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Found 16 results

  1. My son is 24 years old and is living at home. He is not working or claiming and has nothing of any value. His old mobile company has a CCJ against him and he has received a court letter today to say they are sending bailiffs in 5 days time. I am really worried that they will try to take our things and I dont know how to stop them. He really has nothing but his clothing. He has a diagnosis of ADHD and Dyslexia and clearly has social anxiety issues. He has a degree and worked for 18 months after finishing it but was so badly treated by his employer that he resigned, sold anything of value and ran away to Asia for a few months. When he came home, he didnt sign on as he couldnt honestly say he was looking for work. I know how dramatic this sounds but he is terrified of going back into the workplace as he ended up bad at the hands of his past employer. We have tried and tried to allay his fears and he isnt work shy but has a genuine mental illness. We have finally got him to agree to try a part time job but he hasnt got one yet. He has absolutely nothing, we are supporting him entirely and trying to help him psychologically . Its really hard work and now this! Can the bailiffs even come into our house when the debt is not ours at all. He is now saying that he sees no option but to go homeless. Obviously as his parents and as he is in such a vunerable position, we would never throw him out but i dont want the bailiffs in my house. What do I do?
  2. Hi guys My son is coming to buy a house and hes just got a copy of his credit report and there is a CCJ on it that he knows nothing about. He has moved addresses a few times in the last 5 years so the paperwork must have gone to an old address. According to the credit report (we get the full version tomo) Lowells *boo hisss* now own it. The report hsows our address as he used to live here but we def havent had nay paperwork for him. my questions are: a) how can we find out what this was for - can we contact the court and ask them for copies of the paperwork? b) as he needs to get a mortgage he wants to pay this debt off whats the best way to do it? I said that as lowells dont have his number or address the chance of them getting the money is very slim he should phone them up and offer to pay half (the debts around £230) just to get them to close the debt for the sake of his mortgage application. would they be able to send an email (we dont want to give them his address) saying that they agree to accept X in full and final settlement of the debt and if they did that are they likely to close it or still chase the remainder? i dont trust them He would have paid the bill if he knew about it before court but too late now thanks
  3. Hi everyone Babbling on behalf of my boy as hes not too good at asking for help Hes late 20s. He moved out of his home in January to rent. His ex asked him in August to move in with him temporarily, he said no, she whined on that she couldnt go anywhere else as her friends had said no too she moved in with him for a bit. He gave her a deadline of the 20th to leave, she didnt. Shes not on the tenancy and the police were called. they told her they would return to chuck her out but havent since come back. She is now claiming she cannot be removed, as she saw it on telly about some 28 day period and she was invited there that she has rights. Questions Can she stay there? Has she got these rights to stay after some 28 day period? Has my boy got to confess to his landlord and possibly get evicted to boot? Any help would be grateful Bravo Zulu!
  4. Hi all, Just a bit of advice required my mother is getting letters and calls, most recent from PRA over my sons debt but he has not lived in the UK for over 2 years and lives in Riga, she has ignored the calls and returned the letters back to the collectors but some are failing to stop harrasing her. Even his credit report shows his address in Riga but they are still bugging a 75 year old woman who has none of the debts to her name. Any advice greatly appreciated
  5. I've just finally opened a letter addressed to my son who has co-incidentally been avoiding me. I only opened after receiving several suspicious bank letters that he collected and quickly disappeared with. To no shock or horror and even less surprise it was a letter demanding payment of 4 figures that he had been ignoring. This is the third time this has happened. More fool me I suppose for baling my son out but what I find despicable about this is my ex wife on the second occasion went into the bank and asked them to close the account, which of course they refused due to banking regulations etc etc etc'. My ex explained that he is not the most stable boy and a possible risk to his own life if this happened again so if they insisted on keeping him an account open then make that it was so that he could not possibly go OD. She made quite a scene and was eventually assured that they would do something. Obviously in their minds shutting my ex up and getting back to their office seat for another cup of coffee was ok with them and job done. Is there nothing I can do to take them to task over this. It's not the money it's purely a principle of humanity. Or am i really such a foolish old idiot?
  6. I had a visit today from an Enforcement Officer from Marston's about my son's unpaid court fines/debt (£820 inc costs for 2 motoring offences). I told him my son has no income or any assets - but I know he's not going to take my word for that - and at first he said it would be easier just to let him into the house as he only needed to look in my son's bedroom to confirm that, otherwise he would have to come back with a locksmith and force entry. For the record, I didn't believe he would be satisfied with ONLY going into that 1 bedroom. He showed me a court document (well it looked more like a hand-filled form) that he claimed gave him his authority - I didn't take note of what the form was, ooops! I told him I was going to video him on my phone and then asked him if the document he had gave him the legal right to enter as he had previously inferred. At that stage he changed his tune and and apologised if that's how I'd understood things, he then told me he'd have to go back to court to get that authority - amazing what being recorded does to their attitude as well! Anyway, later in the day I got my son to call him (on speakerphone) and after he told him the same thing regarding lack of assets and income, my son said to him "what do you want to do then" unfortunately he heard this as "do what you want then" which must have upset him a bit because he became extremely aggressive and very loud on the phone, saying he was going to "come into your house when you're not there and take your stuff". The problem is my son genuinely doesn't have anything for him to take except for clothing. We do though, we have a whole houseful of stuff that he could 'claim' and a number of vehicles as well. Because it's an unpaid court fine I understand that he can get authorisation to force an entry (if a judge agrees with him), and because he got so upset with what he thought my so had said to him, I get the feeling he will try his hardest to make it happen. I also get the feeling he will try to make things as difficult as he can for me - I say me because it is me that will have to deal with him as my son is rarely here (also I wouldn't want my son here because he doesn't stay as calm as I do in heated situations - and I don't want him getting in anymore trouble). This guy was seriously annoyed! So I need some guidance if possible.... If he does get access to our home, can he 'target' the whole house to look for things to seize or does he have to stay within my son's bedroom? I suspect the former.. He 'warned' me to get together receipts for any item that he might suspect belong to my son or he will take them away. Like most people I don't have receipts for everything so how do I prove any goods are mine? I have the log books for any vehicles but I don't believe they accept them as proof of ownership - is a receipt from a garage acceptable? Also, my son's girlfriend parks her car in our driveway sometimes, can they seize her car until we prove it is hers? One final thing - we have a motorbike that my son uses sometimes. It belongs to me but the V5 document is in his name because we were told it needed to be for him to insure it. I have an invoice for the bike from Honda (in my name), would this bike be in any danger of seizure? Thank you in advance for any help/guidance you can provide.
  7. My son is 19 now, he's been in receipt of DLA for about 5 years on the lower levels. His DLA is given in regards to behavioural, self care and communication issues. He did have a job for a while, but as suspected was unable to hold it. This job was handed to him on a plate by my cousin, so he clearly didn't interview for it etc. In the 6 months he was their he simply couldn't understand the 'banter' so took offence at it, he couldn't get up on time without me screaming at him, he didn't bother washing or wearing clean clothes. In the end my poor cousin had to fire him because no one would work with him. I made him sign on at the Job Centre because I simply can't afford to keep him, and he was awarded the £90 a week given to those on DLA. Now it turns out he's off benefits because they kept giving him sheets of paper and telling him to 'call these people for work experience'. At no point have they realised he literally cannot pick up a phone and do that. They won't discuss it with me because he's an adult, but he couldn't even list all his problems to be honest. I don't really know where to go from here.
  8. Hi, I need some advice regarding a debt in my sons name that I opened. 8 years ago I applied for a catalogue account on line and was turned down. I then changed the name to my sons and was accepted. The intention was never to commit fraud, and the fact that it probably was fraud never crossed my mind. I maintained the account for about 4 years, by which time my son had found out that this account existed and obviously was not very happy about it. I was (wrongly) advised to stop paying it and then when it went to debt collectors to explain the situation and they would change the name over and let me pay it off. Big mistake! The debt collectors have refused to deal with me, and my son has refused to deal with it as it is my "mess". I sent an email on my sons behalf about 3 years ago explaining that it was not his account, that it was mine and their reply was to advise my son to go to the police and have me charged with fraud, obviously neither he, nor me want this. He has also emailed the debt collectors a few months ago asking for the original signed consumer credit agreement, but they have not responded. Obviously they will not have it. Today I received court papers in my sons name for this account. (He doesn't live here now, and I can clearly see it is court papers). His credit history is perfect, he has never even paid his phone bill late so I really need to sort this out for him. How should he defend this? Obviously he will defend the whole claim and ask for the signed consumer credit agreement, but should he put in the court papers that it was me who opened the account, or should he just leave them to prove the onus is on him, that he denies it is his account and that they have to prove it is his? I don't know how it works. Obviously I am a little bit worried that I may be charged with fraud - that was never my intention, it never even crossed my mind back then, but I have to sort this out for my son. If the debt collectors agreed to change the name to mine and remove it from his credit file I would be happy to set up a plan to pay it off. We did initially approach them with this and that is when they said to go to the police. Should we send them a letter now with this proposition, in the defence time asking them to withdraw the court papers? How should we proceed for the best outcome? He recently applied for a loan and was turned down because of this so I really need to sort it. The catalogue is a plus size woman's clothes catalogue btw - he was an 18 year old when the account was opened. Thanks in advance - from a very silly mum!!
  9. Hi, It’s been nearly five years since we asked PayPlan to help us with our debt difficulties. And In that time our debt has gone from nearly £29,000 down to just £5,000. We are paying £340 per month. Now, the child benefits/Tax we have been receiving will be reduced with our eldest finishing college. There will be a loss of about £65 per week, but we don’t expect to regain the full amount from our son due to his indecisiveness about his future. With our reveiw due in August, we are unsure what to say about the his income. Would the creditors expect an income figure for him? or just a token board and lodge amount? The debts in question have nothing to do with him. To date he is still looking, but nothing yet. Hope this is clear.
  10. bought car from g fleming and sons croydon 2 days later went faulty they wont pay for repair stay clear of them:-x its a honda civic 2002 car the lambada sensor went faulty they wont pay for repair they said they would but cant get money from them
  11. Hi folks , another family issue . My son took a payday loan out to cover his mortgage, as he was in court over it a few weeks ago and wanted to be up to date with his repayments. The loan was due to be paid last week and wasnt . On wed 23rd oct emailed his payday loan company , providing them with an expenditure form and an offer of repayment of £10 per month . their reply is below Thank you for your email. You currently have an outstanding balance of xxxxxx We would like to offer you 2 repayment plan options. 1)Balance over 2 months -£xxxxx per month 2) Balance over 3 months – £xxxxx per month Please note whilst your account is not in a repayment plan status further interest will be incurred and our system will try to recoup the full outstanding balance at any given time. Finally, we will also look to sell your account to a doorstep collection agency. Please confirm which option you would like to go for should you want to set up a repayment plan with us. His reply Sorry but I can't afford that much. I was told to stop all non piortirty debts and focus on my mortgage and rates r else I will lose my home. I went to court last week and unless I keep to my payments the mortgage company will be granted repossion straight away. As for rates they were granted a order by the court already and I need to get it up to date by April. Their reply Thank you for your response. Taking into account that you only recently opened your account with us last month and we have received no payments to date back, there is little in terms of a repayment plan we can offer you. Please let us know should your circumstances change and if you are able to split your balance over 2/3 months. Many thanks, My son was at work and didnt reply to their last email . Thurs 24th Oct loan company take £100 from his account followed by a further £50 Fri 25th they took another £100 leaving him broke with 3 kids to feed. Am I right in thinking they were a bit premature in taking £250 of him as he had made contact and was trying to negoiate with them and had in fact made them an offer? Should he or does he have grounds to complain to ombudsman , and incur these people a charge ? Or does he have and fighting chance of getting his money refunded ? Any help would be much appreciated.
  12. Please can anyone help or point me in the right direction?- in a nutshell: 19 year old son gets apprenticeship following student of the year award at college. He has never been late or had a day off 2 weeks ago he tells training provider that he feels that he is not learning while at work, he is just a labourer and is n't taught anything at all and is concerned that he may be just cheap labour and may never be able to do the job as he has n't been taught except by training provider He has almost completed first year having got a distinction from skills solutions. He gets a text today saying that he ( and the other apprentice) has been warned several times about mobile phone use- He has never been spoken to. says he has been given several verbal warnings- he has not Mobile phone us is a sack able offence and there will be a disciplinary hearing with their legal advisor. I suspect that they never keep an apprentice more than a year due to costs its cheaper to keep them for a year then get rid. To the best of our knowledge he does n't keep them longer than a year) There may be some retaliation by employer for the disclosure that my son made to his training provider He feels he is about to be sacked ( he's been there almost a year ) I have spent most of the afternoon on the phone being passed from pillar to post-acas, legal aid, the bottom line is he can't get any legal advice, my local law centre now charge £168. Is there anywhere that he could get any pro bona legal advice or can any of you help? Thanks
  13. Had a visit this morning from a HCEO, he left a note saying it was regarding my sons unpaid university fees, he left early to get a job and they are chasing him. Problem is he is now working abroad until at least June, and doesn't live with us anymore. Can they still enforce any order, we havent spoken to them or let them in yet.
  14. Hi, wondering if anyone could help over an issue that I have. My son was due a bank several thousand pounds, the bank have now sold the bad debt to a debt agency. The agency call me very frequently asking for payment, despite informing them of whats happened, they never listen. My son was living with us while at university, and he has the same name as I, Im certain the debt company thinks I am at it!! The debt is from 2006 at the latest, I know this because in 2007 he emigrated to New Zealand, where he now lives. He wont ever be back in the UK, so this could drag on forever unless its resolved. Any idea how I can stop the telephone calls and letters, I really have had enough, I need it to stop ASAP. thanks
  15. Front or back row BurlyB? Because they all have short dark hair lmaoooo!!!
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