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  1. Hi Just looking for a little bit of additional advice. In October 2016 I had a Debt Relief Order (DRO) which subsequently ended (Discharged?) one year later, October 2017. I recently took a look at my Credit Reports and note all but two of my creditors had stopped reporting on my files at the start of my DRO, marked a Default at time of DRO and marked my accounts as Closed and Partially Satisfied or Satisfied with a zero balance. All correct I believe. However two creditors (Barclays Partner Finance & Vanquis) had continued (up to present day) marking the accounts as
  2. How does a DRO effect a CCJ? If you get a DRO is the CCJ considered as well?
  3. Hi, The offical receiver has told me that he intends to cancel my DRO (3 weeks before it was due to finish) as I now have over £1000 in the bank due to a back payment of Universal Credit. I have received this money because the DWP declared me unfit for work and work related activity following a work capacity assessment. I was very surprised he did this as many benefit sites and advisors said that this would not happen because I had received this money due to my medical condition. (Crohn's Disease) I am in a full Universal Credit area and I have heard that this money wou
  4. Hi All, I understand that financial advise is not to be requested but without specifics, can anyone explain this ? I contribute to a group company pension and that contribution is deducted from my wages as a percecentage of my earnings. I have an o/l account with my provider and they allow me to make extra payments into my fund as and when I can afford it. I have done this twice with a few hundred pound , each time I have paid a small lump sum in , the provider adds a tax relief of 25 %. So if I pay £200.00p in they tell that I get £250.00p paid into my fund. Which i think is
  5. Families with children who are in debt could be given extra help to seek advice and support under new plans being recommended to the Government. The Families with Children and Young People in Debt (Respite) Bill - put forward by Conservative MP Kelly Tolhurst - will get a second reading later this month. It hopes to place a duty on public authorities to provide access to related advice, guidance and support to those in debt. Ms Tolhurst says she hopes the bill will improve the situation for families who are struggling: "The idea of the bill is when people get into debt, they can
  6. It's time to regain control of my life. I have worked out my current unsecured debt is around 15000. This includes a ccj for over £2000. I do not meet the criteria for an administration order as total value of debt is over 5000. I have read the stepchange and cab website for information. What are the disadvantages of the order apart from the 6 year credit file marker?
  7. Hi, could anybody tell me ,is it possible to get council tax discount scheme, disability reduction scheme and council tax reduction scheme all at the same time? Person receives PIP enhanced rate both sections (for want of a better word). He has only received council tax reduction scheme .Previously he had a zero bill. How does he go about sorting this? No CAB available, (plus he knows they are not impartial.) He knows how difficult the councils are to deal with and is considering sending a letter request (signed for). Would that be the best way?
  8. Hi All Quick question. I had a DRO years ago, and during the one year of the DRO I took out a PDL for £200. Is that against the rules? From what I can see, I only had to tell them if it was £500 or over? I ask as I am trying to claim back from a lender, but do not want to drop myself in it..
  9. Hi Hope I am on the right forum here. I have just received a letter from my employers regarding my pension. It is an auto enrolment pension I have been contributing for the last 12-18 months. Company pension was locked 2 years ago and I have no contributions in that one. I am clueless about what this letter means so if anyone out there is able to help me, that would be great. Letter is headed Auto Enrolment Pension Scheme Contents ........ "it has come to light that members of the auto enrolment scheme have been receiving incorrect tax relief on their pension contributions. Tax reli
  10. Hi All, I am on JSA and I have had a letter from the DWP reminding me that the support I get for my mortgage interest is expiring as they only pay for this 2 years. Q1) I assume that whilst I am signing on, they will never now start paying it again? Q2) How long do I need to sign off before signing back on before they will start paying it again? Im hoping to get some contract work shortly - I'm more worried that one day I will need to sign on again and be skint and not get the help? It cant be a "2 years out of a lifetime" surely? Thanks, James
  11. Hi and merry Christmas, I've just been discharged from a DRO and sent recorded letters to all the companies included with a copy of my printed IS DRO details. I have one question: What happens now I've been discharged and what will happen on my Credit Report? I know my credit rating will be very poor until 6 years have passed but are the places to whom I owe money obliged to remove and write off the amount owed or do they keep on in the hope that they'll get something? Thanks but I'm fairly new to these.
  12. Does anyone know : I'm considering getting a DRO ( Debt Relief Order ). When they work out your income and expenditure, do they take any DLA (Disability Living Allowance) you may receive as income? Hope to hear from someone pleaseee:-D
  13. Am a bit baffled, as many will know from previous posts I have a neighbour who cannot use the internet and my daughter or myself occasionally find advice for her. She had her daughter and grandchild move in with her in June this year, and advised the council of this, she had an updated rent and council tax bill and payment arrangement. This was all done in June. Yesterday she had a letter saying she had been underpaid by £193 on council tax relief and it showed on her account now as this. The letter states that this is due to a recalculation. After trying all morning to get through to
  14. Hi guys looking for a bit of advice really. I'm about to go through a debt relief order. Me and my partner owe around 13k. Which is under the 15k allowance. which is all fine and well. But i currently owe (by myself) 18k to apex credit management. I'm currently trying to fight this please see thread http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?394476-apex-credit-management-[/url][problem]-carcraft&p=4277579#post4277579 It has been well over the 5 year and i dont want to not qualify the debt relief order because of this. I no when doing a debt relief order this
  15. Just wondering if anyone could help me... I completed my debt relief order in March 2013 and there are a few debts that were included in it that are still being listed on my credit file. I've managed to get my credit score from very poor to poor so far.. I was wondering how I can go about getting these debts removed as some of them are still being updated regularly and i'm sure it's having a bad effect on my report. I have all copies of my debt relief order and the debts that were included in them. Is there a letter template I can use to send to them? Thanks.
  16. Hi wondering if anyone can help. I'm due to see the CAB next week, currently in receipt of Employment Support Allowance (support group, migrated from IS already) & DLA middle rate care low rate mobility. I am a single adult with severe mental health problems & personality disorder, severe agoraphobia other issues. What I wanted to know is whether or how DLA is included in an application for a debt relief order, should it be included as income ? there are extra costs associated with my illness i find it nigh-impossible to cook for myself & organise myself, have to have someone
  17. Hi, I was approved for a dro earlier this month. Included in the order is my water bill which is also in my partners name. We had a letter from the water company saying the amount owed is still correct and payable...does this mean my partner is now solely liable to pay it? I don't want him to pay and then have my dro revoked. Also, step change let me keep my mobile phone contract so this was not included in the order as a debt. I allowed to upgrade when the time comes? I want to change my plan to a cheaper one. The contract wasn't includes in my income/expenditure because my partner pa
  18. hi guys new to here so thank you in advance for any help i receive. it is much appreciated as i don't no how many more sleepless nights i can manage. 1st things 1st. i owned a business but closed it down just before xmas due to a couple of other businesses opening up the same as me credit crunch ect student fees going up less students(main business). the sub lease is still in affect until november 2013. meaning we would have to pay business rates up until then. (£450 pcm) our landlord said he would end the lease for us if we paid him 3 months rent. January to march. then all our busines
  19. I am currently claiming IB JSA jointly with my partner. My partner is the principal claimant. We have recently applied for mortgage interest relief in relation to my flat having been on benefits for more than 12 weeks. It looks like I may be separating from my partner. As such I'm trying to find out if we separate and I go on to income support (we have a daughter aged 1) whether I would need to wait another 12 weeks as I'm a new claimant or whether the MIR payments could continue albeit in my sole name? Any advice would be gratefully appreciated.
  20. I am disgusted David Cameron is to be on the comic relief red nose day show....after causing hardship and homelessness to so many families ....have tweeted along with others in a mass 8pm tweet to express my disgust. I only just heard about this.
  21. Good Morning All I have been considering applying for a Debt Relief Order for a few weeks now as I'm fairly certain I meet the requirements. Has anyone had experience of applying for a DRO or is there any advice you would give before taking this step? Any help is much appreciated!!
  22. Hi, I am currently applying for a DRO and I have a few questions. 1. What are the chances of getting accepted? 2. It says that they will take control of my finances, does that mean that they will take control of my bank etc or will i have to show them how i spend my money etc? 3. I lied in my applications to get credit, does this change anything? Thank you
  23. Hi all, Somewhat of a cheeky yet interesting question I'd like to pose ... So I had a credit card with Nationwide for many years and then life got very difficult, almost as difficult as Nationwide themselves tbh. eventually I was granted a debt relief order and the Nationwide card and some other bit and bobs were subject to this. This all happened 2 years ago now so all those debts have now been wiped. The question I have is, quite simply, am still able to reclaim the CC charges despite the account being closed and it being subject to the DRO? - after all, duri
  24. I tried searching the forums for something on this but couldn't find anything.. Can an unemployed mature student in receipt of a student loan apply for a debt relief order? This is not to wipe student loan debts but for debts of another nature - mobile phone, bank overdrafts etc Thanks
  25. A friend of mine last year had an accident on a well known pier, through no fault of his own he slipped on a puddle on the floor and severly injured himself, anyway cutting a long story short, he was off work for 4 months and during a meeting set up by this pier he was assulted by a security officer. They then proceeded to fabricate a lie that he was rasist toward the security officer who assulted him, all whilst he was still in recovery for the accident. He was taken to court and won with all 12 Jury delivering a not guilty verdict in just 15 minutes. He has now been advised to proc
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