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Found 16 results

  1. My son is 24 years old and is living at home. He is not working or claiming and has nothing of any value. His old mobile company has a CCJ against him and he has received a court letter today to say they are sending bailiffs in 5 days time. I am really worried that they will try to take our things and I dont know how to stop them. He really has nothing but his clothing. He has a diagnosis of ADHD and Dyslexia and clearly has social anxiety issues. He has a degree and worked for 18 months after finishing it but was so badly treated by his employer that he resigned,
  2. Hi guys My son is coming to buy a house and hes just got a copy of his credit report and there is a CCJ on it that he knows nothing about. He has moved addresses a few times in the last 5 years so the paperwork must have gone to an old address. According to the credit report (we get the full version tomo) Lowells *boo hisss* now own it. The report hsows our address as he used to live here but we def havent had nay paperwork for him. my questions are: a) how can we find out what this was for - can we contact the court and ask them for copies of the paperwork? b) as he n
  3. Hi everyone Babbling on behalf of my boy as hes not too good at asking for help Hes late 20s. He moved out of his home in January to rent. His ex asked him in August to move in with him temporarily, he said no, she whined on that she couldnt go anywhere else as her friends had said no too she moved in with him for a bit. He gave her a deadline of the 20th to leave, she didnt. Shes not on the tenancy and the police were called. they told her they would return to chuck her out but havent since come back. She is now claiming she cannot be removed, as she s
  4. Hi all, Just a bit of advice required my mother is getting letters and calls, most recent from PRA over my sons debt but he has not lived in the UK for over 2 years and lives in Riga, she has ignored the calls and returned the letters back to the collectors but some are failing to stop harrasing her. Even his credit report shows his address in Riga but they are still bugging a 75 year old woman who has none of the debts to her name. Any advice greatly appreciated
  5. I've just finally opened a letter addressed to my son who has co-incidentally been avoiding me. I only opened after receiving several suspicious bank letters that he collected and quickly disappeared with. To no shock or horror and even less surprise it was a letter demanding payment of 4 figures that he had been ignoring. This is the third time this has happened. More fool me I suppose for baling my son out but what I find despicable about this is my ex wife on the second occasion went into the bank and asked them to close the account, which of course they refused due to banki
  6. I had a visit today from an Enforcement Officer from Marston's about my son's unpaid court fines/debt (£820 inc costs for 2 motoring offences). I told him my son has no income or any assets - but I know he's not going to take my word for that - and at first he said it would be easier just to let him into the house as he only needed to look in my son's bedroom to confirm that, otherwise he would have to come back with a locksmith and force entry. For the record, I didn't believe he would be satisfied with ONLY going into that 1 bedroom. He showed me a court document (well it loo
  7. My son is 19 now, he's been in receipt of DLA for about 5 years on the lower levels. His DLA is given in regards to behavioural, self care and communication issues. He did have a job for a while, but as suspected was unable to hold it. This job was handed to him on a plate by my cousin, so he clearly didn't interview for it etc. In the 6 months he was their he simply couldn't understand the 'banter' so took offence at it, he couldn't get up on time without me screaming at him, he didn't bother washing or wearing clean clothes. In the end my poor cousin had to fire him because no
  8. Hi, I need some advice regarding a debt in my sons name that I opened. 8 years ago I applied for a catalogue account on line and was turned down. I then changed the name to my sons and was accepted. The intention was never to commit fraud, and the fact that it probably was fraud never crossed my mind. I maintained the account for about 4 years, by which time my son had found out that this account existed and obviously was not very happy about it. I was (wrongly) advised to stop paying it and then when it went to debt collectors to explain the situatio
  9. Hi, It’s been nearly five years since we asked PayPlan to help us with our debt difficulties. And In that time our debt has gone from nearly £29,000 down to just £5,000. We are paying £340 per month. Now, the child benefits/Tax we have been receiving will be reduced with our eldest finishing college. There will be a loss of about £65 per week, but we don’t expect to regain the full amount from our son due to his indecisiveness about his future. With our reveiw due in August, we are unsure what to say about the his income. Would the creditors expect an income figure for him? or
  10. bought car from g fleming and sons croydon 2 days later went faulty they wont pay for repair stay clear of them:-x its a honda civic 2002 car the lambada sensor went faulty they wont pay for repair they said they would but cant get money from them
  11. Hi folks , another family issue . My son took a payday loan out to cover his mortgage, as he was in court over it a few weeks ago and wanted to be up to date with his repayments. The loan was due to be paid last week and wasnt . On wed 23rd oct emailed his payday loan company , providing them with an expenditure form and an offer of repayment of £10 per month . their reply is below Thank you for your email. You currently have an outstanding balance of xxxxxx We would like to offer you 2 repayment plan options. 1)Balance over 2 months -£xxxxx per month 2) Balance
  12. Please can anyone help or point me in the right direction?- in a nutshell: 19 year old son gets apprenticeship following student of the year award at college. He has never been late or had a day off 2 weeks ago he tells training provider that he feels that he is not learning while at work, he is just a labourer and is n't taught anything at all and is concerned that he may be just cheap labour and may never be able to do the job as he has n't been taught except by training provider He has almost completed first year having got a distinction from skills solutions. He gets a t
  13. Had a visit this morning from a HCEO, he left a note saying it was regarding my sons unpaid university fees, he left early to get a job and they are chasing him. Problem is he is now working abroad until at least June, and doesn't live with us anymore. Can they still enforce any order, we havent spoken to them or let them in yet.
  14. Hi, wondering if anyone could help over an issue that I have. My son was due a bank several thousand pounds, the bank have now sold the bad debt to a debt agency. The agency call me very frequently asking for payment, despite informing them of whats happened, they never listen. My son was living with us while at university, and he has the same name as I, Im certain the debt company thinks I am at it!! The debt is from 2006 at the latest, I know this because in 2007 he emigrated to New Zealand, where he now lives. He wont ever be back in the UK, so this could drag on forever unle
  15. Front or back row BurlyB? Because they all have short dark hair lmaoooo!!!
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