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  1. Hiya, Need a bit of advice on what we should do next ...... The new hearing date was set for early September, but this morning my son received a "Notice of discontinuance". So obviously they are not going to proceed with the case - but does my son have to do anything now? And does this mean that he can apply to have this removed from his credit file? That is really all I'm concerned about now is getting this off my son's file. Thank you btw to everyone who commented on this and offered me advice .... it was very helpful
  2. An update ..... Hearing was scheduled for 2nd July. We received court bundle from claimant and submitted our bundle by the deadline. Claimants bundle consisted of all statements for the account, an unsigned copy of the credit agreement and the default notice. Son's bundle consisted of a statement from my son - the defendant, a statement from me - the witness and a copy of an email received back from the original creditor's fraud dept replying to an email I sent back in 2012 telling them that the account was not my son's, but mine. There was also a letter with the claimants bund
  3. Thank you steampowered for your reply. I AM doing my best to sort it I really did have genuine questions for Bandit. If I will be doing my son some sort of dis-service in trying to sort this out for him then I would appreciate knowing why so I can change things. Obviously my son is going to read and understand everything. He won't be going in blind - he is an intelligent man, but he doesn't want or need the hassle of sorting this out. He will be going in with all the facts, he will just tell the truth. The truth is the absolute facts - he knew nothing of this. That wil
  4. Thanks for you reply Bandit, I do appreciate it - however, can I sense a bit of an undertone in your reply?! Can I ask why you think my son may not appear as a credible witness if I write his defence? What would be the difference of him coming on here and getting the advice to write up his defence himself, as opposed to me doing it with the same facts?! Who would know he hadn't written it? Most people who come on here do so to gain the advice and help of others, and most use the letters and templates on here not written by them - is that not the same thing?!! I am hoping that wit
  5. Ok, so I broke the news to my son - and as you can imagine he is very much less than happy - to say the least ...... So, the papers were signed saying he will defend it in full, obviously. My husband posted the acknowledgement on Saturday morning, but stupidly I forgot to ask him to send it with proof of posting - so let's just hope it gets there in time. My son has told me I have to sort it out for him, that I have to do all the letter writing - he will just sign them. (He works nights) He doesn't want me to pay it straight up because he wants his credit file cleared, so
  6. Ok - so if they don't drop the court costs - what about the interest? They can't ask for that can they? I just thought that if the debt was paid before the court papers were acknowledged, they couldn't ask for the court costs. They decided to file the claim, but the debt is now cleared before it has come before the court, so how can they enforce any costs relating to the claim?! The debt is owing, but surely the costs don't come into effect unless the court have had to enforce the debt? Or have I got entirely wrong?!!
  7. My husband has some money put by for a new boiler - was hoping to finally get some heat in this house, but hey ho! A good nights sleep is what I really need right now, and until this is sorted I won't be getting any! CitizenB, who would I need to pay? Go direct to Lowell or to the solicitors? I really have only 20 quid more available than the actual debt so I can't pay the court costs so really don't want to go the solicitors route if I don't have to. Then if it were paid would I then inform the court of this and if so how? Sorry, I used to be quite au fait with the processes, b
  8. Thanks guys for your advice so far ..... I have another question - what if I pay the debt off now before it goes to court? If I pay what they want on the POC minus the interest (as it hasn't been ordered by the court), and the court costs and fee's - just pay the actual debt - what would happen then? Obviously there would be no debt to take to court ...... what do you think? Thanks, Stupid mum!
  9. Well, whatever happens he will need to defend this - if only to buy us some time. Would someone be kind enough to advise what he should put on the defence form? Is it worth doing a SAR request? I still can't believe there is no way to prove this isn't his account; the email address registered to this account is mine, it is registered to all my personal accounts and my bank accounts, it was always my card that was used to pay the account, and always me who signed for the parcels - apart from the initial opening of the account - none of his data will be associated with
  10. What about the default etc that will be on his credit file pertaining to this account? If they agreed a reasonable discount I could probably pay it ... .. but are they known to do this and how should we go about it?
  11. Thanks unclebulgaria for your reply. Do you think that we should communicate directly with the claimant, offer to pay if they change the name over to mine and remove all reference of it from his credit file. I don't care what they do to me, but I cannot let this affect his credit - I have to get it removed for him. I have found the reply to the email that was sent a few years ago to the original creditor and they offered to change the names over if we contacted the fraud dept. This is the reply where they also advised my son to go to the police.
  12. Just found an old statement dated 09/07/2011 and is numbered statement 36. By my calculations that means the account was opened 3 years previously in 2008 - so that puts a whole new slant on things I'm guessing? Doesn't change the facts though .......
  13. I am totally ashamed and embarrassed about this, I am not sleeping and I don't know what to do, as I imagine most posters on this site are. We are all human and make mistakes - but you're right guys, I need to work with my son as he needs to defend this. I am just trying to get ahead with a plan before I have to tell him about the claim. I am opening his mail as I could see it was court papers - I don't normally open his mail, that's why I had no idea this was going to court. He doesn't live here anymore, so the only mail that comes here is from this company. Righ
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