Letter Before County Court Claim' from Parkingeye dated 31 October 2018 (coincidentally the same date as hollysmum's letter). I have replied to this letter confirming that my wife disputes the PCN and she expects Parkingeye to cancel the it, in line with the hotel's request. This week I phoned the person at the hotel that I first emailed my wife's complaint to and she confirmed, verbally, that the PCN should have been cancelled. However, it would seem that she is an intermediary and the complaint would have been handled by someone higher up in the hotel's organisation. I have told her that it is quite likely that I will need written evidence of the hotel's request to Parkingeye and, also, Parkingeye's response. I believe that hollysmum and ourselves may be able to share some information that could be mutually beneficial. I was looking into who the car park landowner is looks like you've saved me some digging there. From our side of things, my wife will be attending a two day event at the Grand Harbour Hotel next week (14/15 Nov). The hotel staff member looking after the attendees is the same person I have been communicating with. I intend to prime my wife with requests for specific pieces of information that we will need in our dispute. It may be that being there in person may be more effective. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. For hollysmum, and ourselves, maybe we can find out who the relevant managers/direcors are. By the way, I read that the Grand Harbour Hotel has recently been sold, although I can't see how this would have any bearing on our disputes.
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